My Last Ethics Post About Roy Moore

I hope.

Unless he loses, and then my post, in its entirety, will read, “Good!”

The Republican Party reversed its previously signaled course this week, and appeared to be supporting the Senate candidacy of Roy Moore. This has been greeted by Democrats, the leftward pundits and news media as the equivalent of the GOP endorsing Jeffrey Daumer. “This is the end of the Republican Party!” I have read, in various forms. meanwhile, the predictable feckless Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell also reversed himself. Once he said that Moore would not be seated if elected,  said he believes Moore’s accusers and called for the candidate to step aside. Now he’s saying it’s up to Alabama voters to decide. “The people of Alabama are going to decide a week from Tuesday who they want to send to the Senate,” McConnell said on CBS’s Face the Nation Sunday. “It’s really up to them. It’s been a pretty robust campaign with a lot of people weighing in. The president and I, of course, supported somebody different earlier in the process. But in the end, the voters of Alabama will make their choice.”


  • The Republican Party had an obligation not to endorse (or run) Moore before a single accusation regarding his fondness for teenage girls surfaced. He was already unfit for office; it wold be unethical to support him if he had the personal life of Pat Boone.

If the party somehow decides that stalking shopping malls for dates and persuading mothers to pimp out 14 year olds was nothing to get upset about in a U.S. Senator, there would still be  the fact that Moore doesn’t believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, Equal Justice or the Bill of Rights, and that he’s an anti-gay bigot. These are more disqualifying than any sexual misconduct he engaged in 40 years ago. After all, I strongly suspect that 20-30, maybe more, U. S. Senators have engaged in past sexual misconduct that would make their continued presence in the Senate unpalatable. I don’t think any of them have acted or considered acting as Moore has, repeatedly violating the hierarchy of authority in the government, and arguing that that God has veto power over the Supreme Court. Mike Huckabee, at his worst, has said similar things, but he’s a talking head now; I can’t envision him actually defying a court order.

  • As I wrote back when the GOP had a chance to refuse to nominate Donald Trump, a political party is charged with maintaining the integrity of the government and our democracy, which means only offering for election candidates for office who are at least minimally qualified and trustworthy. That is a party’s duty: not just to win elections, but to win them with candidates of whom it can be reasonably and objectively said  will serve the nation with honor and competence. That can’t be said of Roy Moore, and it never could.

To a great extent, all the focus on his teen dates obscure the real problem with his candidacy. Since a majority of Alabama Republicans don’t believe Moore’s accusers, this has helped him.

  • The Democrats have disqualified themselves as critics of Moore and Republicans, and long ago. Yes, supporting and enabling a sexual predator President who used his high office to cover up his conduct while lying under oath and to the American people is much worse than supporting the likes of Roy Moore. Both are still  unconscionable, but as the Democrats were not “finished as a party” by their cynical defenses of Clinton’s conduct as President, I really am not interested in their indignation over Roy Moore’s alleged conduct when he was a horny, perverted assistant attorney general. Hmmm…is raping an adult woman when one is an Attorney General worse than feeling up a 14-year-old girl when one is an assistant attorney general? I have an opinion, but to be fair to Democrats, I want to see the child-molester give the keynote speech at a national convention dedicated to women’s rights first.

This, by the way, is why Moore will probably win.

  • It appears that Alabamans who vote for Moore will do so primarily because he opposes abortion and gay marriage. To be brutally blunt, this tells me that they hate gays and abortion more than they believe in protecting in the rule of law, enforcing the separation of church and state, and not having renegade, lying theocrats in Congress.
  • That, and the fact that a whopping 71% of Alabama Republicans don’t believe the accusations against Moore, make his election depressingly likely. Why don’t Republicans believe the news accounts? Gee, let me think: maybe it is because the same journalists and news organizations reporting the scandal has been observed routinely spinning the news against Republicans and conservatives for years. Actions have consequences. Flagrant lack of integrity and trustworthiness will allow confirmation bias to fill the vacuum created by the absence of ethical journalism.

27 thoughts on “My Last Ethics Post About Roy Moore

  1. Additionally, I think many Alabama voters are just sending a great big human Rebel Yell cum Fuck You and the Horse You Rode in On to all the Yankees in Washington.

    • Other Bill, I think you have hit the nail on the head.

      This actually makes more sense to me than Jack’s suggestion that it’s because they’ve been lied to (the “I don’t like you talking bad about me so I’m gonna shoot myself in the foot to prove you’re wrong” defense).

      A good old “…and the horse you rode in on” may be stupid, but it’s human and I understand it.

      • No, that was why Trump was elected. Roy was elected Chief Justice after he had been forced to resign, remember. They like him, the really like him! So they don’t believe bad things about him published by publications they know distort the truth for partisan gain.

