When “Oopsie!” Isn’t Acceptible: It’s “Spring Forward,” You Idiots!


From Ron Sarro, a friend, former D.C. journalist, once president of the Washington Press Club, and a reliable source:

“The ABC National weather woman just advised viewers “Don’t forget to turn your clocks back” on Sunday, then demonstrated how to use a machine to mix a booze drink. Its ‘Spring forward, Fall back,”  ABC, which made no effort to correct the error.”

Oh, nice. Now people who rely on ABC will be two hours off on Sunday. Imagine what kind of carnage this reporter’s gaffe will cause, and there is absolutely no way ABC can fix the problem. Sure, the correct information is out there in many places, but thousands, perhaps thousands of viewers will suffer because an inept and unprofessional reporter wasn’t thinking or taking appropriate care.

Sure, mistakes will happen…and this one should have been flagged immediately in the studio, and fixed on the spot. Moreover, there are certain kinds of information that cannot be excusably miscommunicated—the addresses of 911 call emergencies, for example.  Explaining to a patient over the phone how much medicine to take. Even conveying recipes in cooking shows. Such information flags itself; anyone should know that when one is telling millions of people to do something that might completely disrupt their lives if done incorrectly, you must be accurate, and you must be certain that you have the correct information and are accurately transmitting it.

We should be able to rely on professionals to understand this. There is very little professional and therefore very little trustworthy either about the broadcast networks any more, however….so we can’t.

A lot of people are going to learn this the hard way on Sunday.


Graphics: ABC News