A Quick Poll On The Green New Deal

I can’t resist.

Which of the following features of the proposal/manifesto, all by itself, should be sufficient to disqualify from office any politician who endorses it?


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30 responses to “A Quick Poll On The Green New Deal

  1. I suppose “Hey! These are all great! I’m in favor of all of them!” should have been an option, but if there are readers like that here, I think I’d rather not know.

  2. Opal

    A chicken in every pot!
    Or, pot for everyone!
    All of it is ridiculous. I’m waiting for the light rail option for my next work trip to India.

  3. Maybe this time we can have socialism without gulags and secret police and economic collapse.

    • Wayne

      I’m sure that those who devised this plan would be happy to use the IRS, various regulatory agencies, the FBI, and local cops to throw scofflaws into prison.

  4. JutGory

    Did you exclude fart free cows because they are even more fantastical than rainbow-farting unicorns?

    Or, because that would be the clear winner?


    • Because I’m not sure how seriously that proposal was included.

      • JutGory

        But, you would agree that there is no room for jokes in proposed legislation. If they were not serious about it, they shouldn’t have said it.

        And, I am not sure it is not intended seriously. Environmentalists will tell you how much it costs (from an environmental perspective) to create a pound of beef vs. A lentil burger. Cows consume lots of grain, lots of water, and they fart greenhouse gases. Environmentalists don’t like them.


      • PennAgain

        We know the original draft badly needed proofing so it could be dumbed down to the group the left most loves to coddle (“lowest common denominator”). It’s quite possible someone decided “methane gas” was too difficult for the average politician to understand.

    • Jut,

      I will have you know that across eight seasons of My Little Pony, I have never once witnessed Twilight Sparkle or any other unicorn fart rainbows.

      But pegasi like Rainbow Dash can make a Sonic Rainboom…

      Yes, I have two daughters. I’m not quite at Tevye proportions, but we’ll see what Tertius is when born (hopefully in the next week). I hope to eventually say to the question “You have five?” with the response, “Daughters.”

  5. Chris Marschner

    Developing technologies to replace combustion engines is a reasonable goal but to phase out internal combustion engines in ten years is ludicrous.

    JFK said we will land a man on the moon and return him safely by the end of the decade. He did not say that we will be ferrying people commercially to the moon on a regular basis so any comparison to the Apollo project should reflect the comparable deliverable.

  6. Rich in CT

    I accidentally spent a considerable sum of money repairing my car following a series of slowly failing parts after a catastrophic pot hole. I’ll be damned if Ocasio-Cortez takes my 12 year old car full of brand new parts away prematurely.

    Sidebar, I used Bing to figure out how to spell “Ocasio-Cortez”; it did not recognize the any part of the name…

  7. I could see picking ONE of the better goals to work on in ten years and hope to make major advances. But this many is not possible, you cannot focus on this many targets at once and hit any of them. My eyes glazed I’m afraid, and I realized this was a kid’s Santa list that was four pages long with all the available accessories. I’d respect green initiatives more if they were pragmatic. (and if the proposers didn’t have resource heavy electronics and vehicles and travel themselves. They just want everyone else to give it up but they keep it. I’d respect them in advocating this anti-consumerism IF they lived like the Amish. But they refuse to lead by example in this. Funny, that)

  8. >>>> build out highspeed rail at a scale where air travel stops becoming necessary,
    We used to have high speed rail covering the vast majority of counties across the country. Air travel (well, along with the automobile) made that no longer necessary.

    Does no one remember Lysenko any more?

  9. The people that actually support this kind of nonsense are beyond reprogramming to unbrainwash their corruted minds, they are permanently lost.

  10. Glenn Logan

    None of these things are rational promises, or even objectives.

    The entirety of this…whatever it is, whether simply aspirational or as a true directional statement of policy, is irrational, pie-in-the-sky nonsense.

    Anyone who embraces any of them as a realistic policy is unqualified to be a public servant in anything other than a custodial capacity, in my opinion.

    • Other Bill

      Glenn, I think they should be IN custody.

      By the way, Michael Moore has stated that he thinks the age for being elected president should be lowered to AOC level to allow her to be elected president. He considers her the leader of the Democratic Party. This is what Joe Biden and the Clintons and Nancy Pelosi hanging onto power for too long has wrought in their Party.

      • You mean that Ocasio-Cortez was elected because voters lost faith in the traditional, institutional Democratic Party leadership?

        • Other Bill

          Michael, that’s sort of a popular theory but mine is that the seventy year olds have not ceded any power to the fifty and forty year olds so there’s no bench players ready to come up and lead in the party. The Clintons and Pelosi crowd have held onto power for too long. There’s no younger talent with any experience. Harris? Booker? They’re neophytes (like AOC, ironically). So when a lunatic like AOC comes along blathering gibberish, there’s no one to provide some gravity and common sense. A brat like AOC gets free rein. I think that’s my theory. Maybe not so far off from yours in that I guess the problem is that the oldsters are completely out of touch. Cheers.

      • Glenn Logan

        I see it as a good thing. The crazy is strong with her, a fact lost only on the irrational.

  11. Alex

    Any and all of them!

    My favorite is missing from the poll: eliminating nuclear power. Any serious energy proposal that does not rely heavily on nuclear is bonkers. Unfortunately, many people who should know better play that game for a handful of votes.

  12. Frank Stephens

    This is what we know to be true from long experience — when the federal government subsidizes and regulates local activities, decision making moves from local elected officials to unknown and inaccessible federal bureaucrats. Cortez’ green new deal would replace local and voluntary interactions with top-down coercion and cost Americans liberty and freedom.

    • The questions are…
      1) Isn’t this screamingly obvious?
      2) If it is, why aren’t progressives screaming?

      • Other Bill

        2) Progressives are Stalinists. They want a state run economy. They will be the state. Get in line, comrade. AOC is basically a red diaper baby. She could be Bernie’s grand daughter. certainly ideologically. I can’t believe no one has done a Che/Obama/Mao poster of her yet.

  13. Other Bill

    Never mind. It was evidently a mistake.


    They were evidently in a hurry to get the resolution out before the two year long Congress ended. Their bad, I guess.

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