At Last! The Ultimate Naked Teacher Principle Episode, Otherwise Known As “Hey, Isn’t This A Photo Of Miss…HOLY CRAP!!!”

Stacy and Tiffany, together again.

Stacie and Tiffany Six, together again.

I’ve been writing about various manifestations of what I dubbed years ago “the Naked Teacher Principal” for a long time. The principle, based in accountability and responsibility, holds that once a teacher has allowed naked or otherwise sexually provocative photographs of herself or himself to become available over the internet, that teacher will be unable to properly maintain the respect of and proper professional relationship to students, serve as a role model, or be trusted to meet professional standards. Such a teacher will have no ethical defense when he or she is fired.

Variations and near-variations have ranged from the teacher whose room mate posted household photos of the teacher doing household chores in the nude, to the teacher who wrote sexually-explicit novels about werewolves, to the art teacher whose avocation of painting pictures with his genitals was revealed in an online sequence showing him doing so with a paper bag over his head.

Now at last we have a former porn star variation, and the NTP has been upheld. A three-judge panel for the Commission on Professional Competence in California ruled unanimously that Stacie Halas, formerly known as “Tiffany Six,” should not be teaching science in Oxnard.”Although her pornography career has concluded, the ongoing availability of her pornographic materials on the Internet will continue to impede her from being an effective teacher and respected colleague,” a 46-page decision issued Friday stated decisively. It didn’t help that Halas never told her employers about her past career. In what should stand as a classic of lawyer gobbledygook,  Halas’s attorney explained that his client “was being honest and forthright, but was embarrassed and humiliated by her past experience in the adult industry.” She was honest and forthright, except that she left little details off her resume, like her starring role in “No Cum Dodging Al.” Thank-you, counselor.

Halas was fired in April from her job as a biology teacher at Haydock Intermediate School in Oxnard after online videos of her starring in hardcore pornography were found by teachers and students. Of course she was fired. She should have been fired simply for not letting her employers know about the fact that students would be able to find photos and videos of her naked and happily performing sex acts that are banned from network TV, and some zoos.

I always like to have the poles set in matters like the Naked Teacher Principle, and the case of Stacie Halas/Tiffany 6 neatly gives us one pole. Where is the opposite pole, the point where the teacher’s web photograph just barely (no pun intended) activates that NTP?

I’m sure it will be along shortly.


Pointer: The Daily Beast

Facts: AP

16 thoughts on “At Last! The Ultimate Naked Teacher Principle Episode, Otherwise Known As “Hey, Isn’t This A Photo Of Miss…HOLY CRAP!!!”

  1. Not to undermine the happiness of having found a potential extreme ‘pole’ of the Naked Teacher Principle, but wouldn’t the truly extreme pole be the instances in which the teachers have engaged in sexual relations with their actual students?

    Although an act already declared illegal for many reasons, looking at it from the ethical sliding scale angle, wouldn’t those acts be the extreme pole?

  2. I guess her only option in teaching now is to get a doctorate and teach at the University level. I’m sure many schools would be willing to hire her “empowering” and “status quo challenging” credentials.

    I wish I could truly be sarcastic writing that.

    • Not so much anymore. The sort of feminism that reigns at universities does not consider sex work to be empowering. She was clearly brainwashed, and if she refuses to admit she was exploited then she is suffering from false consciousness. She’d have to denounce porn and crusade against it as a form of human trafficking.

  3. The blonde porn star on the right is Not Stacie Halas/Tiffany Six. Stacie is about 10 X more gorgeous. has the perfect picture of this incredible woman.

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