First Nomination For “The Donald Sterling Award Award”: The American Bar Association

When an organization represents a whole profession and the profession is in crisis, every decision matters, and every message counts. If you don’t pay proper attention to preserving your organization’s image and integrity, you may end up giving an award to Donald Sterling, and then everyone will begin to suspect that your organization isn’t as competent and serious as it’s supposed to be.

A Culture Lost And Confused: “The Donald Sterling Ethics Train Wreck” Is Now The U.S. Cultural Values And Priorities Ethics Train Wreck…Good Job, Everybody!

We are allowing our cultural values and priorities to be steered and warped by political expediency, the venality of professional sports, bias, slanted media coverage, double standards, a predominance of curs and fools, and worst of all, the absence coherent balancing and objective analysis to help the public understand what is right, what is wrong, and what is more wrong.