Comment Of The Day: “The Big Lies Of The Resistance: A Directory. Big Lie #4: ‘President Trump Is A Racist’”

A rat problem AND a police brutality problem…plus the Orioles are terrible.

As Democrats and the news media try to make the argument that it is racist for the President to refer to Baltimore as a rat-infested mess when it is, in fact, a rat-infested mess (From the Baltimore Sun’s report : While canvassing an East Baltimore neighborhood with city leaders, video footage captured by WBFF-TV showed [now -resigned Democratic African American Mayor] Pugh looking upon endless vacant and run-down housing.  “What the hell? We should just take all this shit down,” Pugh said. “Woah, you can smell the rats,” she said. “Whew, Jesus.” Later, while walking through one of the area’s most violent neighborhoods, Pugh said: “Oh my God, you can smell the dead animals.”], here is frequent commenter Chris Marschner with an illuminating  Comment of the Day on the post, The Big Lies Of The “Resistance”: A Directory. Big Lie #4: “President Trump Is A Racist”:

I have a unique perspective on the issue of Cummings district. Upon graduation from the University of Baltimore in 1987 I took a job at a community development organization called COIL-CEDC. My role was to foster business development in West Baltimore. This area was then nothing but blighted slums and the what was left of the business community was a handful of small shops operated by whites that chose to stay in their familial business home of generations past, Lake Trout lunch shops, with Rasta and second hand shops dotting the blocks of empty storefronts. The Schaeffer administration wanted the area redeveloped and the BDC secured a commitment from Safeway to build a grocery along W.Pratt street near the B&O museum. I assisted with publicising the grand opening event along with other new business openings. I can tell you that none of the Mitchell clan (Clarence Mitchell and hid son Parren preceeded Cummings in Congress) attended any business opening events.

Playing the race card is not new in Baltimore. The Mitchell clan refined the concept to such a degree no one would question them. The Mitchells always made the problems within the community the result of “prejudice” . That was the term used then. The people learned from their elected leaders that if not for prejudice all their problems would go away and opportunities would abound.

Well along comes a 30 year old guy eager to help people achieve success. What an awakening.

One of the biggest challenges in trying to entice shoppers to come to West Baltimore, who would in turn demonstrate that investors could take a chance on entering that market was to eliminate the appearance of blight. I worked to organize residents to keep the area in front of their homes free of litter. I arranged to have the city clear out the dumping grounds. The problem I found was that people expected government to do that which they could easily do for themselves but chose not to. Hell, I beat Trump to the punch. I used the community-based newspaper I edited to call out problem properties and heaped public praise on those residents that worked hard to beautify their homes.

I lasted less than a year because I saw corruption within the leadership of this NGO. Telling the truth got me in trouble with the board. The truth was that they (the board) should get technical assistance from professionals to ensure we were meeting deliverables and spending funds appropriately. Their lack of documentation was why Marion Pines (“Dragon Lady”) took them to task repeatedly. Getting grants was more important than getting results.

The problems in West Baltimore are entrenched because too many leaders are telling too many people that they have no responsibility in improving themselves and that government is the answer. So yes, I do hold Cummings responsible for not trying to change the mentality that the Mitchell clan indoctrinated in those constituents.

PS. The Safeway investment turned out to be a bust for Safeway. I believe the facility closed in the mid 90’s.



5 thoughts on “Comment Of The Day: “The Big Lies Of The Resistance: A Directory. Big Lie #4: ‘President Trump Is A Racist’”

  1. Thanks Jack.
    I just wish the story had a much better ending. The situation there was like a small platoon trying to hold off a massive onslaught only in this case it was positivism versus negativism and postivism was about to be annihilated.

    I really felt for the shopkeepers like the Littlepages whose store had been a fixture on W. Baltimore Street since the early 1900’s. That family worked with me that Christmas to decorate 10 blocks to create a festive shopping atmosphere despite the blight. I watched immigrant store owners of enterprises such as Pratt Street Furniture invest their life savings into trying to fulfill their dreams in such troubled neighborhoods. In the end, we were overwhelmed by negativity and an unwillingness to work toward changing their own environment

  2. I live outside a smaller city, but blighted areas are just as resistant. One midsized grocery has rotated owners more times than I can count, since a bargain one tried the first revivification in the 70s. There was only one or two full groceries within the city limits I can remember. Groceries ring outside the city, but I don’t know how many lack cars to avoid convenience store markup and limits of healthy variety. It must be an appreciable percentage by the portion of carless-aides who could not fill shifts after my mother’s illness.

    Don’t forget though, that every neighborhood has a lawn nazi, too, who has a cow if a shutter is cracked…

    • SW
      The effort was not necessarily wasted. I met some good people. I learned a great deal about different types of people which helped me be a better manager.

  3. Congrats, Chris. “Experts” always dismiss anecdotal evidence of anything. I think it’s the best evidence.

    Jack, you should put your catalogue of the Big Lies into a book and sell it. A huge undertaking that needs a big audience.

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