The Great Stupid Is Airborne!

Not surprising, at least to me, the carrier (in multiple senses of the word) is United, long recognized by travelers as an incorrigible ethics dunce. The latest from United, however, announced in a head-exploding tweet, is special. The airline announced,

“Our flight deck should reflect the diverse group of people on board our planes every day. That’s why we plan for 50% of the 5,000 pilots we train in the next decade to be women or people of color.”

Wait: who says the flight deck crew should reflect the demographics of the passengers? Why would anyone but a fool say that? Is there really any air traveler who cares about any characteristic of the pilot and co-pilot other than that they be the best qualified people available to fly the plane safely and deal with whatever crisis that might occur?

I know I don’t care what color, gender or ethnic group my planes’ pilots belong to. Why would I? Do you? Does any sane traveler think as they hurtle groundward, screaming, “Well, if we crash, at least it will be because the airline met its diversity quota!”

Conservative website PJ Media headlined the revolting development (Pop cultural literacy quiz! This was once a catch phrase: “What a revolting development this is!” What was the TV show, and for extra credit, who was the actor who said the line in every episode?) this way:

United Airlines Announces They Will No Longer Hire the Best Pilots

Is that headline fair? I think it is pretty fair: the company appears to say that skill and experience in flying a plane will no longer be its top priority in selecting pilots, and the message it clearly wants the public to receive—because they have utter contempt for the public’s intelliegnce— is that diversity is now its top priority, not flying. If diversity is the top priority, then safety and the best quality pilots cannot be. Similarly, when Joe Biden made it known that his Vice-President would be chosen from the group of “female Democrats of color” rather than “people qualified to be President of the United States,” he and his party were saying that group membership was more important than competence and trust.

But United, being United, is doing something else. On the website, we get this intentionally vague deceit:

Today, United has one of the most diverse pilot populations of any U.S. carrier with nearly 20% of our pilot group made up of women and people of color. We are working toward raising that number even higher by partnering with diversity-led organizations and continuing to remove gender and racial barriers. And we’re going one step further with plans for 50% of United Aviate Academy students being women and people of color to ensure our students reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.

Let’s break that down, shall we?

“Today, United has one of the most diverse pilot populations of any U.S. carrier”

1) Who cares? 2) What does “one of the most” mean in such a small group as U.S. carriers?

“…with nearly 20% of our pilot group made up of women and people of color.”

What’s a “pilot group”? What’s the relative experience of this group? Who is considered “of color”? Why is gender and ethnicity combined? Is the goal is to have 50% female pilots, or not?

“We are working toward raising that number even higher by partnering with diversity-led organizations and continuing to remove gender and racial barriers.”

Yeah, and I’m “working toward” being King of the World. How does “partnering” accomplish anything? Does it mean that people without expertise in flying will be involved in choosing pilots? If not, what does “partnering” mean? What does “diversity-led” mean? Is that even English? What “racial and gender barriers” does this refer to? More males than females tend to want to fly planes: what are you going to do about that? Force women to be pilots? How is this any different from the NBA announcing that it will “continue to remove gender and racial barriers to playing NBA basketball?

“And we’re going one step further with plans for 50% of United Aviate Academy students being women and people of color…”

Oh! Plans! “Plans” means nothing, and United knows it. Barack Obama “planned” to reduce the national debt. Yay. What is the ETA of the pay-off for these “plans”? What will be the consequences of missing that goal, or never reaching it?

“…to ensure our students reflect the diversity of the customers and communities we serve.”

United’s customers do not have the same demographics as the nation as a whole, not even close. Most Americans seldom fly; if they fly a lot, they are wealthy, have a lot of leisure time, and are flying for business. Poor people don’t fly. Unemployed people don’t fly. The tweet says that the demographics of the flight deck should match the group of passengers. This statements adds “the community” United serves. Both are overwhelmingly white, male, and wealthy; also urban and college educated.

Upon examination, United is just virtue-signaling without promising anything. They can’t promise anything, because that would be installing a race and gender quota, which is discrimination, and illegal. The carrier is also deliberately leaving the impression that it really will value personal characteristics over experience and skill, because that’s what the ascendant woke mob wants (unless, of course, they are on a plane in trouble.) Then they wouldn’t care if a trained porpoise–a white, male porpoise— were flying the plane as long as it was the best pilot for the job.

