Superhero Ethics!

For the most part, Ethics Alarms is dedicated to exploring actual ethical issues rather than fictional ones, but analyzing hypotheticals is still excellent practice for dealing with the real world problems that are sure lie ahead. One of the most original, thoughtful and entertaining new blogs to burst on the scene looks like it will be generating fascinating ethics hypos for a long time. It is called Law and the Multiverse, and it explores the legal dilemmas comic book superheros ( and supervillains, not that they would care) would face if they, you know, existed. Many of these dilemmas involve ethical questions as well, such as…

  • Is condemning an immortal to life imprisonment cruel?
  • Is it fair to admit evidence at trail that was obtained through mind-reading?
  • Should some superpowers be treated as disabilities under the Americans with Disabilities Act?
  • Is it fair to waive trespass, air travel, customs and other laws for Santa Claus?

This is a thoughtful and well-researched blog written by young lawyers who happen to be comic book lovers. It has already opened some unusual discussions in less than two months on the web. By all means, check it out.

3 thoughts on “Superhero Ethics!

  1. Friends of mine and I have discussed many of these and other questions, though not so technically.
    Comics at various times have dealt with some of these issues in various ways over the years. Bad guys let go because of how evidence was obtained, heroes being wanted by the police for being a vigilante, does a mutant deserve the same rights as other human beings, etc.
    One of my favorite examples was when Hercules from Marvel Comics was sued by a villain called Constrictor for excessive force; Hercules lost. As a god he had a lot of wealth, and the judgment against him was $168 million dollars.
    Thanks for the link. I will enjoy reading this new blog.

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