This Story Leaves Me Speechless

All I can do is scream...

From The Daily Mail Online:

“A Catholic Church child safety co-ordinator who was in charge of investigating sexual abuse allegations was jailed for 12 months today for internet peadophile offences.

“Christopher Jarvis, 49, a married father-of-four, investigated historic claims of child abuse, interviewing the victims when they were adults. He was responsible for child protection at 120 churches and parish community groups for nine years. He also, as a member of the Devon and Cornwall Multi-Agency Safeguarding Team, had access to police and social services information about victims of child abuse.

“As a result of the conviction and sentencing, the Roman Catholic Church has ordered a review of child protection across the South West of England.”

I…I..this shows…it’s…when a….oh, to hell with it.

I have no idea how to react to this, besides screaming or jumping out the window.


38 thoughts on “This Story Leaves Me Speechless

  1. Considering you feel Mcqueary was justified in not going to the police after witnessing a 10 year old boy being anally raped by a coach in the Penn State locker room, I would say jumping out the window is a good option for you…

      • Boy, Julian, you are 1) fast and 2) reading my mind. How do you do that?
        And I want to point out that I still edited the mistakes in John’s comment, even though I was tempted to leave them in and make him look like he was typing with his nose.

    • Totally different, you jerk. The Roman Catholic Church has been protecting pedophiles for centuries… This is endemic in that institution, and the situation at Penn State has completely different political, ethical, moral implications. One was coach of a football team, for (pardon me) God’s sake, the other is a millennium-old religious institution whose priests exist to save souls, not destroy them. THINK BEFORE YOU WRITE, you moron!

  2. Why is it that we are hearing more and more of these stories? Like the last 50 years? Is there more of this kind of thing going on for some cultural reasons etc? Or are we more aware of it than any other time in history? Wow, just when people think they have heard or seen it all we continue to be shocked. I wonder if our society is becoming more desensitized to problems and crimes that used to thought of as horrific.

    • Read your history of the Roman Catholic church in Italy. It wasn’t just pedophiia, it was priests fathering children all over the village/parish they served. It’s not new; we’re just paying different attention to it now.

      • Heh, it’s not just Italy; the tension between ecclesiastical misconduct/corruption and reformists seems to be a reoccurring theme in my medieval history class.

    • Mass media.

      “”The young people of today think of nothing but themselves. They have
      no reverence for parents or old age. They are impatient of all
      restraint. They talk as if they alone knew everything and what passes
      for wisdom with us is foolishness with them. As for girls, they are
      forward, immodest and unwomanly in speech, behaviour and dress.”

      – Credited to Socrates.

      “I see no hope for the future of our people if they are dependent on the frivolous youth of today, for certainly all youth are reckless beyond words. When I was a boy, we were taught to be discrete and respectful of elders, but the present youth are exceedingly wise and impatient of restraint.”

      – Hesiod.

      One generation is not better than another. There is nothing new under the sun, etc. etc.

  3. I know what you mean – but believe me Jack – this cuts to a very prevalent, insulated and secretly revered form of ritual / mind control. Before you scoff at yet another conspiracy theory from yours truly, google and research “the franklin cover up” – there is a ton of info out there that has been buried by the powers that be that deal with this sick, twisted mindset.

    That being said, evil exists in the world, but that doesn’t mean people cannot change for the better. I believe in my heart that if shown a kinder, more benevolent, inclusive and altruistic way to be that didn’t depend upon the needlessly manufactured fear, hatred and exploitation of others for the advancement and development of our own souls and the journey we are all on collectively together, it might take hold to transform this reality into something so unbelievable, exciting and loving – I’m working on myself to hopefully contribute a verse in this general Thought Structure™ direction.

  4. Call me a cynic, but at this late hour, this doesn’t surprise me one bit.

    This is where your tithe goes. If you drop a penny in the collection plate of a Catholic church, this is where part of that money goes. We can no longer launder the responsibility. A dime to the Catholic Church is a dime towards an agency that is either too incompetent or is complicit in serial child rape.

    In 2010, Anne Rice renounced her association with organized religion (specifically, Roman Catholicism) without shedding her love and faith in Christ. I think she has set a wonderful example. God and Jesus, if they are real and as understanding as is their reputation, will not forsake you because you refused to support the men who have twisted their message into a pretzel and refused to reform an organization stocked with an anomalous amount of hungry pedophiles. (What’s the average pedophile/non-pedophile ratio in other jobs?)