We always knew that United was rude, high-handed and administrative inept. Now we know they are also dishonest and shameless, trying to deceive the gullible and brainwashed that they really will hire pilots based on their shade and gender, while knowing that they can’t do any such thing.

16 thoughts on “The Great Stupid Is Airborne!

  1. These stories keep piling up, one after another, in a never ending pile of evidence that the totalitarian thugs intentional persecution of anything outside their ideological hive mind have won the battle of the minds in the United States day.

    The trend is self evident. Companies signaling their virtue is becoming so routine now that social justice warriors are expecting companies to do it – or else. Truth, facts and common sense be damned.

    This social justice cancer is brainwashing the population of the USA and turning us into a hive mind cult.

    This is not defeatist, this social war is our new reality.

    • But Steve, the fact is that the public is NOT behind this junk, not even close As the Beatles might have sung, “All You Need Is Guts.” Screw it, go ahead and call us racists. This is wrong, and we’re stopping it.

        • This will take a long time to answer. I should have been more specific with “not even close” —there are assumptions there, like the fact that the polling is slanted and the public mostly doesn’t know or understand enough to register useful opinions. But even a 50-50 split is enough, or should be, to shut the extreme stuff down.

          Here are some interesting polls, noting the 538 lives on polls, and is thus insufficiently skeptical of them.

          • Thanks for the link. Polls can certainly be interesting in the overall scheme of things and being skeptical of them inspires critical thinking but as you know I don’t put much stock in polls and have a real problem with extrapolating their conclusions to the entire population.

            Jack wrote, “But even a 50-50 split is enough, or should be, to shut the extreme stuff down.”

            The problem is, on the face we clearly don’t have a 50-50 split and I’m not going to guess what it actually is.

            The media is strongly supporting the left extremes, the extremists are the loudest voices drowning out their opposition, the extremists are shutting down the free marketplace of ideas all over the USA, the extremes are putting more and more people in elected positions all over the USA and the silent “majority” that we both hope exists may not actually exist anymore at least not as a “majority”. So, right or wrong, the overall perception of what see and hear gives credibility to the perception that the majority of society is supporting the more extreme left and without clear evidence to prove otherwise we shouldn’t ignore the trends that are staring us in the face.

            The prevalence of the fake propaganda about the Georgia election law and the side effects of the propaganda is just a small piece of the overall problem in society. Companies publicly signaling their social justice virtue is really becoming common place now and that’s a clear sign of a very serious underlying systemic problem, social justice warriors have infected nearly all aspects of life in the USA.

            Consider this question when thinking critically about what’s happening; do you think that these companies would be publicly announcing their social justice virtues if the socially powerful social justice vigilante extremists didn’t have the public appearance of wide-spread support both in the media and in the political left which is the current political “majority”?

            The old adage the squeaky wheel get’s the grease can be applied to societal trends and right now the extremes of the political left are the squeaky wheels and clearly they’re gaining ground in society.

      • The public doesn’t have to be behind it. You only need the ruling class and their enforcers to be in favor of it. The American population is too peaceloving and orderly to stand against it. Look at Milwaukee. The news media has slanted the news of the George Floyd trial to such an extent that in the likelihood that Chauvin is not convicted, there will be mass rioting in Milwaukee. Now, this mass rioting will only involve a few thousand people, but it will result in the destruction of a lot of the city businesses and public buildings. If 5% of the city residents showed up and said “NO”, this couldn’t happen. Now, the rioters would attack them, but they couldn’t win against the citizens. However, the City would start to arrest the citizens and at that point, the citizens would also have to say “NO” to the city police. Then what happens when the citizens have to turn on the police?

        The public can’t stand against this because it is their own government, not just the activists, they have to fight. They can’t change the government because they don’t control the elections. I am afraid this can only end in our enslavement, the breakup of this country, or a revolution.

