Now THIS Is Hypocrisy…Well, To Be Accurate, This Is Rape, And It Will Help Elect Donald Trump

Soon to be known as "The Hispanic Bill Cosby"...

Soon to be known as “The Hispanic Bill Cosby”…

As the director of Proyecto Latino de Utah, Hispanic political activist Tony Yapias led expressions of outrage over  Donald Trump’s statement in his speech declaring his candidacy that some illegal Mexican immigrants were rapists.He coordinated numerous protests against Trump including one in Salt Lake City that turned violent.

Now Yapias  has been arrested for rape, and his alleged victim is an illegal alien.

Fox13 in Salt Lake City reports:

Despite the woman’s fears concerning immigration issues, court documents state, she reported the assault the day after it happened. She was also examined by a forensic nurse who found she had multiple physical injuries consistent with her explanation of what happened.

Yapias apparently thought that his victim’s underground status would keep her from going to the police.

To be fair, Yapias has the defense—not to the rape charge, but to the charge of hypocrisy—that if a Mexican immigrant or illegal immigrant isn’t a rapist before he enters the country, then it is misleading and bigotry for Trump to claim that Mexico sends the United States its rapists.

After all, Yapias didn’t become a rapist—as far as we know—until long after Trump’s statement.


Pointer: Instapundit

Source: Fox 13



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4 responses to “Now THIS Is Hypocrisy…Well, To Be Accurate, This Is Rape, And It Will Help Elect Donald Trump

  1. Wayne

    Boy, that guy is going to become the Willy Horton for the Trump campaign.

  2. Any word from those 1-in-4 people?

  3. Other Bill


    Is this from The Onion?

    Let’s hear it for the wonders of diversity again. You know, anyone not from the U.S. is wonderful.

  4. Meh.

    He’s just probably acculturated to America’s rape culture.

    He should consider migrating to Mexico, a rape-free Utopia.

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