Farewell to the NY Times’ Ethics Blog

Well, the New York Times has spoken: it apparently doesn’t think ethics commentary blogs are worth the trouble: it quietly deep-sixed Randy Cohen’s “The Moral of the Story” blog less than a year after launching it. The blog gave Cohen, “The Ethicist” of the popular Times Magazine column, a chance to weigh in on ethics issues in the news, much like, no exactly like the Ethics Scoreboard did from 2004 through 2009 and Ethics Alarms does now. He did a good job at it too, although it is ethically perplexing that the month-old corpse of the blog still lingers on an advertising-accepting space in the Times cyber-universe, with no mention that it is defunct.

I’m sad that I won’t have “The Ethicist” to kick around any more, or at least as often, but excited about finding a new source of information about Randy Cohen’s employer, the increasingly ethically-confused New York Times. The blog is called “the NYTpicker,” and it is there that I learned about the demise of Randy’s blog. Let’s hope it lasts longer than seven months.

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