Jonathan Gruber’s Obamacare Fraud Confession [UPDATE]: “Nothing To See Here…Move Along”

MIT Economist Jonathan Gruber, if there is justice and order in the world, will go down in history as the man who exposed beyond question or rebuttal the rotten, corrupt, cynical and undemocratic core of this Administration, which gained power promising to be open and fair to the American public, then wielded that power by exploiting and betraying their trust.

And in its attempts to hide the revelations of this Human Smoking Gun, the mainstream media may just prove beyond denying just how partisan it is. I guess when evaluating this horrible ethics train wreck, that is as close to a tangible benefit as we are likely to get.

More On The Smoking Gun Jonathan Gruber Video

If I were a dyed blue supporter of Barack Obama and his legions and learned that this was how they really thought, and if I were not stupid and not corrupt and had any integrity, I believe I would switch poles then and there. Of course, I have suspected this was the mind-set of at least a large percentage of those in the administration from the beginning…because I am not a progressive, and I am not stupid. All the signs were there, for those objective enough to see.

Observations On The Gruber Tapes: Tipping Points, Integrity Checks, Totalitarian Tactics and Very Loud Ethics Alarms

A loud, resounding ethics alarm has arisen from this episode. The Republicans had better not try to exploit it, for the rotten system is a product of their construction as well, and they are equally accountable. They have an opportunity, as do honorable and patriot Democrats, to finally level with the American public they have been elected to serve, and deliver real transparency while rejecting the governing philosophy of the arrogant elites who have pushed U.S. democracy to the brink of failure.