The Big Lies Of The “Resistance”: A Directory. Big Lie #5: “Everything Is Terrible”

The Ethics Alarms compilation of the Big Lies being used by the resistance and others to undermine the Trump Presidency continues with Big Lie #5.

This Big Lie, and the fact that it is one, will be a theme of the 2020 Presidential campaign. “Everything is terrible” has been a veritable mantra from the “resistance,” Democrats, progressives and the mainstream news media literally from the second Donald Trump had been declared the winner of the 2016 election, when New York Times columnist Paul Krugman announced that the stock market had declined and would  never recover. The fact that he was spectacularly wrong didn’t dissuade Krugman or his ideological allies at all. They set out to make President Trump a failure by simply saying that he was, over and over, regardless of facts and reality and often without linking their pronouncements to anything substantive.

The fanciful narrative, in turn, was advanced in casual conversation by fear-triggered citizens, in interviews by celebrities, actors and performers, in website comments and letters to the editor, in television dramas and sitcoms, novels and blogs, as they alleged dark “threats to democracy,” “increasing hate,” “dangerous times” and various “crises.” The fact that none of this hysteria was rooted in truth hasn’t slowed Big Lie #5 down a bit: it is immune from rebuttal because it was never based on substance to begin with, but rather extreme bias, emotion, and vicious political warfare.

Everything is not terrible. Indeed, by all past standards of what constitutes national misery or crisis, very little qualifies as terrible. The economy remains strong, unemployment is minimal, and wages are up. Under President Trump, the Washington Post announced yesterday that “For the first time, most new hires of prime working age (25 to 54) are people of color…Minority hires overtook white hires last year.”

Worst white supremacist President ever!

Police shootings are down, and crime is down. There has been exactly one Islamic terrorist attack in Trump’s three years. As he promised, the President hax reduced the suffocating number of government regulations, and has fought the sinister “open borders” movement on the left, by refusing to allow illegal immigration to be romanticized and enabled.

The latter is in the category of developments that progressives violently—sometimes literally violently–disagree with, but their subjective displeasure  doesn’t mean things are objectively terrible. Many developments  fall into this category, like the withdrawal from the non-substantive Paris Accords on climate change, the Department of Education’s reversal of destructive Obama Administration policies, the President’s determination to confront China on its long-standing trade practices, refusing to be manipulated by North Koran saber-rattling and killing the Iran nuclear testing deal. A three-year media assault has deliberately framed these and other foreign policy initiatives as unequivocally negative, which is disinformation and anti-Trump propaganda.

Watch this exchange between former Defense Secretary Mattis, who was promoting his book, and MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell, who began a question with the presumption that the President had weakened the NATO alliance. Mattis directly contradicted that assumption, leaving Mitchell flustered and without a response:

No, everything isn’t terrible or even close to terrible. The claim is based on a bizarre definition: when Democrats are not in power and their agenda isn’t being fulfilled, it’s an existential tragedy for the nation, democracy, and humanity. Or, using a simple metaphor from childhood, the Democrats, like  children who cannot get what they want, have been throwing a loud, emotional  tantrum claiming that their lives are unbearable, even though they have loving parents, nice clothes, a safe home, three meals a day and a bright future.

Ironically, among the conditions that are terrible now are many that have been created by “the resistance,” not President Trump. Imagine a deranged family member who screams epithets and insults at top volume, all day and all night, listing grievances that culminate in “And it’s so NOISY here! There’s no peace! It’s unbearable!” That’s the resistance, along with the news media.

Ann Althouse has been especially vigilant in documenting this phenomenon. Yesterday, she republished part of a post from August of 2015, where she had written,

“I hate the news right now. Everyone seems to think the thing to talk about is Donald Trump, which strikes me as profoundly stupid. I watched 5-and-a-half Sunday morning talk shows yesterday, and I heard the same thing over and over. Trump has lost some unregainable portion of the women. He can never get them back, but he could never have won anyway, and really what he is is America’s expression of anger. We’re an angry, angry America, and this lout is, apparently, an embodiment of our collective id.”

She commented now, “I can’t take the anger. I can’t take the constant obsessing over Trump. And that was 4 years ago. Little did I know how much anger and obsessing would follow. But, as I did then, I can get away from the media-enforced anxiety.”

