CNN’s Desperate, Unethical And Insulting Don Lemon Retention Strategy

CNN Morning anchor Don Lemon returned to the show today, after CNN CEO Chris Licht told staff in a memo that the cute, black, gay incompetent has agreed to submit to “training” in exchange for his return.

To “cut to the chase,” Lemon is an ongoing and acute embarrassment to CNN, broadcast news, and journalism. His record of bad journalism and misadventures are documented on Ethics Alarms, and since I would rather have my toes transplanted to my forehead than watch the guy no matter what show he’s showboating in, I know that Ethics Alarms has only scratched the surface of Lemon’s bias, narcissism, lack of professionalism and incompetence. He should have been fired many times over, but since his worst displays have been squarely in service of progressive cant, anti-white bias and Democratic politics, it was only his most recent gaffe, openly signalling his sexism while revealing how well he performs basic research, that seriously jeopardized his continued employment.

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CNN Hasn’t Fired Don Lemon For Being Dishonest, Incompetent, Arrogant, Biased And Drunk. Will Lemon Being Stupidly Sexist Be Any Different?

What an idiot. But we knew that. I’m sure CNN even knew that, but Don is cute, black and gay, so he routinely gets a special version of “The King’s Pass” (Rationalization #11). Nonetheless, his latest outburst is special, even for Don, who suffers from the Dunning-Kruger Effect. Apparently Don associates a woman’s “prime” with her child-bearing years, which is the height of sexism: women are primarily breeders, right, Don? The same sources Lemon is evidently besotted with designate the male “prime” at around 19-years-old, if you measure men by erections and their level of arousal.

Can you imagine what Don and the CNN “Get Trump!” posse would have said if Trump told Hillary Clinton in 2016 that she had left her prime—as a woman—behind in her forties? Actually, Lemon’s argument sounds like something Trump might say. He has always been a sexist, but he’s not so much of a compulsive sexist to say something that stupid about women on TV.

We also learned how Don educates himself. It’s on the internet, so it must be true! “Don’t kill the messenger!”

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No Way Back For CNN

Too late. Waaay too late.

CNN broke this story yesterday. Suddenly, under new ownership, the once respected cable journalism channel further retreated from its shameless partisan bias that metastasized during the Obama Presidency and ruined Ted Turner’s creation.

It’s doomed. There is no recovery from destroying trust, at least not when recovery will take years. On one night last week, every Fox News program had better ratings than all of CNN’s offerings for that night combined. This was completely predictable, and is a cautionary tale.

CNN’s abandonment of anything resembling objective, ethical and responsible journalism as it morphed into MSNBC-lite chased away conservatives, Republicans, independents and anyone who wanted to get accurate, complete news that wasn’t slanted, manipulated or censored to favor Democrats and their allies. If they didn’t go to Fox News, holding their noses, they defaulted to the web (like me.) CNN’s viewership was almost completely reduced to 1) old, half-awake traditionalists in denial who fooled themselves into believing that this was the same news source that used to be announced by the sonorous tones of James Earl Jones and 2) leftist partisans for whom the likes of Joy Reid, Al Sharpton, Lawrence O’Donnell and the other hacks on MSNBC were too much for their gorges to bear.

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Unethical Quote Of The Month: CNN Intelligence Analyst Robert Baer

“And you know, this freedom of speech is just nonsense because you can’t go in a movie theater and yell ‘fire.’ It’s against the law.”

—Former CIA case officer and current CNN intelligence analyst Robert Baer, arguing that Elon Musk’s allowing banned users—like Donald Trump—back on Twitter and not censoring “misinformation” constituted a security risk.

You know that feeling when you think you have made a persuasive argument, or at least fooled people into thinking you have, and then something comes out of your mouth that proves you don’t don’t know what you’re talking about? No, me neither, but if Robert Baer didn’t have that feeling when he uttered the ethics and legal nonsense above, he should have.

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The Apparent Democratic Party Strategy To Stave Off November Defeat: Lie Their Heads Off

The problem is that this plan depends on the full collaboration of the mainstream media, and cracks are appearing in that previously reliable alliance.

During a Democratic National Committee event, president Biden once again indulged some of his favorite pieces of misinformation (Did you know that Donald Trump lied all the time?). Biden said that gas prices have fallen by “$1.30 a gallon,” with the average now being “less than $2.99” in 41 states and the District of Columbia. He also said that the current unemployment rate of 3.7% is the lowest it has been in over half a century.

CNN, in the midst of a course correction (as in “maybe we should go back to actual journalism a bit”) debunked both statements. “Biden’s claim about average gasoline prices was false, as the White House acknowledged by correcting the official transcript after CNN inquired about the claim on Friday afternoon,” CNN reported. “In fact, zero states have an average price under $2.99 per gallon, figures from GasBuddy and the American Automobile Association show. As the correction notes, Biden got a key digit wrong: 41 states and the District of Columbia have an average price under $3.99, not $2.99….“But the price of gas is one of the most important numbers in politics. Even if the President made an inadvertent error this time, his incorrect remark was televised live on CNN and MSNBC.”

Later, Biden changed his story to say that “a few” states had average gas prices under $3. That was also a lie.

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Unethical Euphemism Of The Month: “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression Layoffs”

Hmmm, why does this concept sound vaguely familiar?

