In Denver, A Cautionary Tale: Absolute Devotion To Unethical Partisan Doctrine Corrupts Absolutely

All right, maybe he’s got a bad temper, but only a xenophobe wouldn’t want him as a neighbor…

Time was when this story would have made my head explode. Not any more. Progressive and Democratic fanaticism regarding the rightness of facilitating and honoring illegal immigrants has been driving that side of the ideological divide farther and farther away from reason and responsible citizenship. This, as horrible as it is, now is just one more incremental step toward madness.

The Left’s strategy of tarring all principled objections to illegal immigration as “racism” and “xenophobia” has mandated that to them all immigrants, legal and illegal, are just immigrants. Thus their furious battle to keep deserving illegal immigrants from being deported (all illegal immigrants deserve to be deported, though it is impractical at this point to do it) slides easily into a passion for preventing deserving legal immigrants from being deported. What legal immigrants—non-citizens who are U.S. visa holders and legal permanent residents do our laws and common sense dictate do not deserve to stay here? The answer is those who commit serious crimes, of course. Non-citizen aliens are guests here. When a guest in your home is caught stealing a vase, or sexually assaulting your daughter, you kick him out, and rightfully so. If America’s guests can’t respect out laws, they can’t be trusted, and if they can’t be trusted, we don’t want them here. We certainly don’t want them to become citizens.

Yet the Denver City Council agreed this week to change to local sentencing guidelines specifically to shield legal immigrants from deportation proceedings when they are convicted of domestic abuse. In a 12-0 vote, council members reduced criminal penalties for several “low-level” crimes, reducing the maximum sentence to less than 365 days in jail because under federal law, a legal alien resident who is convicted of a crime resulting in a sentence of a year or more can be deported.

Can’t have that!

 Denver Mayor Michael Hancock (Guess what party. Oh, come on, guess…), proposed that criminal violations of city ordinances be split into three categories,  A first-time domestic violence charge is now considered a “mid-level” offense along with such  non-violent crimes—and after all, belting your girl friend in the mouth is just a little violent—- as trespassing and shoplifting, and will carry a sentence of 300 days in jail and a $999 fine. The revised sentencing guidelines are a response, officials say, to the Trump administration’s aggressive enforcement of immigration laws. (Don’t you just hate it when laws are enforced?) Although federal authorities have focused on illegal immigrants with criminal backgrounds, Hancock says the changes are necessary to ensure that city offenses can’t be used as a “deportation tool” against immigrants legally present in the U.S.

This is how partisan cant rots a brain and savages values. Orwellian language and concept manipulation turns conduct that a nation of laws must discourage and punish into a “deportation tool,” like in the increasingly popular argument that law enforcement is really an incarceration tool, designed to oppress and marginalize the groups most frequently convicted of crimes.

“Over the past four months, the White House has issued a series of executive orders that have exacerbated our broken immigration system and have had a real impact on our community,” Hancock said Monday in a statement. “I have heard from many who are rightfully concerned. Denver is committed to taking actions that will protect our people’s rights and keep our city safe, welcoming and open.”

Wait: how does an official act that sends the message that spousal violence is no worse than shoplifting protect rights and keep anyone safe? Who is being “welcomed” by this law besides law-breaking aliens and wife-beaters?

Denver is deliberately choosing to protect unworthy and violent non-citizen immigrants rather than one of the most threatened and vulnerable of its citizens: abused spouses.That’s your city’s choice, Denverites. Those are your community’s values.

You must be so proud.

Will feminists and women’s advocates raise the appropriate objections? That’s an integrity test for them, certainly. I’m betting that they take one for the team. After all, the progressive establishment now believes that the ability of immigrants to stay in the U.S. regardless of what they have done before or after they get here is apparently more important than anything else: the rule of law, fairness, responsible policy, or the safety of citizens.



Pointer, Facts: Truepundit

8 thoughts on “In Denver, A Cautionary Tale: Absolute Devotion To Unethical Partisan Doctrine Corrupts Absolutely

  1. Always interesting to see the Left splitting the baby when confronted with Solomanic situations. The Pulse Nightclub massacre: Who’s the victim here? Gays and lesbians or Muslims? This case: Who’s the victim? Abused women or non-Americans? Monica Lewinsky: Who’s the victim? The greatest Dem since FDR or a female intern? The contortions are intriguing. Although the most popular tactic seems to just be total silence from the advocates you’d think would normally be screaming.

  2. Gotta change those demographics so the Democrats can climb back into power, and the women will just have to take one for the team. They’ll thank us when we make sure they can keep aborting.

  3. Seems to me that if you send the message that violence is okay in some instances, you open the door for more of the same, and to greater degree.

    You also desensitize and embolden the offenders, who will get progressively (no pun intended) worse.

    When citizens begin to see the impact (no pun intended’) they will be branded racist for mentioning that beating one’s wife is not okay

    Which is all part of the show, for me. The progressives are digging their own grave (literally if their spouse is beating them) as more and more of the apathetic public wakes up to the abuses and bigotry demonstrated by the left.

  4. Ironic, especially since the MSM’s litmus test for whether or not an illegal immigrant should be deported is if said immigrant has committed any crimes. Besides, of course, the crime of violating our immigration laws.

  5. Speaking of corruption, I nominate both the organizers of this year’s Puerto Rican Day parade in NY, who got it into their heads to honor Oscar Lopez Rivera, an unrepentant terrorist, and Mayor DeBlasio and Council Speaker Melissa Mark-Viverito, who still plan to march. They boycotted the St. Patrick’s Day Parade for 2 years over the organizers’ failure to admit gays under their own banner, but will march in a parade that honors a man who led an organization that killed dozens of Americans and injured over a hundred.

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