Celebrity Ethics: Rihanna’s “Fuck You” Necklace

Pop star Rihanna is getting media flack for being photographed with a group of young children while wearing a necklace with a design that spells out “Fuck You.” “We know she probably wasn’t anticipating being bombarded by a bunch kids and shit, but damn, she could’ve tucked that joint in before agreeing to take photos with the little crumbsnatchers,” opines the classy gossip site Bossip, for example.

The problem with Rihanna wearing a necklace that tells the world “Fuck you,” however, is not that she wore it around children, but that she wears it at all. Here is a woman whose occupation, lifestyle, fame and income derives solely from people admiring her talent and buying her music, and her recognition of her debt to the public is to tell them “Fuck you.” She is also, unfortunately, the object of admiration by young people, regarded as someone who represents cultural norms, The norm she represents while wearing this piece of jewelry is rank incivility and rudeness, as well as complete disrespect for gentility, manners, or common courtesy.

I don’t know about you, but anyone who greets me with “Fuck You” is off my list permanently. I don’t want to talk to such unmannerly and offensive jerks, and I certainly don’t want to put money in their pockets by listening to their music.  If my child wants to listen to a recording artist who greets the world with a contemptuous obscenity, he can do it outside of my house.

Celebrities who become complete anti-social, arrogant creeps should forfeit their right to be celebrities. Let’s work on that.

As for Rihanna: right back at you, honey.

5 thoughts on “Celebrity Ethics: Rihanna’s “Fuck You” Necklace

  1. “As for Rihanna: right back at you, honey.” Couldn’t have said it better myself. Foul-mouthed, disrespectful, AND thumbing her nose at those who have given her fame and fortune. Nice.

    I’m unlikely to buy her records anyway — not exactly my mid-40s minivan demographic — but absolutely will not now, after this flagrant display of nastiness. Like I will never again stay in a Hilton hotel; the Marriotts can have my money, Paris doesn’t need it!

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  3. The only trouble is, Jack, that if you could strip the celebrity status from all the lowlifes who possess it, whom would you have left? Not too awful many, I’m afraid. Hollywood, the media, Congress and the entire pop culture- along with their numerous hangers-on- would be all looking for useful work; something that they’re all tempermentally unsuited for. The jobless rate would skyrocket. People would have to learn social skills and how to entertain themselves. Illegal immigrants would have to return to Mexico because ex-actors would be picking all the grapes and the rock stars doing construction work. The drug cartels would shut down because the spoiled kids of 92010 wouldn’t have the money to support their dope habits. This would collapse Mexico’s economy, too… along with what’s left of California’s. The entire cast of “Mad Men” would commit hari-kiri on the air. Unemployed trial lawyers would sell apples on the corner of every intersection. TV satellites- unused- would fall from the skies like meteors. And everyone’s blaming YOU!

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