Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 9/25/18: Kavanaugh-Free Zone

Good morning!

Regrettably, I’ll have to be writing about the Brett Kavanaugh Nomination Ethics Train Wreck at length,  since it is deteriorating further has clearly merged with the  Harvey Weinstein Ethics Train Wreck AND the 2016 Post Election Ethics Train Wreck (the most dangerous of them all). To begin this day without a primal scream , however, let’s speak of other things, of shoes and ships and sealing wax, of cabbages and kings, and why the sea is boiling hot, and whether pigs have wings.

You know. Ethics.

1.Sentencing ethics and the Coz. The judge in the Bill Cosby case signaled that the comic-turned-serial rapist would probably get less than three years behind bars for raping Andrea Costand in 2004, by announcing that the defense and prosecution had come to an agreement to merge the counts. Looking at the state sentencing guidelines, the judge said,  and that the actor has no prior history (heads exploding all over the courtroom, but though 60 or so of Bill’s other victims have come forward, in the eys of Lady Justice, they don’t exist), he declared that once Dr. Huxtable was looking at a total jail time of 22 to 36 months.

Ah, the things lawyers have to say while defending their horrible clients! Defense team leader Joseph Green argued that Cosby’s poor upbringing and battles against discrimination in his climb to success should be mitigating factors in sentencing him. This is an old Sixties argument that was dumb then and dumb now, a non sequitur. Millions of men who grew up poor and who experienced discrimination don’t take up drugging women and molesting them as a hobby. “Eighty-one year old blind men are not dangerous,” he added, apparently forgetting the fact that Bill has the assets and the enablers—like his complicit wife, Camille–do continue his avocation should he choose.

Countering all of these desperate arguments was this observation, from D.A. Kevin Steele:  “He seemingly doesn’t think he has done anything wrong. No remorse.”

Cosby deserves to die in prison, and any less of a sentence is just one more unethical nod to “The King’s Pass.”

2. Oh, great, Murphy Brown is back. Don’t these two look like fun folks to spend some light-hearted family TV time with?

That’s Candace Bergen, aka Murphy Brown, and series creator Diane English. As the New York Times explains it, the show’s creator and star feels the resurrection of the insufferably smug, liberal  broadcast media-cheering sitcom from the 90’s was needed, so someone could be bashing President Trump on TV. After all, nobody else is…just all Saturday Night Live, the late night shows, about six cable shows, and the real news media.  And there are all those shows that mock the senile House Minority leader, the pathetic angry Presidential election loser, the socialist documentary-maker who abuses his employees, the Senator who claims to be Spartacus, the other Senator who says she’s a Native American, and people who wear pussy hats. Wait–there aren’t any of those, are there? Never mind: English says that the “resistance” needs more support on TV. As for the other half of the country, “They’re not going to watch us anyway,” she says, referring to American who think an elected President has the right to govern. “I don’t think we’re looking to bring them into the tent.”

Yes. let’s divide the nation further. That should be fun. Here is my favorite quote, from the show’s producer: “If Hillary Clinton was elected there’d be no artistic reason for this show to be on the air.” Discuss, if you like. Personally, I think that one is too easy.

The hypocrisy and dishonesty of the original show seems like it will be intact. Oh, goody. My wife and I bailed permanently on “Murphy Brown” after the star “bravely” had her  fatherless baby (thus encouraging non-millionaire, real single women to do so), and the child literally disappeared except for brief moments when Murphy returned home to check in with her live-in male nanny. Amazingly, being a single mother didn’t affect Murphy’s schedule or career at all!

In the new show, we are told, Murphy will embrace #MeToo. Meanwhile, Bergen is defending Les Moonves, who was just jettisoned from CBS after many women revealed that he had Weinsteined them. Says Bergen, “I think Les’s behavior was — it was a different time. He was a different man. Is it behavior unbecoming? Yeah. But I go back with CBS, with the first ‘Murphy.’ I have great respect for Les. I would really hate to see Les go.”

Oddly, I have no respect at all for men who abuse their power and position to harm women, yet I was called a misogynist a couple of days ago, and Candace is a feminist hero.

“Murphy Brown” deserves to bomb. Where’s Charlie McCarthy when you need him?

3. Oh, I almost forgot: Candace Bergen is an Ethics Hero. Here’s why: she has the guts to look her age (72). Oh, heck, I guess I’ll have to watch her crummy show a couple of times just for that. Bergen was a famous beauty in the Sixties and Seventies, like Jane Fonda, but has been willing to let nature take its course, unlike her contemporary, Jane Fonda, who is eight years older and chooses to look like this:

You can’t look like that at 80 unless you are filthy rich and have a plastic surgeon on call 24-7. Nor should you want to, unless you think there is something shameful about getting older, and you are determined to fool the world until you fall over and shatter, like Meryl Streep and Goldie Hahn in “Death Becomes Her.” In Fonda’s case, narcissism trumps feminism.