Yes, the constant anger, hate and anxiety is terrible. The divisiveness is terrible; the fear-mongering is terrible; the unprecedented expression of contempt and disrespect for the nation’s leader is terrible; people being physically attacked for expressing support for their President is terrible; masked thugs attacking conservatives is terrible; re-segregation is terrible; campus censorship of non-conforming opinions is terrible; the cancellation culture is terrible; social media intimidation and denigration of conservatives is terrible; the blatant use of false narratives and Big Lies to undermine a President is terrible; the Democratic Party’s refusal to accept the results of an election is terrible; the constant efforts to find some way to oust the President from office is terrible, the way the Russian collusion conspiracy theory was used by Democrats and the news media to interfere with the President’s efforts to do his job was terrible; the mainstream media’s complete abdication of journalism ethics is terrible; the absence of any honorable, trustworthy political leaders is terrible—and all of these terrible developments  for the country and more are the direct result of the relentless efforts by the same people who are insisting that everything is terrible.

Yes, of course, much about the President is, in fact, terrible. His manners are terrible; his tweeting is terrible; his character is terrible; his habits, self-indulgence, lack of impulse-control, chaotic leadership style, honesty, trustworthiness and ethics are all terrible. The character and style of a President, however, while important, are not as important as conditions in the the nation itself.  Presidents, as much as Barack Obama has tried to argue otherwise, get credit for how the country is faring while they are in office….and far from being in a terrible crisis, the United States of America is doing just fine—not perfectly, but fine— under President Trump.

17 thoughts on “The Big Lies Of The “Resistance”: A Directory. Big Lie #5: “Everything Is Terrible”

  1. In your list of “things” above, I think you meant *North* Korea, rather than South. Or I missed a significant story in the recent news… 🙂

  2. I think President Trump the individual has many character flaws and isn’t a very honorable man. I didn’t vote the last election because I couldn’t support either. Since then I have come to be impressed in many ways with President Trump, I also am baffled just as often but he has seemed to reinvigorated the nation and provided a large portion with hope. I haven’t changed my opinion of his character but I also can’t ignore that I was wrong and those who thankfully voted for him were correct. The progressives, elitists, and media were just as aweful for the nation before Trump, the only thing that has changed is they have come out into the open. So while The Donald, leftist politicians and media put on thier versions of the Jerry Springer show the President seems to be carrying on with governing and doing a fair job at it. I don’t know how he is doing it but I am sure now that none of the candidates that ran, especially Kasich who I liked, could have have done as well as Trump has. I guess we have to give it to Obama, he promised he would bring hope and change, without his partisanship emboldening the left Trump wouldn’t have been elected.

    In the aftermath of 2020 I think the analysis will find the media’s and Democrat’s vitriolic claims that so many Americans find fault with the President will have given him an extra “underdog” boost to put him range of a Reagan like victory.

    This Big lie and the mob attacking the critics of it drive people to remain quiet about thier opinions and breeds a reasonable animosity towards those who denigrate them daily.

  3. I did have a long post about what is listed as ‘terrible’ about Donald Trump in this post being subject to opinion. I still believe that, but I think the most important point is the point about trustworthiness.

    The only trustworthiness I feel he needs to have is to prove that he will do his job to the benefit of the people of the United States of America. I have not seen that he has betrayed that trust. In contrast, I think his performance has made it very clear that Obama, Bush, Clinton, and Bush before him DID betray this country. The economics profession has betrayed this country. The media has betrayed this country. They all said that we could not fight back against China and other countries’ unfavorable trade terms with us. They said we couldn’t revive our economy, it was impossible. Trump did it almost instantly and single handedly while ALL THREE branches of government fought him. That means it was never that hard. That means it took a lot of effort to keep our economy down and our citizens suffering. It wasn’t that they just didn’t try to help. It means they were fighting us on purpose. I see no evidence that he is betraying this country in his approach to foreign military actions, to NATO, to the UN, or to Europe, either. So far, Trump has not shown himself to be untrustworthy to this country. I think this is why they need to keep pounding on Trump. If they don’t, people may notice their betrayal. This is the betrayal that was the main point in Trump’s inauguration speech. Reread the speech. After 2 years of the Trump presidency, how much of that rings truer now than on the day it was given?

    As for terrible…Los Angeles reportedly has outbreaks of typhus, bubonic plague, hepatitis, and leprosy. They have homelessness, drug, and crime crises of their own making that they refuse to deal with because they would have to reject their own ideology to do so. Californians are fleeing the state and demanding the same conditions everywhere they land. That constitutes terrible in my book. Stupid and cringeworthy tweets just don’t rise to the same level.

