Correction: Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month, Maricopa, Arizona Vice-Mayor Ed Farrell, Is A DEMOCRAT, Not A Republican. Why Didn’t I know That?

So THIS would be a Democrat,  then. Right?

So THIS would be a Democrat, then. Right?

A helpful reader writes:

“I am a proud Arizonan who has enjoyed seeing all of the coverage on Mr. Farrell. However you as well as most of the publications that have highlighted his gaff have mistakenly called him Republican.  Mr. Farrell as well as his entire farming and school administrating family are long time Dems. Fact checking on that tidbit went unnoticed by several. Funny how the idiots are always Republican through a liberal eye. Eager to see your correction.”
And here it is. I plead guilty to stereotyping, although Mr. Farrell’s central malady, being bewildered by homosexuality, is certainly far more common on the Republican side of the aisle than the Democratic. His other malady—he appears to be an idiot–is not the exclusive characteristic of members of either party.  Since I don’t have a “liberal eye,” that is not what led me to misidentify him. I swear, I looked. The news reports I found didn’t give his party, and being reluctant to spend too much time on a vice-mayor,  I finally concluded that the odds overwhelmingly favored him being on the Red Team.
I should have looked a little harder and better, obviously, but I am now officially annoyed.

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Incompetent Elected Official Of The Month: Maricopa, Arizona Vice-Mayor Ed Farrell

The OnionWhat conduct definitively labels an elected official as incompetent, you ask? Well, opinions may differ, but I think we can all agree the publicly exposing yourself as uninformed, ignorant, and devoid of reading comprehension qualifies.

Meet Maricopa, Arizona Vice-Mayor Ed Farrell (D), who saluted the passing of anti-gay, military funeral-disrupting Fred Phelps, who tookleave of this homosexual-blighted world recently, by writing this on his Facebook page:

“We need more Fred Phelps in this world. May you rest in peace sir….This world needs to get back to the biblical standards that our God made for us. This guy was not afraid to preach it, and I respect that.”

To prove his point, Farrell linked to a satirical obituary in The Onion, believing it to be genuine. He believed this despite clues like the following:

“What Fred Phelps accomplished over the past 30 years—from a federal constitutional amendment limiting marriage to one man and one woman, to nationwide laws allowing businesses to turn away gay customers—makes him easily one of the most successful and monumental figures of the past century,” said biographer Michael Ammons, noting that depictions of gays and lesbians began to disappear from popular culture and the media as soon as Phelps began taking his powerful rallies against homosexuality from state to state. “Fred Phelps devoted his life to one goal, and he triumphed. This was an incredibly influential man who deserved all the attention he received. Think of the legacy he leaves behind: In the past three decades, homosexuality has become practically nonexistent in society.”

Wishful thinking, perhaps, on Farrell’s part?

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