4. Tales of no-tolerance madness and ignorance of the Ethics Incompleteness Principle. As Hurricane Florence approached, Tammie Hedges, a resident of Wayne County, North Carolina, rescued more than two dozen  cats and dogs when their owners who had to evacuate before the storm hit. One elderly couple dropped off 18 of the animals, some of which were sick and injured, just before the storm. After Florence passed, Hedges was told by from Wayne County Animal Control to turn over the animals. Then they arrested her for practicing medicine without a veterinary license.


I’m pretty sure that hurricane chaos was not among the situations drafters of that law were considering, or pet owners who had to abandon their animals. This is the kind of case where prosecutorial discretion is essential. Does the state really want to stand for the proposition that it would rather see animals dead in an emergency than being saved by a volunteer? This situation is an exception, and should be treated as one. An idiot should be able to figure this out, and since Wayne County administrators apparent can’t, some idiots need to be hired to replace them.

22 thoughts on “Morning Ethics Warm-Up, 9/25/18: Kavanaugh-Free Zone

  1. I don’t know. If she wants to stay in show business, maybe Charlie McCarthy’s sister could lay off the foie gras a little bit? When you get over sixty and your metabolism turns to that of a garden slug, you need to just eat less to stay healthy. You don’t have to pork out, Candice, just eat less.

      • I’m not so sure she looks fine. To go from a beauty to a really stout looking person seems to me to be self-indulgent or show a lack of self discipline. Isn’t there a happy medium between Bergen and Fonda? I’m still amazed by the girl who ws the homecoming queen for our all boys high school. Cute as a button in high school. Blew up like a balloon shortly thereafter and looks like a Titian woman now. A healthy look when people displayed their wealth by wearing it around their bellies and only lived to be forty-five perhaps, but not so great these days. We set a bad example for our kids and grand kids by letting ourselves go. My mother and father both stayed trim their entire lives. I just think it’s important. Ever looked closely at the body mass index chart at the doctor’s office?

  2. 4) Here’s the other thing. It’s all very good to tell people to take their pets with them when they evacuate. However, it depends on where you’re headed — you’re probably ok if you end up in a motel, but I don’t believe most shelters will let you bring animals with you. So if you have no place to stay when you evacuate, it is quite likely your pets don’t either.

    That said, I hope whoever is in charge in Wayne County is facing some opposition in November. I’d certainly say that’s worthy of being voted out.

  3. In no particular order:

    1. The ‘news’ portion of AOL headlines: “Kavanaugh an “aggressive drunk” while he was at Yale'”. I suppose this old friend will testify? (Sorry, I know this is a K-free zone this morning.)

    2. Cosby should die in jail. His sitcom did a great deal for race relations, I thought then, showing an upper-middle class black family. In the late ’80s, only 30% of blacks lived below the poverty line, I understood from research then. Now he is outed, and blames his black experience for it? He went to college and played football, had a TV show before Cosby, and never lived in poverty. This is an excuse for drugging and raping women? I agree with the DA — no remorse, which makes him more than a sociopath.

    3. I would watch Candace Bergen’s new show just once, but hate to put one thin dime in her pocket. I’ll let you tell me all about it.

    4. And by the way, if she would get that mean look off her face, she might look a bit better. Jane can have it any way she wants it: but at least she has grown up (actually owns a gun on her new show) and matured in her political views. If she has a body image problem, and the money to address it — whether you approve or not — that’s her choice. Bergen should not be using her old clout to either defend CBS sexual offenders and go after Trump. Better she do something to that awful nasty look she wears… It gives her overall attitude away. And, I will stay away.

  4. #4 That would be a great argument for the authorities to make. Rule of law is sacred, and if a few pets have to die for the sanctity of this notion, then so be it. Except illegal aliens, they can cross the border and drunk drive,and engage in all manner of illegal activities, if they so wish to do so. I started reading a Volokh Conspiracy article, which started so well, and then went downhill fast, when they said that the pet case was a great moment for discretion, ergo, we must let in all “undocumented immigrants” in using the same logic, because they are escaping “insert calamity”, so a special pleading case must be made. Also, drug laws too. Talk about starting out reasonably and then sliding in the goofy stuff.

