Sorry To Be AWOL, But There’s Good News


I apologize for getting to Ethics Alarms so late in the day, but I was off to an out of town meeting early.

The good news is not that some of the mainstream media, at least—besides Fox—is paying attention to the I.R.S.’s absurd claim that Lois Lerner’s e-mails had vanished, though it is certainly encouraging (CNN’s Jake Tapper has pounced on the story).

No, my good news is that I spent many hours with high level management of a large corporation talking about ethics, values, and doing the right thing, and left encouraged and impressed. They were focused, dedicated, knowledgeable, had excellent ethical instincts, and were genuinely committed to creating an ethical culture throughout the organization. This is not always my experience, but those who claim that all large companies are amoral monoliths dedicated to profit at any cost should have heard what I did. All is not corrupt and cynical, nor is all lost, in the private sector.

7 thoughts on “Sorry To Be AWOL, But There’s Good News

  1. Probably because not everybody in the private sector is totally fixated on either holding onto power or imposing their ideology on everyone else, which seems to be the major reason for being for most all politicians and members of the major media.

  2. At one time I took a course in Business Management at a University that has since been absorbed by the A&M system. One of the tenets of this course (which I failed, by the way) was that corporations had a responsibility to address social issues, even at the cost of less-than-optimum profits. One of the things that appeals to me is that very tenet. Apparently, one of the text authors had noticed that when corporations are socially responsible, profits go up.

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