What IS This? Ethics Dunce? Unethical Quote? Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month? Or Just A Congressman Inadvertently Exposing The Logical, Legal And Ethical Bankruptcy Of The Pro-Illegal Immigration Position?

This kind of speech, this kind of rhetoric, this kind of elected Democrat and this kind of thinking on the Left are the main reasons, above all the others, that Donald Trump is President. If the Democrats don’t stop talking like this, he will be President for eight, long, loooooong years.

Euphemisms, Manipulation And Deceit On Illegal Immigration

Until the advocates of “immigration reform” are willing to honestly define the problem (illegal immigration) and their proposed solution ( legalizing illegal immigrants) as well as admitting the possible consequences, such as the flood of children now coming across our borders, we should regard them as no better than irresponsible opportunists who would weaken the nation for their own political gain and the economic benefit of those whom the United States is in no way obligated to support.