My Bi-Annual Typo Apology


I just decided to go over recent posts to catch typos until I hit one of them that had none. That took six typo-riddled posts, so now I’m taking a break and beating my head against the wall.

Typos here have been more quickly addressed this year than before, because kind and sharp-eyed reader SamePenn has been checking for them with his proof-reading super-power and quickly alerting me. Unfortunately, I’m about 20 posts behind in fixing the typos he flagged. That’s all my fault: this is the ProEthics crunch time, I’m traveling or speaking a lot, there are a lot of important ethics issues to cover, both of my computers are having issues, and most of all, I am handicapped by a lifetime inability to type or spell. When I’m juggling too many things at once, it gets worse

Believe me, I know: this is publishing, the issues are important, and typos are unprofessional, undermining the credibility and persuasiveness of everything I write. One reason I enjoy Prof. Jonathan Turley’s blog is that he has almost as many typos as I do.  It makes me feel a little better.

I apologize to all of you. It will continue to be a struggle, but I promise that I  am not unaware of the problem, or minimizing its importance.

12 thoughts on “My Bi-Annual Typo Apology

  1. I write for a baseball site and my mastery of construction of the written word is big enough to fly a 747 through. In graduate school, a professor told me reading my “work” was like going over a rough road in a car with no shocks.

    Technology has helped considerably. When I write a 1,000 word article it takes 15 minutes, but then comes the hard part. My own online processor and then I run it through two others and finally into Word Press for a final before publishing. Occasionally something slips through.

    So, Jack, when something is missing or any other crap I could care less – if I can even spot it. I am more concerned on content rather than a few construction errors that pop up since you appear rather prolific on writing articles.

    If the only complaint one can find is inappropriate use of a punctuation mark or one that is omitted, then that belongs in the whining Hall of Fame.

  2. Jack, I had a good, moderately-long response to this that got lost when WordPress – once again – decided I didn’t exist. All gone. I will return later to rewrite it, under yet another name. … Maybe I’ll try the first one again . . . . can I fool the fools?

  3. I’d be more than happy to proof-read your posts before you publish them. You just need another set of eyes. Of course, there are usually typos in my comments.

  4. Jack, if you can promise never to be pissed off at me for doing it, I would be happy to point out every misspelling or grammatical anomaly I spot.

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