  4. Today’s iteration of Big Lie No. 5: The sky is falling! Trump had the nerve to fire John Bolton! Sure, we had a fit with Trump hired Bolton. Because we hate John Bolton! But he can’t fire Bolton because, because, because… uh, we said so! Trump’s mentally deranged and needs to be removed from office! Immediately. Firing a national security advisor is an impeachable offense! Where’s Jerry Nadler on this?

    • Well, the press didn’t make a good case that he shouldn’t have been fired. I think at least being open to negotiating with the powers in Afghanistan was a good call. The fact that Bolton refused to see that was enough reason to let him go. The President needs someone who will advise him, not someone who will just disagree with him.

      • Absolutely. A president is supposed to keep people on who aren’t on board with what he thinks he needs to do to accomplish what he was elected to do? Just so there will be no turnover in his staff? So the reporters don’t have to suck on their pacifiers?

          • If the goal is to stay in power the conventional wisdom is to make sure there is little volatility within the ranks. Results are secondary considerations. This requires all subordinates to stay within the allowable limits of disagreement. Appointment choices are made not on diversity of opinion but on the appointees willingness to remain quiet and in place in the face of disagreement with the boss.

            In business, results are the only consideration. If Bolton offered ideas that achieved Trump’s objectives of minimizing our presence in Afghanistan he woul still be there. I would venture a guess that most of the turnover results from lack of results from those who believe their role is to simply look like experts.

  5. Much of the major media is now, indeed, “the enemy of the people”. On issue after issue, their inability or refusal to fairly and accurately address a subject has left masses of the public dangerously ignorant and pushed towards accepting “progressive” viewpoints and solutions, to the detriment of individual freedom.

    A case in point would be the gun control debate and a supposedly 90% (or thereabouts) support for various new control measures. In the past, it has often been said that such support is a mile wide and an inch deep, and that may likely still the case…People voice wide support for a general idea in a poll, but then poll the opposite on detailed questions about specific restrictions, especially after having been educated on existing laws, and/or statistical or technical facts relevant to the issue.

    That last area is where the media, carrying water for the left, has failed or disregarded its duty to accurately inform the people. When they adopt for widespread general use definitions and terms fabricated or misapplied by gun control advocates, such as “assault weapons”, “military grade”, “weapons of war”, “gun show (or internet) loophole”, “assault rifle”, etc., they propagandize rather than inform.

    When the press participates in repeating statistically false claims of increased violence and widespread misuse of certain firearms, they act as agents of the democrat party, rather than unbiased reporters of fact. When they ignore information on the significant number of lifesaving incidents involving legal firearms use for personal protection (often without any death or injury), they fail. When they also disregard the regular, massive, homicide numbers generated by certain demographics in favor of breathlessly and endlessly covering the rare, if sensational, actions of a few lunatics, they’ve chosen to support a one-sided agenda, and cannot be trusted as being honest on any issue.

    Sadly, media involvement in pushing the Big Lies leaves us with less ability to know what the American people truly support. Polls and elections may both reflect mostly the success of the media in getting the public to believe one particular narrative. And that’s just the way they like it.

  6. Andrea Mitchell almost passing out because Mad Dog didn’t toe the Orange Man Bad line is priceless. Thanks for posting that. There’s no media bias!

  7. The Principles of Progressive Goebbelism are the core guiding principles of the propaganda that progressives have used to brainwash and dumbed-down our society.

    The core principles are:
    1. If you repeat a lie often enough, people will believe it.

    2. If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth.

    3. If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.

    4. If you repeat a lie long enough, it becomes truth.

    5. If you repeat a lie many times, people are bound to start believing it.

    These same principles were put into practice by the master propagandist Paul Joseph Goebbels… who was a German Nazi politician and Reich Minister of Propaganda of Nazi Germany from 1933 to 1945, thus the term Goebbelism.

  8. “Or, using a simple metaphor from childhood, the Democrats, like children who cannot get what they want, have been throwing a loud, emotional tantrum claiming that their lives are unbearable, even though they have loving parents, nice clothes, a safe home, three meals a day and a bright future.”

    Wow! You just came dangerously close to beginning to describe one of the shared causal factors and points of origin of what ails the left. For a minute there, I thought you were going to give your readers a peek behind the curtain.

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