As Dean Wormer* Would Say To Bryan Craig: “Sex-Obsessed, Promiscuous and Stupid Is No Way To Be A High School Guidance Counselor, Son…”

The Rich Central High principal suspected something was amiss with the girls’ basketball coach when the team members began to act strangely…

A provocative variation on the “naked teacher” scenario has surfaced in Chicago suburb Olympia Fields. Bryan Craig was a guidance counselor and girls’ basketball coach at Rich Central High School until his self-published book “It’s Her Fault” came to the attention of parents and school administrators. Then he was placed on administrative leave, and finally, fired.  The book is for mature audiences only, and based on reports (I haven’t read it and have no intention of doing so) includes pick-up advice, analysis of female body types (including a discussion of the varying colors and temperature levels of the vaginas of various races, apparently the book’s highlight) and Craig’s insight into how women think, a perspective that appears to be muddled at best and sexist at worst. Here is a passage from the book (in an Amazon reader’s review—a favorable one, and from a teenage stripper):

“In some cases, strippers and dancers show the overall dominance a woman can have over a man. Not to say that stripping is what has to be done to truly establish dominance, but these women’s mind-set is in the right place in order to meet the true potential of the point of this book.”

Some others:

  • My grandfather said it best when he said, ‘Marry a woman who loves you more than you love her.’ … As I became older, it became a mission, then a goal.”
  •   “…the easiest kill [presumably “sexual conquest”] for a man is through the young lady with low self-esteem.”
  • “Even though I feel I’m beyond the highest caliber of men, I still have a weakness for cleavage.”

These passages, admittedly a small sample size, also suggest that his writing skills aren’t far superior to the high school students he is supposedly “guiding.” Between their content and style, I think they are sufficient to tip-off any potential reader that this is, as another reviewer succinctly put it, “a disgusting piece of crap.”  Yet another reviewer speculated, based on Craig’s tales of profligate promiscuity involving women of all races, ages and creeds (Craig is married with children) that “Craig may have been having some sex with those around him, if you know what I mean.”  I suspect that thought crossed the minds of those on the school board and the parents of the nubile young women entrusted to his care as well. If Craig were, at some future time, found to have had sexual relations with a student and the school system had knowledge of his authorship of a “It’s Her Fault” without taking remedial action (like making certain that he was never within a country mile of the girl’s locker room), the potential damages would put any good plaintiff’s attorney in peril of cracking his face in half from extreme smiling.

Thus I think Craig’s current attorney (of course Craig is suing—don’t they all?) is on a hopeless quest for a big contingent fee. His First Amendment claim is laughable: the school isn’t trying to censor Craig, only making what should be the obvious statement that faculty members who broadcast their sexism, dangerous sexual habits, crude gender stereotypes and  junior high writing proficiency to the world through self-publication embarrass their school and school system, and make it clear that neither their judgment nor attitudes make them appropriate or trustworthy instructors for the young, especially young women.

Craig claims that the school has caused him a million dollars’ worth of humiliation, which is nonsense. He humiliated himself.

Craig’s book meets the standard of the Naked Teacher Principle by turning a teacher into a sex object for his students, which undermines his ability to be a role model and instructor. His conduct goes far beyond that, however. A teacher whose sexually provocative photos appear on the web is still unlikely to strip naked in school, but a guidance counselor whose “relationship advice” book advocates stripping and promiscuity obviously cannot be trusted to continue to advise young girls, and no responsible school would allow a man to continue as a girls’ basketball coach after he proudly proclaims in print that he has “a weakness for cleavage.”

Craig deserved to be fired. File this sub-category of “the Naked Teacher Principle” next to the “Butt-painting Teacher Principle,” and call it the “Sex-obsessed Girls’ Basketball Coach Principle.”

Oh…and somebody better tell Mr. Craig, once he loses his lawsuit and has to find a new career that doesn’t involve being trusted in the presence of under-age young women who are likely to possess the cleavage he craves, that writing is out.

* The infamous Dean of Faber College in “Animal House,” (played by the late John Vernon), who is immortal for this sequence:


Pointer: Kevin Woodside (Thanks!)


Graphic: Buzznet

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