More On Why Minneapolis Is Headed For Rodney King Level Riots

Rodney King Riots Timeline

I have to believe the prosecutors in the George Floyd murder trial know that they are just marking time to but off a repeat of the 1992 Rodney King rioting in Los Angeles, and probably worse.

We know, or should, that former officer Derek Chauvin is not a racist, other than the fact that he is white. This may be enough to make him a presumed racist according to Black Lives Matter and Democratic Party cant, but not under the law. The news media has been diligently searching for Mark Furmin-like racist comments in Chauvin’s past, and if they haven’t found any by now, I think it’s unlikely that there are any to be found.

We know, or should, that Chauvin did not intend to harm George Floyd. He definitely wanted to make Floyd uncomfortable, because he was angry at his perp for resisting arrest. Nobody has argued seriously or persuasively that the officer intended to kill him.

Finally, we know, or should, that it is possible, even likely, that Floyd’s death was caused by his own careless ingestion of prohibited substances, including an overdose of fentanyl.

With these facts, my knowledge of prosecutorial ethics tells me that without the influence of other factors that should not be factors at all, a competent and responsible prosecutor would not charge Derek Chauvin. It is very likely that a verdict of guilty beyond a reasonable doubt cannot be achieved before a fair and competent jury, and prosecutors are forbidden from attempting to convict defendants while hoping that a dumb and emotional jury fails to weigh the evidence properly. If a prosecutor doesn’t think, based on the evidence, that an individual is guilty of a crime beyond a reasonable doubt, then no charges should be brought. That is exactly the situation regarding Chauvin and the death of George Floyd.

However, the emotion- and politics-driven movement verbalized as “No justice, No peace” tempts, and then forces, unethical and insufficiently courageous prosecutors to bring bad cases and punitive prosecutions to trial when race is involved. This is what occurred in the George Zimmerman-Tayvon Martin fiasco. It is how an unethical and irresponsible prosecutor handled the Freddie Gray case in Baltimore. Prosecutions were dictated by protests, riots, or the threats of them. It’s a travesty of justice.

The hope is that everything will “cool down” by the time the hated defendant or defendants are acquitted. The waste of taxpayer funds, the disruption of the jurors lives and the substantial ruination of those charged are seen as “worth it”—the ends justify the means. The strategy is still a risky one, and in case like this one, when a manipulated narrative sparked a nationwide freak-out and hundreds of “mostly peaceful” demonstrations, futile. If and when Chauvin is acquitted—or, in what might be the best case scenario for Minnesota, if not for justice or Chauvin, when his conviction is reversed after years of litigation—violence is a foregone conclusion.

Over at Legal Insurrection, Andrew Branca explains the problems the prosecution faces in trying to avert this disaster. It is an excellent analysis.

33 thoughts on “More On Why Minneapolis Is Headed For Rodney King Level Riots

  1. Would it be ethical to time the trial so that the verdict was likely to come down in January, when it is too cold to riot? Average daily high in Minneapolis in January is 20 degrees. When was the last time there was a riot in 20 degree weather?

  2. Derek Chauvin’s life as he once knew it is over.

    My prediction: Derek Chauvin will not be convicted and since he cannot be protected from the violent mobs and persecution culture he will promptly vanish into a Federal witness protection program where he will be given a new identity and probably have to relocate in a foreign country away from the irrational and violent BLM and social justice warrior mobs. Our federal tax dollars will likely be supporting him for a very long time.

    • More likely the Biden Justice Department will bring civil rights charges and throw him into jail for 30 years like Justin Volpe, who still has 4 years to go after this one for ramming a plunger into Abner Louima’s rectum. My extremely liberal boss at the time, who doesn’t believe in the death penalty, for murder or treason (he once said there is no such thing as treason, just people demanding to be listened to), said he should have gotten the death penalty.

        • I doubt it. Dual sovereignty is pretty well established. It also meant that when Billy Bob lynched Willie for looking at Thelma Lou the wrong way he wasn’t in the clear after the state jury of Goober, Gomer, Randy and Bo acquitted him, assuming that prosecutor Tommy Lee didn’t just decline to prosecute or Judge Wilbur didn’t dismiss the case..

  3. Isn’t violence/looting likely in a guilty verdict as well? Nothing celebrates a victory like a nice, mostly peaceful celebration. Participants just feel emboldened when they “win”.

    • The mob won’t consider anything “justice” if he doesn’t get life in prison. So guilty and not get life in prison will get the same rioting results as innocent and set free. The rioters must set their vengeance loose on something no matter what, heck even if he was convicted and sent to prison for life they’d still riot because it happened in the first place and then took too long to get their “justice”.

    • Correct. It takes a real pro to tell the difference between a riot and a celebration these days. My burg had one of each during the Rodney King era. Twelve-hour shifts and overtime for all.

    • Precisely. The will be riots no matter the outcome of the case. Because it’s not about protesting, or justice, or whatever. It’s about rioting and looting, and finding excuses to do so.

  4. Just a comment…I was listening to NPR’s “All Things Considered” yesterdat evening when I heard this:
    “On May 31, Sahouri was covering one of the many protests in Des Moines that followed the murder of George Floyd.”

    So yes, Clay Masters of Iowa Public Radio simply calls the death of Floyd while in police custody “murder.”

