Still More From The Ethics Alarms “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Files, Double Standards Section

As various wags have noted recently, the partisan, ideologically-driven and deliberately manipulative mainstream news media isn’t even trying to hide its bias any more. It openly is taking sides, and the news media isn’t supposed to take sides when reporting events. Nor is it supposed to frame what it reports in ways that warp a reader’s comprehension of it.

Two details are notable in the items above. First, the Post report refers to the individuals as vandals or engaging in vandalism rather than as protesters, as was the apparently agreed upon terminology when describing various statues being defaced or toppled. This was a typical report:

CNN: Protesters tore down a George Washington statue and set
a fire on its head: A crowd of protesters gathered around a statue of George Washington in Portland, Oregon, on Thursday night and lit a fire on its head before…

Second, the race of the protesters is never mentioned unless they are white…and, as the previous post demonstrated, sometimes the report attempts to make the reader think a white-supremacy minded  individual engaged in wrongful conduct even when the miscreant wasn’t white.

There was a third bit of sinister misdirection in the evidence above; at least it fooled me. Slogans painted in block letters on a street do not constitute “murals.”  When I read the media reports, I assumed that artwork was destroyed.

This is a mural:

This  (in D.C.) is government propaganda:

The definition of “mural” specifies that it is on a wall or ceiling

Streets don’t count, yet somehow multiple news media sources deci—all on their own!—to use a word that was  misleading, and made the act seem like something other than it was. What a coincidence!

It did nor require an artist to create this “mural, “or to design it;  it took a few government employees with yellow paint and big stencils. In fact, I’d be tempted to call painting political slogans on public streets vandalism by the government. Legal vandalism.

The stories also demonstrate that the city governments and the news media are allied, which should make fans of democracy nervous. Police aren’t looking for those peaceful protesters who tore down the Christopher Columbus statue in Baltimore’s Little Italy and threw it in the bay, but the police have the bloodhounds out for the pair of white vandals who painted over “Black Lives Matter.”

Final notes:

  • It’s all vandalism, unless those destroying public property allow themselves to be arrested and charged. Neither the white vandals nor the raceless protesters who protest by engaging in vandalism but the media won’t call it that because they approve of tearing down the statues of Founders, Presidents and others had the guts or integrity to  accept the consequences of civil disobedience.
  • City governments should not be plastering the political views and biases of its elected officials on city property. “Black Lives Matter” is no more legitimate than “Vote For Biden,”  “Eat at Joes” or “Mayor Muriel Bowser is God” (no, not mural. Cut that out!) I hope lawsuits against this ominous trend succeed: giant block letters telling us what to think is in the same noxious category as giant portraits or Lenin, Stalin or Mao.
  • Increasingly. “Fact Don’t Matter” to the news media: the “movement” does, the “resistance” does, social justice “by any means necessary” does. This means that, also increasingly, we have no news media, just partisan agents. The Founders whose statues are being toppled believed that democracy was impossible without a free (and responsible) press.
  • They were right.


9 thoughts on “Still More From The Ethics Alarms “Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” Files, Double Standards Section

  1. If there’s a silver lining, it’s that the news media is dying.

    Not too long ago, it was reported that Tucker Carlson actually won the ratings war with that coveted 18-24 demographic. That’s not *completely* fake news, but it gave the wrong impression that the 18-24 demographic disproportionately watches Fox. They don’t. They disproportionately watch PewDiePie, and the young people with souls old enough to actually watch TV watch Fox. Give it 20 years and Don Lemon will be out of a job because no one in their right mind will pay eight figure salaries for people to talk into the void.

    • Sorry 25-54 Demographic. But here’s the article:

      “Fox News Channel’s Tucker Carlson Tonight drew a record 4.331 million viewers in the second quarter and 791,000 in the 25-54 demo, making it the number one program in all of cable news among both total viewers and demo for the first time since launch, according to the network and Nielsen Media Research.”

      “Hannity scored the second highest-rated program in total viewers, averaging 4.311 million and 754,000 viewers in the coveted 25-54 demographic, respectively. The Ingraham Angle delivered nearly 3.6 million viewers and 655,000 in the 25-54 demo, earning the highest in network history in the 10 PM/ET timeslot. At 5 PM/ET, The Five dominated the hour with 3.9 million viewers and 655,000 in the 25-54 demo, coming in ahead of MSNBC’s The Rachel Maddow Show and besting CNN and MSNBC combined in both categories in the timeslot.”

