The Big Lies Of The “Resistance”: A Directory. Big Lie #1: Trump Is Just A Reality TV Star


The “Big Lie” strategy of public opinion manipulation, most infamously championed by Adolf Hitler and his propaganda master Joseph Goebbels, has, in sinister fashion, become a routine and ubiquitous component of the Left’s efforts to remove President Donald J. Trump from office without having to defeat him at the polls. One of the most publicized Big Lies, that the President had “colluded” with the Russian government to “steal” the Presidential election from Hillary Clinton was recently exposed as such by the results of the Mueller investigation, and Democrats, with blazing speed, replaced it with another Big Lie  that there is a “Constitutional crisis.”

Becoming addicted to relying on Big Lies as a political strategy is not the sign of ethical political parties, movements, or ideologies.

Perhaps there is a useful distinction between Big Lies and “false narratives,” but I can’t define one. Both are intentional falsehoods designed to frame events in a confounding and deceptive manner, so public policy debates either begin with them as assumptions, thus warping the discussion, or they result in permanent bias, distrust and suspicion of the lie/narrative’s target. For simplicity’s sake, because I believe it is fair to do so, and also because “Big Lie” more accurately reflects just how unethical the tactic is, that is the term I will use in this and the posts to come

Big Lie #1. “Trump is just a reality TV star.”

This one began at the very start of Trump’s candidacy. It’s pure deceit: technically accurate in part but completely misleading. Ronald Reagan was subjected to a similar Big Lie when Democrats routinely referred to him as just an actor, conveniently ignoring the fact that he had served as Governor of the largest state in the nation for eight years, and had split his time between acting and politics for many years before that, gradually becoming more involved in politics and public policy. (Reagan once expressed faux puzzlement about the denigration of his acting background, saying that he thought acting was an invaluable skill in politics. He was right, of course.)

In Trump’s case, the disinformation was even more misleading: he was a successful international businessman and entrepreneur in real estate, hotels and casinos, and it was that experience, not his successful, late career foray into “The Apprentice” (as a branding exercise, and a brilliant one), that was the basis of his claim to the Presidency.

The “reality star” smear appeared in several articles I read just last week, and I read far from everything. The tactic is indefensible ethically. It is not only dishonest, intentionally distorting the President’s legitimate executive experience and success,  expertise and credentials, it is also an ad hominem attack. Reality shows are primarily modern freak shows allowing viewers to look down on assorted lower class drunks, vulgarians,has-been, exhibitionists,  idiots and freaks. Class bigotry has always been a core part of the NeverTrump cabal, with Ivy League snobs like Bill Kristol, the Bushes, and George Will revealing that they would rather capitulate to the Leftist ideology they have spent their professional lives opposing than stoop to being on the same team as a common barbarian like Trump.

With all of this, the final irony is that “The Apprentice” wasn’t even a true reality show.  It was an elimination  contest, with Donald Trump as the arbiter.

The earliest of the Big Lies backfired on its creators.  Trump’s opposition began to believe it themselves,causing them to under-estimate their adversary.  They realized, too late, that they weren’t running against poor Anna Nicole Smith, Kim Kardashian, or Scott Baio, but a tough, ruthless, confident street fighter with some impressive leadership and public speaking skills.

It is a mark of how flat the learning curve of the President’s adversaries is that they still think calling him a “reality TV star” shows anything but their own dishonesty and ignorance.


12 thoughts on “The Big Lies Of The “Resistance”: A Directory. Big Lie #1: Trump Is Just A Reality TV Star

  1. Jack: This series is going to be a long one. I’m sure your exhaustive expose will approach magnum opus status, at least in the annals of EA. Thanks.

  2. Have those criticizing him and suggesting he is unqualified as a reality TV star are using late night talk show hosts as their guide for public policy positions?

    • Hilariously, yes. The unbearable smugness of someone like Stephen Colbert, a smart guy who has never run a business, or anything. He’s been primarily a performer from college on, not that there’s anything wrong with that, but here Teddy’s Man in the Arena favors Trump all the way. Colbert has never attempted anything as challenging as Trump has repeatedly. He has no standing to mock.

      • I have a great deal of respect for those that create businesses. That respect grows exponentially when they expand from simply being self employed to adding employees.
        Trump would not be where he is if he had not surrounded himself with great talent. It is however unfortunate that he has had to settle for some second tier talent whose main selling point was they would not work simply to undermine him. Imagine if he could actually trust the really “best” people to help him rather than sink him.

  3. The Resistance conveniently forgets that Harry Truman started out as a haberdasher before he became a politician and Ike had no experience in politics (except dealing with Montgomery’s vanity) before the two men became presidents. Trump was elected precisely because he wasn’t a professional politician although his business dealing have certainly been a asset in his presidency. As for Colbert, I doubt that he knows enough about budgets to become a successful school board member.

  4. “Ike had no experience in politics (except dealing with Montgomery’s vanity) “:

    Ike had to deal with a lot of prima donnas, I suspect Montgomery was not the peak of that hill!

  5. This, as with all things progressive and resistance, is just a show.

    They don’t *care* about his TV career, nomatter how you want to frame it, it’s just a power grab. The same people who were saying that Trump was dangerously underqualified because he was a TV Star were absolutely salivating and gagging over Oprah, when she was testing the presidential run waters, nevermind the overstuffed clown car that is the current Democratic Primary competition.

  6. There is one thing that we can depend on from progressives and the resistance, they will lie with all sincerity straight to your face. Don’t disagree or you’ll face the rationalized consequences.

    I wonder how long it will be before those that oppose progressives and the resistance will have to face the music, take their medicine and be forced to wear some kind of badge of shame, something like the Star of David, Scarlet Letter, Dunce Cap, a Kick Me sign, or how about Black Face to publicly identify them as someone deserving persecution. They’ve already made the red hat that says Make America Great Again a target for public persecution and physical violence.

  7. I’ve made a personal decision about the 2020 election and barring something unknown happening here is what I’m going to do at my polling station in November 2020.

    I’m going to cast my vote for President in 2020 based 100% on public policy and completely ignore the personality of the candidates; why, because in my opinion all of the candidates I see are complete failures as ethical human beings and I might as well have an ethical failure in the office that shares the same public policy goals that I support.

    My top four issues in order of importance are:
    1. Maintaining a properly trained and modernized military force.

    2. Effectively stopping and preventing illegal immigration at our southern border.

    3. Immediately start deporting all illegal immigrants that are not actively trying to become United States citizens regardless of their age.

    4. Increase manufacturing in the USA which will stabilize and slow grow the economy.

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