The Bottom of the Barrel

See there, right at the bottom? That's the Washington Examiner. See it? Right next to Politico?

How low can the news media go in search of more Herman Cain dirt, semi-dirt, imaginary dirt, theoretical dirt, and non-news non-dirt that someone might think is dirt if they had their brain removed by a melon-scoop?  Low enough to print a story so ridiculous that even the National Enquirer wouldn’t stoop to publish it because it would violate its code of ethics, which is written in charcoal on a brown paper bag.

This low…..

From the Washington Examiner, and, naturally, immediately picked up by The Politico, which launched the whole Cain Sexual Harassment Feeding Frenzy:

“Donna Donella, 40, of Arlington, said the USAID paid Cain to deliver a speech to businessmen and women in Egypt in 2002, during which an Egyptian businesswoman in her 30s asked Cain a question.

“And after the seminar was over,” Donella told The Washington Examiner, “Cain came over to me and a colleague and said, ‘Could you put me in touch with that lovely young lady who asked the question, so I can give her a more thorough answer over dinner?'”


Donella, who no longer works for USAID, said they were suspicious of Cain’s motives and declined to set up the date. Cain responded, “Then you and I can have dinner.”


That’s when two female colleagues intervened and suggested they all go to dinner together, Donella said. Cain exhibited no inappropriate sexual behavior during the dinner….”


“Donella said she felt it was important to describe her encounter with Cain after hearing more serious allegations of sexual harassment brought by other women.”

Oh, so because she felt this completely non-story was “important,” a reporter made a story out of it and a newspaper put it up on its website with the headline—I’n not making this up, now—“Fifth woman raises questions about Cain’s behavior”? What’s the SIXTH woman going to report on, that Herman Cain used the wrong fork and talked with his mouth full in 1987? Is the world going mad? Is there no professional discretion, fairness or responsible judgment among journalists that can prevent such garbage from being written and published?

“I couldn’t swear that he had some untoward intentions, but we all thought his tone was suspect and we didn’t feel comfortable putting him in touch with that woman,” Donella recalled.”

What??? His TONE was suspect?

Let’s recap, shall we? This breaking news bulletin tells us that nine years ago, Herman Cain asked a woman to set up a dinner with a female questioner in the audience. Was he going to rape her? Seduce her? Attack her? Or did he just want to avoid having dinner alone while on the road? If he had made the same request about a male audience member, would we be wondering if he was contemplating a gay rendezvous?

Is there anything wrong or presumptively wrong with Cain’s conduct? No. Is it harassment? No. Is it news? No. Is it interesting, suggestive, or vaguely significant? NO!

Is Donna Donella an utter crackpot that any fair, competent, and sane reporter would have hung up on two minutes into her boring, pointless, absurd story of Herman Cain’s suspicious tone?


Is the “journalist” who reported this swill, Susan Ferrechio, Chief Congressional Correspondent for the Examiner, a disgrace who should be traded to Walmart for a checkout clerk and a 2 dollar gift card?


7 thoughts on “The Bottom of the Barrel

  1. So the Herman Cain smear campaign has moved on to the stage of reporting raw confirmation bias as “news”. Yuck!

    Here is the entire Cain news scandal, summarized PERFECTLY in 14 seconds:


  2. I’m not a Cain supporter or sympathizer. My sincere hope is that this whole Silly Season passes quickly so we can return to the usual reality show version of governance we elect and re-elect every four years. The world, however, is not going mad. The Cain story is just the latest example of how the 24/7 news cycle must be fed in service to corporate interests and big money advertisers. Ethics? Standards? Not sexy.

    Nobody said that the food for the machine needed to be nourishing – just plentiful.

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