  5. The ethics of having brought charges aside, I welcome a proper public trial because it offers a rare opportunity for an objective observe to get at the truth behind the headlines. Claims made will be subject to scrutiny, testimony will be under oath and subject to cross- examination. No media or high-tech cabal will be able to forbid either side from introducing any material fact. The judge, not hand-picked pundits, will set forth controlling law in the jury charge.

    The George Zimmerman trial was an excellent example of this. There was almost no resemblance between the narrative of events in the media (Trayvon Martin was hunted down and shot by a racist while returning home from the store) and what was actually shown at trial (he was shot while pinning a man astride and beating him). The difference between the law described by the pundits and the actual jury charge was similarly striking.

  6. I believe (and many around me do as well) that there will be riots no matter the outcome. I live just outside the Twin Cities (to the east) and there are already plans in place for members of our Sheriff’s Dept. to move, tactically, closer to Minneapolis when the time comes. Sheriff Depts. to the east of us will move into our county, etc. Training exercises are already taking place among more rural departments so that officers/deputies can be mobilized if needed. I’m working with a group that is planning on helping our local businesses board up if they request the help.

    Meanwhile, there isn’t a box of ammunition to be found anywhere. Shelves are empty. I know because I’ve looked.

    • Alicia,
      Without getting too personal, whereabouts? I think There are only two counties to the east before you hit Sconnie-Land; that is pretty much where my curiosity ends.

      I am in Dakota County, but was “displaced” from my office a block from the Third Precinct last summer. We hope to settle in to our new permanent office just in time for the next round of riots.

      It is sad that the riots are pretty much a foregone conclusion, but First-Degree Murder is probably going to be hard to prove. Convictions for Second or Third (which still pose challenges) will not satisfy the Lynch Mob (let’s call it what it is).

      And, even if Chauvin is convicted of First Degree, anything less for the others can be used to justify (rationalize?) violence.


        • LI?

          Legal Insurrection? No.

          I will.

          The most obvious touch-point here is the Noor case, where the officer pulled the trigger and killed someone.

          Here, causation itself could be ANOTHER huge issue.

          One saving grace in all of this, acquittals could be laid at Keith Ellison’s feet. He could play some role in quelling the violence if he “loses” (I don’t like thinking about wins and losses when due process is the real goal). He may have the credibility to do that. In the event of acquittals, will he affirm that the system worked, or will he revert to his activist roots.

          I hope it is the former, but I won’t bet on it without consulting Vegas.


          • Ellison will not quell riots in the event of acquittals. He has almost ensured there will be unrest. Why? There is a Houston connection to George Floyd so his family has been in the news of late. She will “only accept” a guilty verdict.

            Ellison overcharged the officers and intent to kill is going to be very hard to prove. Causation will be difficult because the officers will show he was overdosing on fentanyl.


      • Hey Jut!

        I’m in St. Croix County; right over the river. The group I work with reached out to the Sheriff’s Dept. and that’s what we were told: how deputies from here will move closer to Minneapolis and then Dunn, Eau Claire, Chippewa etc will start moving westward to help fill in.

        The other factor is the Chicago – Minneapolis I-94 corridor which St. Croix and Eau Claire Counties sit on. Last summer we were cautioned to be aware of out-of-state plates.

        As I understand it, the violence last year made it as far east as the Sunray shopping center on 94.

        • I’m from Minneapolis and have family and friends there. The rioters made it to Apple Valley and Coon Rapids which is where some of my uncles are. I’ve already had two talks with family about where to go and what to do if shit goes down.

          My mom, who is tough as nails only said, “well I’m just a little worried ya know.”

          I used to live right where the Third precinct and most of the surrounding businesses burned. In videos of the fires I can literally see where our old four plex used to be that was across from Minnehaha Lake (Liquors) Wine and Spirits. I still haven’t processed all this yet. And now round two.

          Alicia I hope you stay safe and am glad you’re taking measures to protect yourself. My thoughts are with you.

          • Thank you so much, Mrs. Q. Apple Valley and Coon Rapids? That’s crazy. I’m about as far from Minneapolis as those communities; plus, we sit right on I-94. It was bad enough when MN was closed due to Covid and WI was open. The crime rate here soared with 90% of the plates in downtown belonging to MN. The chief of police flat out admitted that his department was overwhelmed.

            Scary times indeed.

        • No offense to Jut, et al, but over this way Friends Don’t Let Friends Go To…Minnesota.

          Shoot OB, you saw/read what happened in the 77 Square Miles Surrounded By A Sea Of Reality AND Racine AND Kenosha AND Milwaukee last summer, am I right?

          A backstory? Whaddya think the Over-Under is on Greater Twin City area property-n-casualty insurers…um…reviewing their commercial property policyowner’s coverage renewability, limits, and deductibles?

          What ever it is, I’ll take the over…and I’m betting the farm…AND the machinery & outbuildings.

    • Indianapolis shut down any interstate off-ramp downtown to keep rioters at bay and we had curfews of 8 PM a few evenings. Downtown businesses shut down or sent their employees home to work remotely around 2 PM so they would be out of the city before any potential trouble started.

      The sad thing is that the inevitable riots will not be confined to Minneapolis. I expect most large cities to experience more turmoil once the verdict is in.

    • A friend of mine lives in a Minneapolis suburb and will confirm the lack of ammunition. He and his wife couldn’t find any, either.

    • Has defense counsel moved for a change of venue? (Fargo comes to mind, but it’s in a different state. Frostbite Falls?)

      • Nooooo, we want to travel through Fargo this year on vacation. I want to go nowhere any city where there is potential of riots.

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