    • Abandoned dogs drowning is a true calamity. I’m just not sure living in Honduras or Nicaragua or Mexico is. So weird watching HGTV shows about people buying vacation homes throughout Latin America and yet we are supposed to accept refugees from the same countries that are vacation home hot spots. So the illegal immigration/refugee thing is easily distinguishable.

  5. I don’t understand how Candice Bergen can say any of that with a straight face. Her show was irritatingly smug when it was on the first time; I can’t imagine what it will be like now.

    But her remarks do bring to light the logic of the left these days. It’s consequentialism. Brett Kavanaugh’s appointment will be the end of Roe v Wade (or so we’re told) which means his alleged drunken teen antics are relevant; Les Moonves’ actual sexual harassment of people working in the entertainment industry aren’t relevant because he did good work for CBS.

    If outcome isn’t “good”, their conduct counts, regardless of how long ago or how serious the offense. If the outcome is “good”, they get a free pass.

  6. Murphy Brown redux may play well with those who do not know she is a mediocre actress but only as a feminist cynic. I doubt she would have earned a role in most of her early works witbout the assistance of her much older husband / director Louis Malle. Who cannot forget her unremarkable performance in Carnal Knowlege. The only thing that film had going for it was its initial X rating. She remained silent during the Clinton years regarding womens rights and only reappears when she wants to advance her elitist ideology.

    On point 4, you can try but you cannot fix stupid. This is one case I will send money to if there is a gofundme defense fund.

  7. I am so royally pissed at the obvious made up BS in the SCOTUS confirmations that a morning off is a good idea.

    1. Bill was targeted because he went against liberal narratives regarding blacks. He wanted to actually help, not keep them on the Democrat plantation, and so must be punished. That he actually had done these things was moral luck: if he had stuck with the narrative none of this would have come to light. Progressives get passes, especially minorities. Just an observation: I hope Bill goes to jail as the example he always claimed to be.

    2. This is just another way Hollywood thinks it can make money out of virtue signalling. Bergen’s show was pandering the first time, and smugly made fun of flyover country as part of its schtick. Turned me off decades ago, so will not be watching.

    3. No a hero. She looks like she is afraid to smile, as if the makeup will crack and fall off, though. Why else scowl like that?

    Jane Fonda is a traitor to the USA, and the first one to be protected from charges by the Establishment Elite (who agreed with her). The test is if I did the things she did, I would be in jail. Sort of, no, exactly like Hillary.

    4. This is your typical faceless bureaucrat run amuck, and a prosecutor trying to look good to his constituency. Both deserve to be removed from office for this persecution of decent Americans. The lesson to be learned is “be afraid to think and act without explicit government instruction, lest we find a way to harm you.”


    (That actually applies to all 4, now that I think about it)

  8. #3– Hanoi Jane can do all the plastic work and gym time she wants– it is all just an expensive way of putting lipstick on a pig.

    Did I mention my entering the Army in 1967? Maybe later when I have the time.

  9. Ah, the things lawyers have to say while defending their horrible clients!

    A downside we accept for the greater good.

    Cosby must have wished that his accusers had no more credibility than Christine Blasey Ford and Debbie Ramirez.

    Amazingly, being a single mother didn’t affect Murphy’s schedule or career at all!

    It does have a great deal with wealth.

    A 16-year-old single m,other from a billionaire family would not face as much hardship in raising a child as a 26-year-old single mother or modest means.

  10. A little off topic, but I’m not the one that brought her up. For the most part, Americans are a forgiving people both individually and collectively. We have forgiven countries that have betrayed us (Japan) and high profile people who have made all sorts of mistakes and crimes (Nixon). I realize what Jane Fonda did during the Vietnam War was anti-American and demonstrated the poorest of judgment. However, she has apologized on numerous occasions for her actions and openly admits she was wrong. She has said she was sorry for any pain she caused and taken full responsibility for the debacle. Why is it, in general, she still remains reviled by the American public? In these days of questioning if adults we should be held accountable for the actions of our youth, why does good ole American forgiveness elude her and no slack cutteth after all this time?

  11. 1. About Cosby: I saw a thought-provoking musing on Facebook today, about his impending imprisonment. It was a pair of questions:
    In which prison would Cosby most likely be killed soonest, i.e., most quickly?
    A men’s prison, or a women’s prison?

  12. If you want to take a break from writing about the Left’s despicable assault on good governance regarding the Kavanaugh confirmation process, you can temporarily switch focus to something that it seems like ages since you’ve written about, the Left’s despicable assault on good governance regarding the Trump Presidency regarding the media’s love affair with the leaders of the world (mostly wretched petty tyrants) laughing at Trump at the UN.

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