Naming Your Kid After Hitler: 100% Legal, 100% Child Abuse

Ironically, HIS parents wanted to call him "Stinkface Frankenstein-Poopiebottom," but thought better of it.

Not surprisingly, a New Jersey Court has found Heath and Deborah Campbell innocent of child abuse charges for naming their children “Adolf Hitler” and “JoyceLynn Aryan Nation.”

I agree. The law can’t limit parents’ rights to determine their offspring’s names, which come squarely come under the category of free speech. Unfortunately, these names say “Hate me,” “Shun me” and “Beat me up.” It may be funny to hear a song about a father who names his boy “Sue” to make him grow up tough, but inflicting these names on helpless children is no laughing matter. It is child abuse, there’s no question about it. It is just child abuse that the state has no way to stop. If parents don’t have the sense, fairness, compassion and decency to avoid burdening children with names that virtually guarantee that they will be outcasts, miserable and severely maladjusted, there is no law that can force them to do it. And since parents who think it’s dandy to name a child after Der Führer by definition don’t have common sense, fairness, or decency, the kids are out of luck.

File this one under “Places Where the Law Can’t Help You.”  This is a form of child abuse that is horrible, cruel, and as unethical as can be, yet the parents have a right to do it.

Remember this example the next time someone argues that if something is legal, it must be ethical.

Tell them to ask little Adolf what he thinks.

20 thoughts on “Naming Your Kid After Hitler: 100% Legal, 100% Child Abuse

  1. Well, these idiot so-called “parents” have found an absolutely 100% guaranteed way to assure that their children will gratefully urinate (or worse) on their graves at some future date.

  2. Ignorant parents … clearly child abuse … hopefully the children will be removed from the home for other reasons, placed with a loving family – and their new family will be able to legally change their names for them. What a tragedy for these children!

  3. A name can be changed. Many other things can’t be changed. There is still a problem with bullying. Child neglect. What to do? Some people name their kids after someone in the Bible. Do I believe they have the same traits? Nope!

  4. This is a good illustration of how America’s concept of free speech is such an unusual legal and cultural norm. In many countries, including Germany, a child’s name must be legally approved in advance (in Germany, by the Standesamt — office of vital statistics). By German law, a child’s name has to meet two conditions: (1) it must reflect the sex of the child, and (2) it must not endanger the ‘well-being of the child.’ No “Moon Unit” Zappa, no “Choo Choo” Coleman, and — especially — no “Adolph” anybody, unless the locall office says OK.

    According to wire service reports, hundreds of Algerians wanted to name their babies “Scud” during the 1991 Iraq war, but the local officials nixed the idea.

    My point? Only that Americans are often more likely than those in other countries to regulate speech and behavior in ways other than by prior legal restraint — like ethics, which is what this odd corner of the Web is all about. Sadly, as history has shown, when ethics fails, many people turn to the law to fix things. It doesn’t always work.

  5. One indeed could ask little Adolf about his name and he tell it was his name and he liked it. It would take someone like yourself to explain to him the negative aspects of his name and that it be something he should be ashamed of. In other words, you be teaching him to hate a name just because someone who died long before he was born did something evil. That he should even hate himself for having such a name, and to hate his parents for thinking of giving him such a name.

    These are things you be teaching him, not his parents.

    Hate is not something we come by on our own, it is something we are taught. We have to be taught to hate something, and then we have to unlearn that hate when we recognize how silly it was in the first place.

    It’s the things we teach our children that make them either good or bad, not what we have named them. Little Adolf may just end up surprising all us with what he does with his life and maybe add a new facet to a infamous name.

      • As for Ethnics as a whole, they are a lot like our religious views and that they are not the same for all of us. And by judging others by your own set without taking into account their own views is how major conflicts start.

        My ethnics are mostly limited to just this, as long as other people are not causing my love ones or me harm, I will let them do most anything they like, And I will do the same. The key word here is Harm, Break faith with that and all bets are off.

        I think if more people felt that way we have a lot less trouble over all.

      • Some might think from my comment that I thought it was ok give your child an offensive name and that it was ok. Nothing could be farther from the truth.
        The comment was aimed at the last line “Tell them to ask little Adolf what he thinks.”

        The fact remains that the child wouldn’t know it was offensive till they were told so.

        The parents clearly named their children to incite just this sort of reaction and are using their children as tools to promote their point of view and that is clearly child abuse in the broader view as they are using their children as tools. Who knows what they teach their children within the privacy of their home. We can’t know unless we commit a crime of invading their privacy.

        However they brought issues out into the public when insisting on wanting the child’s name minus the last name ‘Campbell’ which one might assume was part of the child’s name on a birthday cake.

        There was cause to investigate farther. Child abuse is somewhat hard to prove and easy to prove depending on what you’re looking for.

        Ethics as Jack Marshall wrote is “defined as the study of right and wrong” but what if your idea of right and wrong is at odds with a different social group as it might be with Neo-Nazis. Not saying they would be right, but they believe they are. They could be taking good care of their children, providing for their basic needs and then some.

        But as I said it’s what we teach our children that ends up making them what they may end up growing up to be. With that said just because you or they can does not make it right.

  6. Here’s an interesting twist, though. Suppose, Jack, that your name really WAS Hitler? Adolph wasn’t the only one! In fact, a whole chunk of the Hitler family immigrated to America to get away from Uncle Dolph. They’re a lot of them here today, all more-or-less respectable citizens. It’s not their fault that their name- once respected in Austria- has become a synonym for Satan. If it were to come to the point that the name “Hitler” could no longer be used at all, what are the REAL Hitlers supposed to do? Change their name… to Schnickelgruber, perhaps? Sorry. I maunder sometimes!

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