    I’m an agnostic primarily because I don’t have the answers to the great questions about whether or not God exists. But I know the church exists. It is high time for us to do some bookkeeping and tabulate the good they actually have done in the world and weigh it against the harm they have caused with this scandal. I doubt the math would turn out in their favor, because they have demonstrated they’re far more interested in saving their own skin than enacting their already questionable definition of virtue.

    For me, the greatest thing the Vatican could do now is take a screwdriver, dig out all the jewels and scrape all the gold off everything in that God-forsaken city, sell it, split the money between every child harmed by these perverts, and bulldoze the city and turn it into a miniature golf course.

    Miniature golf courses have hardly ever hurt anyone.

      • If you touched a child while you worked at a mini-golf course, something amazing would happen.

        You’d be FIRED. And they might just call the POLICE.

    • Jeff, while much (perhaps most) of what you say is true, it is just too much of a blanket condemnation of an institution (flawed though it surely is) that also does much good, locally and globally. Catholic social justice and outreach initiatives help perform the gospel mandates of feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, standing up for the poor and oppressed. But those stories don’t make headlines. The Roman Catholic Church is NOT the priests and the hierarchy — it is the people in the pews (and also the people who don’t come to church at all) who have been called to fulfill the mission set forth in the gospels, and do their best in that regard while trying to keep their own lives together and those of their loved ones. Even so, there actually are priests who are true to their promises (not all priests or religious take vows), even as there are way too many who are not and have not been. But again, the good ones don’t make the headlines. The ones with the “zipper problems” are all that anyone hears about in the public media.

      • Nitpick:

        “The Roman Catholic Church is NOT the priests and the hierarchy”

        They are the ones that determine your doctrine. Not the masses, and not the scriptures. Their usual claim is “What was the church before the Bible was written,” with the answer being the church hierarchy as established through Peter. You cannot have it both ways, unless you are as intellectually dishonest as a YEC-er.

              • Definitely one of those internet-lingo things you have to just pick up from one place or another. Perhaps I shouldn’t have used it, but I suppose it’s always helpful to help educate others of the meanings of words in common parlance.

            • Well, I’ve never heard anyone claim “’What was the church before the Bible was written,’ with the answer being the church hierarchy as established through Peter,” although I have no doubt that there are those who believe this. Gospel says “You are Peter, and upon this rock I will BUILD my church,” NOT “You are Peter, and you ARE the church.” While it may be true for some in the RC Church (and that certainly includes some clergy/hierarchy) that their Catholic “identity” is of the utmost importance over everything else in their belief system — which identity to them might include what might be considered an idolatry of clericalism and hierarchicalism — there are at least as many of us for whom it is more important to be known as followers of Jesus and called to fulfill Gospel mandates. We might be Catholic by birth, but we are Christian by choice.

              “So we wait in silent treason until reason is restored…”

              • Have you ever *read* your catechism?

                Come on. I should not know more about your faith than you.

                Unless you believe that there was no faith before the compiling of the Bible (Council of Nicaea, coincidentally, most hadn’t been written until at least the second century), the foundation of the church is *not* the Holy Bible – it is the apostolic succession of the church. As such, your piddling remark about the church not being the hierarchy is laughably misguided.

                • First of all, let’s be clear about “The Bible.” At least in the Roman Catholic Church (but I’m pretty sure that we’re not alone in this), “The Bible” refers to more than just the New Testament Gospels, Epistles, The Book of Acts, and Revelation. To Roman Catholics, “The Bible” refers to both The New Testament and The Old Testament, i.e., Genesis, et al. This is the source of the term Judeo-Christian religions, yes? So, if you mean “The New Testament,” say that and not “The Bible.”

                  Certainly faith predated the written record that has been handed down through the ages. Ever hear of the term Kerygma? The Christian faith began as word-of-mouth, people who experienced something extraordinary telling their families and friends and neighbors and strangers the “stories” of their experiences.

                  Kerygma eventually was written down in various places by various authors, inspired to put these stories into a form that could be told and re-told even after the original storytellers and authors were long gone. The Church eventually studied the various written accounts and made a determination of which ones were the most helpful in passing on the faith. This “Canon” of writings became what we now call The New Testament.

                  So, “The Bible,” or if you mean the gospels and the other books in The New Testament, does indeed tell about the “foundation” of the church being Peter. And therein lies an inconsistency in your argument. You can’t claim that the only place that declares the foundation of the church to be Peter is “The Bible” (or, as we like to say, The New Testament) when even that story was part of the Kerygma that became the Gospel accounts in the New Testament. It’s all part of the same Story.

