No, Thomas M. Cooley Law School Did Not Make Michael Cohen A Bad Lawyer, And The Fact That Cohen Got His JD There Does Not Mean It’s A Lousy Law School

Michael Cohen is a lousy lawyer, and probably would have been no matter what law school he graduated from. Thomas M. Cooley Law School may be a lousy law school, but law schools can only do so much with mediocre, unethical students, and the smart, ethical ones will excel no matter where they go to school.

Unethical Quote Of The Week: Slate Legal Columnist Dahlia Lithwick and Law Professor David S. Cohen

I’m trying to recall if I have ever lost respect for so many people—professionals, journalists, elected officials, colleagues and associates— over their unethical conduct and statements over a single issue. This is all so futile, so infantile, so intellectually tortured, so undemocratic, so un-American, so destructive and so wrong.