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Agent Scott Boras’s Conflicts Surface Again

I believe player agent Scott Boras has serious conflicts of interest as both anagent and as a lawyer.Maybe my small cry in the wilderness is beginning to have some effect. Continue reading

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Baseball’s Free Agent Follies: Dumb Clients, Conflicted Agent

Baseball’s super-agent Scott Boras has his annual off-season conflict of interest problem, and as usual, neither Major League Baseball, nor the Players’ Union, nor the legal profession, not his trusting but foolish clients seem to care. Continue reading

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The Other Alleged Collusion Scandal: Baseball’s Unemployed Free Agents

This is why it’s called “hardball.” Continue reading


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The Phenom, The Agent And The Cubbies: 2015’s First Baseball Ethics Controversy

The lesson of the Kris Bryant dispute is that sometimes the result that seems the least fair is also the right one. Continue reading


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The Unforgivable Conflict of Interest: Sports Agents, Robbing Their Ignorant Clients

If the player agents, who know they are conflicted, are so greedy that they continue to operate as if the conflicts don’t exist, the players unions, or the leagues, or the agents association, or the law, needs to stop them. Continue reading


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Don’t Listen To John Feinstein, Nats Fans: He’s Wrong, And He’s Bad For You

Nats fans: Don’t listen to John Feinstein. I know better. Continue reading


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Comment of the Day: “The Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg Dilemma”

More on the Strasburg problem… Continue reading

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The Washington Nationals’ Stephen Strasburg Dilemma

A Washington Nationals ethics controversy: saving Stephen Strasberg’s arm…for what? Continue reading


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