Ethics Hero: Actor Ryan Gosling

Ryan Gosling....ready for action!

Caught on video: Hollywood hunk Ryan Gosling (“The Notebook”) saw a fight developing on the streets of NYC, dropped his bag of groceries and used his personal-trainer toned bod to break it up.

Stopping violence in public can be dangerous, and I wouldn’t recommend it for everyone. Gosling obviously knew what he was doing, however, and what he was doing was fulfilling the citizen’s duty to fix a problem when he or she can. Proactive participation in society, including discouraging misconduct whenever possible, is profoundly ethical, and too rare. The actor not only stopped a brawl, he also established himself as a member of that endangered species, the celebrity who deserves to be a role model.

Gosling doesn’t just play heroes in the movies—-he knows how to be the real thing.

11 thoughts on “Ethics Hero: Actor Ryan Gosling

  1. In all seriousness, it’s nice to see someone physically capable of intervening in a fight do the right thing and step in.

      • Someone I know online broke up a fight between two drunken dopes during a Canada Day celebration. He just pushed them apart and repeated “O Canada” and they left.

        It helps that this guy is 6’10” and can simply keep people apart with his armspan.

      • I had a Marine Corps buddy who would do this all the time also. Being 6′ 10” and well over 280 pounds he had no problem with anyone. One time a guy just wouldnt stop so Albert picked him up and threw him over his shoulder and spun around. The guy was so dizzy afterwards he had to just sit on the ground to collect himself.

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