That’s Jeff Lawson above, CEO of Twilio, a “customer engagement software company,” whatever that means. He just announced that because of Joe Biden’s non-recession he’s going to have to reduce the workforce by 11%, meaning that more than 800 loyal, hardworking, not quietly -quitting Twilio employees will be put out onto the streets. But he assured employees (and progressives, and anti-white racists) that the company would make firing decisions through an “Anti-Racist/Anti-Oppression lens.”

Translation: “I’m firing whites, males and straight people first.”

Verdict:: Unethical, grandstanding, discriminating asshole.

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Weekend Ethics Loose Ends, 8/21-22/2022: Brian Stelter Does A Cheney

Now THAT was an insurrection! On August 22 in 1831, Nat Turner, an educated slave, killed his owner and escaped withe seven followers, planning on recruiting a slave army and capturing Virginia’s Southampton county armory. His strategy was then to march 30 miles to Virginia’s Great Dismal Swamp, where his army could hide out and strike at will. Turner and his recruits attacked homes throughout Southampton County, killing about 60 white men, women and children. The Virginia state militia, with greatly larger numbers, ended the rebellion while killing many of those who had joined him. The episode resulted in vengeful lynching of many slaves, even those who were not involved in Turner’s revolt

Nat Turner eluded capture until the end of October. Unrepentant, he  was tried, convicted, sentenced to death, and hanged on November 11.

I noticed, in researching this story, that apparently the word “slave” is now taboo, and the politically correct term is “enslaved people.

They were slaves. That is what I will continue to call them. Next we will be commanded to refer to them as “non-volunteer unpaid employees.” The only way to stop creeping Orwellian linguistics is to refuse to tolerate it.

1. Careful…whatever it is that Liz Cheney has might be contagious. Cheney’ s vainglorious self-celebration and presumption of martyrdom after being justly crunched by Republican primary voters in Wyoming was quickly followed by an even more outrageous display of imagined virtue by the ridiculous Brian Stelter, now looking for some other news organization to help pervert. Among a myriad of other flaws, Stelter’s fake journalism watchdog show, “Reliable Sources,” had finally tanked in the ratings (along with CNN in general), perhaps because it no longer even pretended to report informatively on how well (and ethically) the news media was doing its job, and was only repeating anti-Trump, anti-conservative talking points and attacking Fox News.

In his final show, instead of leaving in an ethical and dignified manner, Stelter decided to perform a Cheney on steroids. Among his gagworthy declarations was that “teachers use segments from this show all the time in classrooms, in lessons, guiding and teaching the next generation.”

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Unethical Quote Of The Month: Ex CNN Anchor Chris Cuomo

“I saw a lot of brave men and women deciding to take somebody on who had a tremendous amount of power and who had come at them by name too and that’s a scary thing.”

—-Disgraced CNN star Chris Cuomo, celebrating himself and CNN for slanting new reports in order to oppose Donald Trump.

Cuomo could not have made a stronger case against the left-biased news media if that had been his objective. Many of his statements to Bill Maher in Cuomo’s appearance on HBO’s “Real Timewould serve as well as the above to prove just how arrogant and unethical Cuomo’s previous profession has become. For example, there is this: Continue reading

The Unfiltered Reaction To Dobbs By Abortion Fans May Do More To Turn U.S. Culture Against The Procedure Than Anything Else

It certainly should.

I was planning on posting “Thoughts On What An Ethical Solution To The Abortion Ethics Conflict Might Look Like, Part 2: A Solution,” which has been languishing since November. I had decided to wait for the Dobbs decision before finishing my draft. As I have watched, read and listened to the ugly, ruthless, intellectually dishonest and sometimes unhinged reaction first to the Alito draft and now today to the final Dobbs opinion overturning Roe, however, I am seeing a hopeful development. The fanaticism and complete comfort with idea of killing nascent human life has burst out the abortion fans like pus from a boil. It is rank and horrifying, but it is also honest and revealing. They can’t hide behind “choice” any more. Finally, they are revealing just how corrupt their thinking is and how warped their values have become.

Consider this exchange on CNN today, as CNN Newsroom host Alisyn Camerota used the network’s favorite conservative commentator (because she’s not a conservative) and co-host of “The View” (and you know what THAT means), Ana Navarro to debate Republican strategist Alice Stewart regarding the Dobbs ruling…

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“Nah, There’s No Mainstream Media Bias!” CNN Headlines Progressive Disinformation As Fact (Again)

This screenshot, which is really from MSNBC, isn’t directly related to the post but certainly relevant, and besides, I couldn’t resist…

Usually when I see things like the CNN banner that I am about to discuss, I mentally file them away for the next warm-up, round-up, potpourri or whatever. Then I forget about them. This item annoyed me sufficiently that I’m preserving it on the record before I forget.

Rounding the news channels in desperate hope of finding any discussing something other than Ukraine or Will Smith, I saw this full caption under a report on CNN: Ala. Governor Signs “Don’t Say Gay” Bill.” This is the network Chris Wallace fled to because Fox News “question[ed] the truth”?

Here’s the bill. The word “gay” isn’t mentioned. Nothing in it contains an edict about “not saying” anything. Like the Florida law it resembles, all the law does (besides the reasonable requirement that students should use the bathroom designated for the sex that is on their birth certificates) is direct teachers not to cover the issue of sexual orientation or gender identity “to students in kindergarten through the fifth grade at a public K-12 school” or “in
a manner that is not age appropriate or developmentally appropriate for students in accordance with state standards.” Terming that bill “Don’t Say Gay” is a flat-out adoption by the news media of a false characterization created by LGBTQ activists. It is per se partisan and political.

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