      Get that? Something like 50% of America falls into the 25-54 demo, but the 25-54 demo isn’t even 20% of their viewership (791,000/4,331,000 = 18% for Carlson). I’m just going to go out on a limb and say that the other 72% of their viewers aren’t the 30% of America younger than 25.

        • I still assert that, despite the Leftist refrain that history and demographics are on their side, the Left must actually see something in the tea leaves that they aren’t admitting…or else they wouldn’t be in massive freak out mode…if history and demographics are truly on their side, all they have to do is wait literally two election cycles and it should all be theirs with no effort.

          But they are freaking out…so badly they are endorsing and encouraging violence in the streets.

          Why? What do their data analysts see? And no it isn’t some coup by right wingers.

          We’re in the midst of America’s 7th (or maybe it’s 6th) great political realignment where the parties don’t flip flop, but the parties significantly shuffle their key constituencies, break up old constituencies, find new constituencies while simultaneously adapting their value sets to modern conditions. Part of this is the outgrowth of the passing of the post-World-War-2 status quo generation, a large component of the rest of world finally catching up to the United States’ economy surviving the war’s devastation, also many of the so-called key ethno-centric groups supposedly protected by the Democrat’s amalgamation of “outside” group realizing that the DNC isn’t so great for them, etc.

          It’ll be interesting.

          The key thing to remember, if you are values and principles type person, is one group is going into the realignment trying to exacerbate problems in America and trying to increase chaos and division in America….the other group is not. Support the other group.

          • CNN is in full-on freak-out mode, saying that the president is clinging to racism not to win in November, but just to lessen how bad his defeat will be. Politico says that the White House and the Senate are in the bag, now the Democrats have their eye on redrawing districts to make them “fairer.” Given the poll numbers, I’m beginning to wonder, IS Trump in fact going to fall HARD, take a lot of the right down with him, and leave the rest a wreck, like 06 or 08?

            • Given what the Left is scaremongering about what the “Right will do”, we can be absolutely certain that’s what the Left is planning on doing. Again, why would they be in desperation mode right now if the numbers are as they say, on their side? Unless the numbers indeed actually are not on their side for the foreseeable future and they desperately need to gain power in order to “fix” things for the next decade or so.

          • I think they realize their slowly losing the black vote and it terrifies them. Pulling in a lot of non-white people to win elections by changing demographics only works if the demographics actually vote Democrat, and while black America by and large votes D, we’ve seen a shift recently where Republicans are starting to peel off non-white voters.

            I think there’s a couple reasons for that….

            I’d like to think that black people are waking up to how it’s really not Republican’s faults that places that places with Democrat administrations in power from the Governor to the local dog catcher still have bad outcomes for black people, and they’re rejecting the empty rhetoric…. But i think it’s more likely it’s due to people like Kanye throwing their chips in with Trump. As much as I hate the way politics and celebrities intersect, the fact is that they do.

            The left has also lost all pretense at humor, instead banking on the politics of intersectionality to see them through…. The problem with that is that sometimes the intersectional groups don’t get along… See famously: women and Muslims. Similarly, black people as a demographic do not seem to like gay people too much. Part of the reason that Pete Buttigeg lost the primary (the other part being that he is Pete Buttigeg) was because black Democrats were sometimes very explicit about not wanting to vote for a gay man. As much as Democrats like to put on pretenses that they are so much more tolerant and erudite than those smelly Republicans, they really aren’t. They just don’t invest multi-billion dollar bits of media infrastructure to pointing it out.

  2. It did nor require an artist to create this “mural, “or to design it; it took a few government employees with yellow paint and big stencils.

    Sorry, Jack, you fell for NBC’s trick. They said the “mural” was “city-approved.” You thought that meant that the “mural” was, in effect, city property, so that its destruction would be a crime. That’s what NBC wanted you to think. When I saw those words, I knew immediately that what they meant was that the BLM slogan was painted by “peaceful protesters” (not self-righteous vandals) and the city didn’t stop them. Private citizens who paint graffiti on public property are heroes if their political messages are pleasing to the government. People who paint government-disapproved messages are criminals.

    • Is it just me or did the BLM movement run out of black people? There are about 50 people in those pictures and I feel like I’m playing a rigged game of Where’s Waldo, trying to find the single black person.

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