Ethics Quote of the Week: Rep. Greg Walden

“Our focus on the transition is looking at other things that are much more important. And that is how the House operates, how to open it up. We’re not focused in on the ethics side of things at all. We’re not working on that issue at all.”

— Rep. Greg Walden (R-Or.), who is heading up the transition to a Republican-led Congress, to ABC News, when asked if the new majority is going to change the process of House ethics oversight.

This statement is the epitome of res ipsa loquitur (“The thing speaks for itself”), don’t you think?

Anyone who expects the new G.O.P Congress to improve on the wretched level of corruption of Nancy Pelosi’s Democratic majority  House, or the even more extensive corruption of the last Republican House under Dennis Hastert and Tom DeLay, raise your hand…and slap yourself in the face with it.

At least Pelosi had the sense to say that ethics were important.

8 thoughts on “Ethics Quote of the Week: Rep. Greg Walden

  1. But if he REALLY doesn’t care about ethics, how do we know that he’s telling the truth when he says they’re not looking at it “at all”? He may be lying, and sneaking ethical investigations in when the public, gullibly following his disclaimer of any interest in the topic, looks elsewhere.

    The Knights ALWAYS tell the truth and the Knaves ALWAYS lie . . . and . . . well, you’ve seen those brain teasers already, I guess.

  2. I suspect that what the Distinguished Gentleman from Oregon is saying (effectually) is that all manner of commentators had a field day with Nancy Pelosi’s “drain the swamp” rhetoric whenever a congressional Democrat was caught doing something they shouldn’t have been doing, and that Republicans have no similar intention of biting their own behinds. So, some (too many) Republicans will engage in unethical behaviors for which some (too few) will be caught and pay a (much-too-low) price for, but at least they won’t have been hoist by their own petards. There’ll be corruption in Republican ranks, but it’ll be good old-fashioned corruption: Do it, but have the decency not to talk about it.

  3. What is wrong with you people? “We won’t look at ethics at all?” Does this mean the new Congress will extend the Bush tax cuts by buying off people to get the votes? Does this mean they will repeal parts of Obama-care the way the Pelosi/Obama crowd bought off people to get the votes to pass that abomination?

    How about: “We won’t focus on ethics as a separate topic, but we expect to practice good ethical behavior in everything we do?”

    All your cutesy comments sicken me. This is not the “Sunday Funnies,” which show up on Christiane Amanpour’s Sunday morning show. It it not lost on me that the list of deaths (celebrities, young soldiers who died in Afghanistan) show up AFTER the funnies. With your attitudes, this same format will follow in the new Congress.

    Congratulations on your tiny views.

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