Comment of the Day: “Comment of the Day: ‘Why The Sweet Briar College Fight Matters'”

The Sweet Briar closing, which was first raised as an ethics issue in the post, “The Sweet Briar Betrayal, has attracted many new readers and commenters to Ethics Alarms from the all-women Virginia college’s alumnae and supporters. Things are starting to move fast in the situation, with an investigation looming and questions being asked by … Continue reading Comment of the Day: “Comment of the Day: ‘Why The Sweet Briar College Fight Matters’”

Comment of the Day: “Why The Sweet Briar College Fight Matters”

Tens of thousands of alumnae, their spouses, their families, their personal and professional networks, can help, could have helped, and are now “stepping in to clean up and to help. As dedicated, committed alumnae, we shall step in and act because the Board of Directors, our previous President Jo Ellen Parker, and our current Interim President James F. Jones who came full of controversy from his Trinity College past, all failed us in Governance, Leadership, and Creativity. “

Why The Sweet Briar College Fight Matters

Ideas are more precious than money, dreams, reputation, or even lives. And they often have to be fought for, sometimes against daunting odds. Sweet Briar College represents such an idea, and the board of that institution is in the process of teaching the toxic lesson that when ideas are threatened, it is acceptable to shrug and surrender, and move on to easier tasks.

The Sweet Briar Betrayal

The current Sweet Briar College board’s premature surrender to adversity is lazy and unethical. It is a betrayal of the college, the mission, and its students past, present and future. It should hand over the job to bolder, more committed people who are willing to use the resources at hand to save an institution worth saving.