Integrity Test: What Does It Tell Us When Black Lives Matter Emulates The Westboro Baptist Church?

BLM protest

The Westboro Baptist Church, aka “the Phelpsians,” infuriated the Left and Right by disrupting services for fallen soldiers with anti-gay chants, epithets and signs. Now Black Lives Matter is adopting that despicable groups’ tactics and ethics. If you are surprised, you haven’t been paying attention.

On May 7, fallen police officers were finally honored on Capitol Square in Madison, Wisconsin at the Law Enforcement Memorial. For most of 2020 and 2021, law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty couldn’t be properly remembered because of pandemic restrictions

As reported by Madison’s WEAU-TV, six names were added to the honor roll last week as law enforcement officers and their families gathered in the square to see those heroes added to the 285 names already on the memorial. The governor and attorney general joined a police procession as the ceremony began. But minutes into the event, Black Lives Matter protesters began disrupting it and talking over the speakers . A protester with a bullhorn began shouting, “Do you support Black Lives Matter?” “How come the African-American national anthem wasn’t played?” a heckler added, in one of the more civil exclamations. “I’m begging you motherfuckerers to stop killing people that look like me!” was more typical. Rap music with lyrics like “fuck the police” was playing during a moment of silence. A pastor began to deliver a prayer, and she was booed. A protester yelled, “Murderers!”as she finished.

The courts have determined that such harassment is constitutionally protected as expressive speech: Black Lives Matter can thank the Phelpsians for that, as well as for perfecting their tactics. But both the Westboro Baptist Church and BLM exemplify the abuse of free speech, and demonstrate by their hateful and cruel behavior their deep, deep ethics rot. One group was dedicated to anti-gay bigotry; the other is advancing an anti-white, anti-police, anti-rule of law and anti-America agenda. The Phelpsians were marginal and more of an irritation than anything else. Black Lives Matter, in contrast, has a street with block letters honoring it in the middle of the nation’s capitol. Its name was emblazoned across the Fenway Park bleachers last baseball season, and featured on every NBA court. The Democratic National Committee and the current Vice-President of the United States cheered on their riots, which cost billions.

The Phelpsians were mocked and derided in the media, and condemned without exception by all but the most bigoted and hateful. And they were better—less dangerous, , less threatening and less pervasive—than Black Lives Matter. The conduct both groups embrace is signature significance for unethical people who respect nothing except their own narrow perception of how the world is and should be. Such fanatics cannot be argued with or compromised with; they believe that their ends justify any means, including lies, intimidation and violence, and have demonstrated that they will exploit any submissive responses by authorities by becoming increasingly unreasonable and destructive

If the now dormant Phelpsians were enemies of decent society, and they were, BLM is more hostile still. Its gullible enablers need to have their metaphorical faces held down into the vile mess the cynical, Marxist movement is making, like puppies failing house training. They must accept responsibility for siccing a super-charged version of the Westboro Baptist Church on the U.S., and accept that every bit of passive acceptance going forward is the equivalent of applauding Fred Phelps’ vicious family.



No love was given to Wisconsin’s liberal governor, Tony Evers, either. According to Wisconsin Right Now, when he was announced, one protester yelled, “We don’t like Gov. Evers!” through a megaphone

If you choose to watch the full ceremony — it’s almost 40 minutes long and painful in the disrespect that was shown — you’ll hear one thing over and over again from the disruptors: “We have a right to protest!”

Whether or not one has a right to protest and whether or not that protest is appropriate or productive are two different matters. In this case, protesters descended upon an event where the families of fallen police officers were gathered and, among other things, disrupted the ceremony by playing rap music with “f*** the police, f*** the police” in the lyrics. What change was this supposed to produce?

For that matter, what did these officers have to do with the grievances the protesters had?

On the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Memorial’s Facebook page, the death of officer Mark S. Lentz was described.