                  Peter may have been the “foundation” of “The Church,” but Jesus was the “foundation” of the “faith.” Some of us were raised in that faith within the context of the Roman Catholic Church. To some of us, it is still the place where we find the most useful and inspiring avenues for expressing our faith and living out the Gospel mandates. No excuses for or denial of the missteps (at least for some of us). We strive to help correct those missteps, and to hold accountable those responsible for the missteps, and we choose to keep trying to be the hands and feet of Christ on earth. That’s all we can do.

                  And to the person who talks about the Roman Catholic Church being the Anti-Christ — I have heard anti-Catholic sentiments my entire adult life. Again, no assessment can be complete without acknowledging the good that has also been done by The Church and by many individuals within The Church. Should we dismantle the U.S. Government because of its history of, in some cases, equally appalling actions? Or should we keep having elections, trying to get it right? And sometimes succeeding, and sometimes failing. Neither should we dismantle The Church. We just keep trying to BE The Church, as part of what the gospel stories call “The Body of Christ.”

                  • The Bible, as is currently formulated, includes both New and Old Testament. Therefore, if there was a time at which the New Testament was incomplete, the Bible as it is understood today was incomplete. End of silly sidetrack.

                    >Ever hear of the term Kerygma?

                    Yes. I have also read many parts of your Catechism. I am familiar with your religion.

                    >he Church eventually studied the various written accounts and made a determination of which ones were the most helpful in passing on the faith.

                    Nicaea. Why are you covering things I’ve already covered? Are you hoping to drown the argument with superfluous text?

                    >You can’t claim that the only place that declares the foundation of the church to be Peter is “The Bible”

                    WHAT? Who are you talking to? Your faith is unambiguously tied to your bishops and church hierarchy, as passed down through apostolic succession since St. Peter. Never thought I’d be teaching Catholicism to a Catholic.

                    >Peter may have been the “foundation” of “The Church,” but Jesus was the “foundation” of the “faith.”

                    Using quotes does not a case make. The faith is inextricably tied to the church – the fellowship. Read your Catechism, for christsake.

                    You seem to me to be one of those new-agey Catholics. It’s a shame to see where your faith has gone since Aquinas, et al. Listen – the foundation of the Church is the bishops and pope as established by Christ and carried on through apostolic succession (supposedly this was also the case for Saul of Tarsus, as well). As such, you cannot claim, as you did above and what this entire wall of glossolalia stems from:

                    “The Roman Catholic Church is NOT the priests and the hierarchy”

                    I’m tempted to say something along the lines of “You Lose… Good Day, sir!” a la Willy Wonka.

    • Amen Jeff. I think good Catholics need to leave that gem encrusted whore. Even the pope says pedophilia isn’t all that bad. This institution isn’t a church by any stretch.From the Inquisition to raping children it has shown itself to be a monstrosity,gilded on the outside and full of filth. People should be leaving in droves and starting over.

      • Interesting that in the SDA interpretation of Biblical prophecies, the institution of the Roman Catholic church IS the antiChrist, the small horn among the ten horns of the legacy civilizations after the fall of the Roman Empire.

        • You are aware that Revelation was almost certainly an apocryphal reference to Roman persecution, and not a sacred tome of prophecy……. right?

  5. Lest you think this is localized to the church, Google “Dyncorp” and “Halliburton” in the same phrase as “child abuse” or “child molester” and see what you get. Our tax dollars go to these government-funded logistics agencies, which are given contracts for child support enforcement, and child welfare activities. How about having a US-government sponsored child welfare agency taking your kids away for little or no reason (as is common these days), and selling them into the sex trade?

  6. Well, I hope you’re all satisfied—you taunted John, and he snapped, and flooded the site with juvenile insults, all with typos, naturally. I had to ban him.

    For the record, the entire two years of Ethics Alarms saw me ban just four commenters for incivility and generally nasty conduct, and the Penn State debate had three casualties all by itself.

  7. The sad fact about sexual predators is that they are, indeed, predators. It makes perfect sense for someone interested in children sexually to plant themselves in the middle of dealing with child sex abuse. They get to hear first hand exactly what they might want to do to children and find it extremely informative and helpful in their pursuit. They find every detail extremely titillating.
    As disturbing as this is it is a fact.
    Anyone with experience in dealing with sexual predators did not find it surprising in the least adjoining Sandusky’s backyard is an elementary school playground. Or that he created a charity specifically helping the gender and age he finds most attractive. Or that he waited an entire year with each victim before starting the more intense tactics of persuasion. Grooming victims but also being opportunistic.
    Although I find all abuse upsetting, personally I am more enraged when it happens to beings with no voice or power. Abuse isn’t new. It is an unfortunate aspect of life. I do find it heartening more victims are willing to come forward and face the scrutiny, the blame, and the shame than ever before. They need more support.

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