Oh, Shut Up, Rush.

I tuned in to Rush Limbaugh this afternoon expecting what I got, but hoping otherwise. Sure enough, Limbaugh spent the first half-hour of his broadcast mocking President Obama for taking “single-handed” credit for Osama bin Laden’s death, counting the number of times the President uttered the words “me,” “I,” “my,” and “mine,” and minimizing any credit due to the Chief Executive and Commander-in-Chief when the nation he leads finally accomplishes something it has been trying to do for a decade.

The President of the United States gets the blame and is held accountable for gas prices he cannot control, international upheavals, incompetent local disaster management after hurricanes, economic meltdowns caused by lazy regulators, irresponsible investors, unqualified homeowners and greedy business executives, the botched clean-up of unprecedented oil spills, the abuse of prisoners by hillbilly soldiers thousands of miles away, and every other  social, societal and economic ill imaginable. That’s his job, and he wanted it: fair or not, he has to take it.

But when the United States has good news, and achieves something of historic importance, the man in the White House has every right to expect and be given full credit for leading us to the right place. If the mission to get Osama bin Laden had failed miserably, as did President Jimmy Carter’s ill-fated attempt to rescue the American hostages in Iran, Obama would have had to accept responsibility and criticism. It is nothing but sour grapes, a lack of graciousness, a deficit of respect, and general unfairness for Rush Limbaugh or anyone else to begrudge the President of the United States a victory lap when a complex operation under his authority finally achieved justice for the 2001 terrorist attacks after ten frustrating years.

Shut up, Rush.

7 thoughts on “Oh, Shut Up, Rush.

  1. Well, he is the President of the United States…where the buck stops and all. Those “I” statements are bound to pop up. If the mission had been a failure, we’d be expecting him to say “I planned, I ordered, etc” and take responsibility. There’s no difference because it was a success.

  2. If the killing of Osama had occurred under Bush’s watch, and Bush
    had made a speech that word for word was exactly like Obama’s,
    Rush would be praising Bush to the skies.

  3. If Bush had been President now, he’d deserve a little credit for having bolstered our intelligence gathering abilities and the quality of our SpecOps forces as he did… and Obama hasn’t. But he’d also give the credit where it was due instead of trying to make cheap political hay out of it. In fact, Obama had no choice at all. The SEALs had already exhaustively rehersed the raid and were ready to go. If he’d said “no”, he’d have been reamed out by every patriot in America. His only option was to say “yes”. Nor do I think for one moment that the concern on his face (in that publicity picture) was for the troops. He was thinking of Desert One… and Jimmy Carter.

  4. “achieved justice for the 2001 terrorist attacks”?
    I’m not sure how an extra-judicial killing is conflated with achieving justice. This looks awefully like ‘The “Tit for Tat” Excuse’.

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