“On August 3, 2017, Officer Lentz, while attempting to stop a vehicle for a traffic violation, a second vehicle intentionally struck Officer Lentz’s marked police motorcycle from behind. The driver of the second vehicle was an acquaintance of the driver of the first vehicle and was helping his friend avoid being stopped in a stolen vehicle,” the post read. “Officer Lentz remained under medical care until passing, on September 18, 2019, due to complications related to his injury.”

Then there was Dane County Sheriff’s Office Deputy Richard C. Treadwell: “Deputy Treadwell was assigned to the Dane County Law Enforcement Training Center, where he contracted COVID-19. Deputy Treadwell died on August 22, 2020, due to complications of COVID-19. Deputy Treadwell served with the Dane County Sheriff’s Office for 25 years.”

But no: This was the perfect opportunity to protest police brutality, at an event celebrating the lives of men and women who died serving us, and all in the presence of the friends, family and colleagues of these fallen heroes. These are the people who deserve to be called “murderers,” according to the protesters.

24 thoughts on “Integrity Test: What Does It Tell Us When Black Lives Matter Emulates The Westboro Baptist Church?

  1. I live in WI and heard absolutely nothing about this. According to wisconsinrightnow. com:

    “The news media didn’t tell readers and viewers about the BLM protesters. Instead, Channel 12’s story on the memorial ceremony was headlined, “Former MPD chief speaks at Wisconsin Law Enforcement Ceremony; won’t answer questions.”

    Channel 12 is out of Milwaukee.


      The late officer Lentz appears to me to be as much “of color” as our sitting Vice President. The seventeen year-old who intentionally hit him with an SUV while robbing a neighborhood in cahoots with the driver of the other car bears the first name of “Sirantoine.” What racial group loves made-up, portmanteau first names? There is nothing in the reporting about the race of Sirantoine. Nor are there any photos. You’ll also note the chief of the motorcycle unit officer Lentz was a member of is headed by an officer of color and includes a second officer of color. I guess being a police officer negates being of color.

    • WTF! I live at Ground Zero, and let’s just say I have my ear to the ground for such things, yet knew nothing of this until now. IMO, no other reason for this other than lickspittle local news feeds and monumentally feckless local leaders.

      I know you know, Alicia, but for the others, WEAU is out of Eau Claire, ~180 miles/290 kms WNW of Madison.

      Truly a f*cking embarrassment, yet to no one’s surprise there exists precedent; just shy of 10 years ago, courtesy of despicable Madison Lefties (forgive the redundancy):

      Pure Class: Wisconsin Leftists Disrupt Special Olympics Ceremony To Picket Scott Walker

      “Every Normal Man Must Be Tempted, At Times, To Spit On His Hands, Hoist The Black Flag, And Begin Slitting Throats.” ― H.L. Mencken

      And I can resist anything…but temptation

      • Yeah, I saw the WEAU and assumed it was a mistake. The news in EC tends to be pretty left leaning; a UW campus being there, and all.

  2. I wonder how it would be received if protesters yelling kill the dealers showed up at one of those vigils for a slain drug dealer? You know those guys who were planning to go to college in the fall.

    The other option is to respond to BLM as the crowd would responding to those yelling kill all the dealers in the example above.

    I suggest the latter.

  3. Those BLM social justice warriors are NOT protesters they are immoral totalitarian intimidators intentionally disturbing the peace. These people are fucking nuts and they are going to push too far. The dam is going to break soon.

    • I’ve seen a BLM protest proceed down a “high street” area of Amsterdam. It was intimidating and down right scary.

      • What should spark some real fear in Americans is how Black Lives Matter has now chosen to stand in solidarity with Palestinians and vow to fight for Palestinian liberation. Hamas are terrorists and BLM is publicly supporting them. Don’t we have laws about supporting terrorism? Someone should start looking deeply into where BLM’s money is coming from and going.

        One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. To that I say BUNK!

