Unthical Quote of the Week: Donald Trump

“Very sadly for the country, for a charity — and for the president himself, President Obama has just missed the deadline and now a charity of his choice will not be receiving $5 million — or as I stated much more than $5 million.”

—- Real state tycoon, self-promoting birther and Romney supporter Donald Trump, blaming President Obama for not accepting his challenge to produce various personal records in exchange for Trump sending $5 million dollars to a charity of the President’s choice.

What a mind-boggling, species-embarrassing ass.

OK, this isn’t really Donald Trump; it’s one of the evil, people-eating monsters from “Killer Klowns From Outer Space,”  one of the cleverest tongue-in cheek horror films. But there’s really not much difference, when you get right down to it. Mitt Romney shouldn’t want the support of either of them. In fact, I’d take the clown over the Donald.

Trump also noted that his money could have been used to swell the relief funds for Superstorm Sandy. That’s right: According to Trump, President Obama is responsible for Donald Trump not being generous, charitable and patriotic by  contributing to help the victims of a disaster.

I know that it is a tight election contest, and no candidate should be expected to toss away any voter or supporter—“Any port in a storm,” and all that. (Remind me to add that one to the ratioanalizations list.) Nevertheless, Mitt Romney would bolster credibility and reputation for integrity if he repudiated this awful man, and pronounced him what he is beyond all argument: a vile, irresponsible, offensive buffoon whose admiration, endorsement friendship or support sullies and diminishes anyone and anything he bestows it upon.


Facts: The Blaze

Graphic: Release Donkey


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12 responses to “Unthical Quote of the Week: Donald Trump

  1. notify me about your thoughts….

    • My thoughts are 1) It’s a political video, and thus inappropriate for this forum, which is why I didn’t post the link. 2) It’s nuts. 3) It’s annoying. Nobody wants to have to sit through endless teases about “this” force that is so momentous without being told what “this” is. Anyone who does sit through it is a) gullible b) has nothing to do c) so consumed with irrational fear of President Obama that they can’t recognize a conspiracy screed when they see one or d) unconscious.

      President Obama will not be elected to a 3rd term in 2016. He’s not even going to be elected to a second term.

      Other than that, it’s a great video.

      • Jeff

        “President Obama will not be elected to a 3rd term in 2016. He’s not even going to be elected to a second term.”

        Are you sure about that? Everyone’s calling a dead heat, and he’s got serious Obamomentum.

        Yeah, I can’t say I’d be shocked if he lost, either. On the other hand, I would still rather he won than Romney. I guess that means I am a liberal at heart. I dunno.

        • I am sure. I have my own formula and parameters, just like Nate Silver. The difference is that I know what I’m talking about.

          • Jeff

            Is it wrong that I kinda want him to lose because I want to see all the hope for Romney dashed like I was kinda hoping it would be for Obama if McCain had won? (I said, at the time, that if McCain beat him, I would have laughed until I died.)

            That’s not the ONLY reason, of course.

          • It seems a little silly to focus on Silver, since he’s pretty much saying the same thing that a bunch of other folks are. In the end, it comes down to if the polls are reasonably accurate or not, not to Nate Silver’s model.

  2. Actually, it’s not just that Romney has failed to repudiate Trump. If this report (on a right-wing news site) is accurate, Romney has actively recruited Trump to be a spokesperson (or whatever you call someone who calls voters and makes appearance on your behalf) in the final week.

  3. Because the president ignored the Donald, (1) he was obviously born in Kenya and (2) it is now impossible for Trump to donate his surplus $5 million to a “favorite charity.” It is too bad that the needy had to suffer in order to get to the truth, but this is ironclad logic.

  4. Michael

    Yup. He’s officially the World’s 1st charity hostage taker.

    Although the twitter world currently has thousand dollar bets on the winner of the election… Whoever loses sends $1000 to hurricane relief.

    Hm. Got a $1000 bucks to risk in that bet? Send it anyway turd.

    Also as a humorous note: what is a ratioanalization? Sounds bad. Just messin.

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