  2. This reminds me of my trip to the 2018 Royal International Air Tattoo, the world’s largest all-military and warbird airshow, at Fairford, England. Because it was the centennial of the RAF, at one point they had a Royal Review, where the airmen paraded before members of the House of Windsor (Edward the Duke of Kent and Prince Michael of Kent, for you royal-watchers). I watched the parade over the heads of a troop of British brownies, so girls about 8-12, who were very chatty and very high-energy, but unfailingly polite. Their women leaders were talking to them about how important it was for them to grow up to be leaders in the military and elite communities like pilots. Since they were all polite including the leaders, I threw out the fact that only 4% of the fighter pilots in the world are women, or were at the time. Taken aback the leaders asked some of the girls if they wanted to be fighter pilots, hoping to show this wet blanket Yank that some of the future heroines of the sky were right here. There were no takers.

    Just for the record, only 8% of firefighters and just under 13% of the police officers in the US are women. Only 20% of the active legal profession is female, despite law schools graduating half women since 1974. Only 19% of surgeons in the US are women. Only 5% of general officers in the US Army are women, and the percentage of flag officers in the Navy is still lower, despite the fact women have been able to command combat ships since 1998.

    This can’t change to 50% overnight, and it can’t become 50% without cutting corners.

    • In the book, “Daily Life in the Soviet Union”, the author reveals that the free medical care promised was problematic in the early days of the U.S.S.R because they didn’t have enough medical personnel. So they promoted a bunch of midwifes and nurses to the position of doctor and gave them some remedial training.

      What happens when you make promises that you can’t keep is that a bunch of unqualified people end up doing the job.

      • There’s also the inescapable biological difference between men and women regarding childbearing. A guy fathers a child, he usually keeps on going, maybe even gets treated better because now he’s the responsible one who has to provide for a family. A woman has a child, she goes on maternity leave for weeks, then spends the first few years with her job taking second place to her child. How many otherwise promising women cut their careers short because they have their second and third child and decide to be full-time moms? A lot. How many men do the same? Not many. I can think of one male lawyer who did that, and it was because he as a public servant was limited, while his wife, who was in private practice, made a lot more money, so it made more economic sense (He also quit with very little novice, leaving the rest of us in the lurch, but…).

  3. So now United joins American and Delta in the Wokeness Games, completing the trifecta of US legacy carriers. I have detested American and United for quite some time. I AM rather dissapointed in Delta.

    Well, screw ’em. There are still options, so it looks like I’ll be flying JetBlue and Southwest a lot more going forward. Hope those two keep their mouths shut about all this crap, so that I can still go places.

  4. The quote came from my dad’s favorite old B&W sitcom, “The life of Riley,” and was spoken by William Bendix as plumber Chester Riley. Great memories.
    Another ethics-free business trying to appease the woke mob is no surprise; my only question is, “who’s next?”
    Those demographic quotas are some liberal’s woke fantasy. For a number of years I was tasked with recruitment for my law enforcement agency. Even if we had hired EVERY minimally qualified female and minority applicant, we could not have met standards representative of our community demographics. Those same candidates are sought by every type of business and organization, most of which pay much better than law enforcement.
    I see that some categories are left out. It has been my personal observation that there is no pilot representation from the communities of the blind or the disabled. And why not quadriplegic pilots or deaf one’s? Fair is fair, right? (On a representative basis, of course.)

  5. As of 2019, there were reported to be 664,565 certified pilots in the U.S. in all classifications. Of that total 52,740 or 7.9 percent were reported to be female pilots. In 2020, an estimated 50.8 percent of the U.S. population was female. So far as I know, the FAA does not publish statistics on the race of certified pilots, but 13.4 percent of the U.S. population is Black or African American. I wonder what percentage of the total number of certified pilots are Black or African American. POC population… not too sure what that means. Furthermore, to pilot a commercial aircraft, one must hold an ATP (Air Transport Pilot) certificate and there were only 164,947 of those in 2020. It is probably not a good idea to base hiring decisions for flight crew members on anything other than training, experience, medical qualifications, and pilot certificates held. Anything else would be potentially dangerous.

  6. And lest we forget….

    My college roommate and best man’s mother was a ferry pilot in the WAAC during WWII. She learned to fly as a teenager in Schenectady, NY where her father was the founding treasurer of General Electric. Her father bought her a plane when she was sixteen. She and her other WAAC pilots flew bombers from the U.S. to England to free the men pilots to fly combat missions. A great, brave, spunky lady who went on to teach grade school for years. Also, an avid golfer who, last I saw her years ago, had become fascinated with curling.

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