        • I hear you. And yet, big city Alabama newspapers are also against him, and there’s video out there of real Alabama women saying that stuff. Does it really make sense that hatred of WaPo outweighs the testimony of relatively home-town folks?

          Other Bill’s explanation parallels the OJ defense by lots of black people, basically “Yeah of course we know he did it but by golly he’s OUR murderer, and we’re damned if YOU’RE going to be the ones who convict him – take THAT!”

          A poke in the eye, and the horse you rode in on, as OB put it.

          • IF Alabama voters elect Roy Moore, it WILL be a Trump-election redux at the state level – a mass flipping of right-winged middle fingers at an “establishment” Senate that…Jeez, by recent accounts…with Moore in the club, just might suffer an upgrade. Moore’s candidacy (and election, if it happens) is a “nullification” – analogous to jury nullification of a verdict of guilty for an obviously guilty defendant. His election would be an electorate nullification of all “unfit-to-elect” contentions and judgments, with the “collateral damage” being (if you’re following the societal trends of ends-justifies-the-means being ethical) nullification (of much of Jack’s) ethics. Peace on earth, and goodwill to right-winged white Christian heterosexual men.

  2. Of course, the Democratic Party discharged its duty beautifully by nominating the most qualified presidential candidate in the history of the country.

  3. This is similar in some respects to what happened with Jerry Studds back so many years ago. I was active in the Studds campaign and we were all aware that Studds was Gay – a term not used then. When Studds was nailed for nailing a Page. My assumption is he was toast. At the time I was a member of the Democrat Town Committee and eventually, they tossed their support behind Studds. I left and never looked back.

      • And a follow-up. On a flight to Chicago a seat mate from that area said the difference between Massachusetts and Chicago is their perv – Dan Crane – would not be reelected, but Studds would be. And Crane was from the pestilent hole of Chicago! I thought the guy was nuts, but he proved right. When Studds died he was a Dem “hero.”

  4. To be fair to the morons – and I’m not thrilled about the idea of Moore being elected – if they want to see the wholesale killing of innocent children end, or want to see religious faith respected, or protected from the government’s overreaches, if they’re opposed to a government/media collusion, socialism, or abject totalitarianism… who else are they going to vote for? The democrat?

    It’s just a shame that the Republican party didnt force the chance to get a better alternative that still met the qualifications above into position. Could have moved from a phyrric victory to knocking it out of the park, but they haven’t learned anything from Trump’s election, either.

    • Trump’s election was a watershed moment that is a harbinger of many more Trump-like elections to come. (I think Trump just happened along luckily for Republicans, to pose as a kind of anti-Obama…just as Obama capitalized on his opportunity to seize presidential powers as a kind of anti-WBush.) Just wait and see what “quality” of character and leaders the Democrats will run from now on!

  5. “…maybe it is because the same journalists and news organizations reporting the scandal has been observed routinely spinning the news against Republicans and conservatives for years.”

    Even if that weren’t the case, it’s hard to take journalists seriously when newsrooms like NPR, CBS, and NBC have all apparently been harboring predators for years, and members of the press corps admit that they knew to not get into elevators alone with certain members of Congress, yet not one word of any of this managed to make it into the millions of pages of newspapers and magazines or the millions of hours of TV news that have been put out in the twenty or so years since the culture has started to take workplace sexual harassment seriously.

  6. the fact that Moore doesn’t believe in the rule of law, the Constitution, Equal Justice or the Bill of Rights, and that he’s an anti-gay bigot.

    He’s a republican, to them those are selling points.

  7. “It appears that Alabamans who vote for Moore will do so because primarily he opposes abortion and gay marriage.”

    Also immigration, trade, judicial appointments, foreign policy and preventing a coup by a renegade prosecutor, unhinged Democrats and a biased, dishonest press. It’s not unreasonable to think that those dangers outweigh the shame of having another vile man filling a seat on Congress.

    • You forgot the recurrent innuendo that whites should all be killed, or at least reduced to slave status, in the interest of social justice… or something.

      And the unethical excuse that the Democrats have run people like this (and worse) for decades with little said by the press or their party. So why not? “He is a piece of lying scum, but he is our piece of lying scum” has been the Democrat mantra for decades, way before old Slick Willy himself began playing with cigars. People are waking up, and realizing that the fight is for their country and control of their lives

      AND they are realizing that many in the GOP are the same way. First thing is to take power from the progressives; next we clean our house.

      Not endorsing this, but it is what I am hearing from the great unwashed.

      Note that this leads to the alt-right, who have foregone ethics and principles to take power back from the progressives. To destroy our enemy we are becoming them. Sad

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