        Terrorism is defined in the Code of Federal Regulations as “the unlawful use of force and violence against persons or property to intimidate or coerce a government, the civilian population, or any segment thereof, in furtherance of political or social objectives” (28 C.F.R. Section 0.85).

        Hamas has demonstrated to the world that they are literally terrorists that will randomly attack a civilian population with rockets etc to terrorize them for political purposes and BLM chooses to put themselves directly inline with them, this is signature significance of the underlying culture of terrorism that’s at the core of BLM. If BLM can rationalize massive rocket attacks against Israeli civilians then BLM will have no problem deepening their violent attacks in the USA.

        Beware of BLM!

        • “One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter. To that I say BUNK!”

          Objectively, yes, there is a big difference between the Northern Alliance battling the Taliban and Hizbollah blowing up pizza parlors, but that statement simply posits that there is no such thing as objectivity. I would argue that the interpretation of it to mean “everyone is allowed to support who he believes to be right as he sees it,” is the wrong interpretation, and, instead it should be interpreted to mean that “everyone has blind spots and is willing to make excuses for wrongdoing if he agrees with the wrongdoer.”

          It doesn’t help that that line between terrorism and fighting against oppression is often so thin as to be invisible unless you look really closely and know what to look for, and it doesn’t help that legitimate government force looks no prettier than brutal oppression (Loughall, Operation Flavius, Operation Chavin de Huantar) and goes wrong as often as terror tactics (El Mozote, Nord-Ost).

          For the moment BLM is headed more toward political terrorism, meaning the violence is a means to a political end, like the IRA or PLO, but it wouldn’t take much to turn it in the direction of millennial terrorism, where the violence IS the end. Then what?

        • This is worse than the Westboro Baptist Church.

          They carried signs reading “Thank God for 9/11”, and Fred Phelps, in his 9/11 sermon, expressly said that God laughed and mocked as He sent each 9/11 victim to Hell.

          But they did not stand in solidarity with Al Qaeda.

    • My longtime usenet ally, Christopher Charles Morton, made this observation.

      Black Lies Matter is a racialist cult, just like the Aryan Brotherhood and the White Aryan Resistance.

      If you put Black nationalist and White nationalist propaganda screeds side by side and remove the specific racial references, and they’re damned near indistinguishable.

      In the early ’90s a friend got a book catalog from an “Afro-centric” bookstore. Perusing it, it became instantly obvious that they were selling most of the same books at the National Alliance. I told him this, but he didn’t believe me.

      To settle the argument, a Jewish mutual friend ordered a catalog from the Nazis. Holding them up side by side, some of the pages were IDENTICAL.

      Black Lies Matter is nothing but the Klan with a tan…

  4. Makes me wonder what a situation like this makes Harry Sussex think of the First Amendment. Of course, I doubt comparable activities by a similar group would result in prosecutions for hate speech in England. They’d get a pass. I think it would best be called Black Privilege.

  5. I wonder how many, if any, Madisonians will remove their virtuous BLM yard signs (therearealotofthem) once they become aware of the true nature of these despicable assholes?

    More importantly; are there any local reporters willing to risk probable assault on themselves, family, and property, for telling this story in a town that is uber pro-BLM?
    Intimidation *without meaningful consequence* is an effective strategy in preventing people from doing the right thing or just their job.

    • Good question Caped Crusader; I have an email in to the one of them who (IMO) has the onions to do just that.

      It’s already gotten a response, but that raised more questions than it answered, requiring a follow up.

      I’ll share that once/if I get a reply and permission to share; something I suspect a Super Hero like yourself already knows…

  6. I first heard about the Westboro Baptist church when I was a teenager. I saw them on TV talk show; they were picketing the funerals of people who died of AIDS.

    They gained national prominence in 1998, when they picketed the funeral of Matthew Shepard.

    And they had picketed the funerals of police officers in the past.

    The Democratic National Committee and the current Vice-President of the United States cheered on their riots, which cost billions.

    So they are only against some insurrections?

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