“Do The Vicious And Stupid Thing”—A Spike Lee Production

Ethics Dunce Extraordinaire: Director Spike Lee

The film director, writer, social critic, sports fan and incurable hot-head has apparently tweeted—twice— the home address of George Zimmerman, who is the man who shot Trayvon Martin.

Meanwhile, the New Black Panthers have placed a cash bounty on “capturing” Zimmerman, and he is also receiving death threats.

If someone uses the Lee-tweeted address to go and kill Zimmerman—certainly within the realm of possibility given the over-heated, emotional and irresponsible rhetoric over Martin’s death—Lee  won’t be prosecuted. But his conduct is vicious and criminal in spirit.

Well, Twitter has wrecked plenty of lives; it’s just a matter of time before it ends one. Spike Lee is just the man to make it happen.

There is no excuse for this.


16 thoughts on ““Do The Vicious And Stupid Thing”—A Spike Lee Production

  1. Which is why I don’t twitter. The very name says it all. Somehow, though, i never anticipated it being an instrument of attempted murder. You’re right though, Jack. If anyone could do it, Lee could. Personal responsibility for one’s words and deeds is not a Hollywood trademark.

  2. Y’know, I actually have a comment for this one.

    Could someone tell me HOW a crowd that decries “vigilante murder” as what happened to this poor teenager (assuming he is, as it’s fair to assume, completely innocent) can simultaneously be complicit in this exposure and what would befall this guy now that some OTHER well-intentioned lunatic could easily place his hands on him? How quickly this could devolve from, “The law needs to DO something!” to “The law won’t do anything? Well, I’ll get him myself!” The law against vigilantism exists PRECISELY to stop nonsense like this.

    • If you whip up a crowd into a big enough frenzy it doesn’t have to make sense anymore. Mob mentality takes over. For those that are still thinking? Perhaps there is some false and dangerous rationalization that THEY started it so we shouldn’t be held responsible for what happens. The whole tit for tat scenario. Sadly, there are some who are using this situation for their own personal gain and I find it quite disgusting.

  3. Many people tweet and text things they would never say to another person’s face. There seems to be a sense of safety in becoming more aggressive, hostile and vicious while tweeting and texting. It is probably a bad comparison but it’s a bit like road rage. It seems as if some feel protected and impervious to accountability in these modes. I’ve always called it tweet/text rage when I have had cases in which I have had to deal with this type of behavior. And no…there is no excuse for it.

  4. Jack, COMPLETELY agree with you on this one. I still maintain Obama’s comments were remarkably measured under the circumstances, but Spike Lee is completely over the line. As were Sharpton, Farrakhan, Jackson and the other members of the latter-day lynch squad – which it is, and ain’t that curious.

    BTW – he calls it a Spike Lee JOINT, not a Spike Lee Production. Thought you should know. (and that ain’t the same as a spelling correction).

  5. It is shameful that the same pathological hatred possessed by many Arabs in the West Bank and Gaza Strip is also possessed by many black people in America. I made this observation in comments on other blogs.


    It stems from hatred.

    How can you reach a community that believes that, “They don’t say ‘spic” or ‘nigger’ anymore, they just say let’s cut taxes.”

    It is like expecting Gazans to make peace with Israel. They too, are indoctrinated with hate.


    They refuse to accept those lessons for the same reason that Arabs in the West Bank and the Gaza Strip refuse peace with Israel.

    In the end, it is about wanting to hold onto hate rather than take personal responsibility.


    That is correct.

    There are reasons for black people to vote Republican.

    But those reasons are trumped by base hatred.

    There are reasons for the Arabs in the Gaza Strip to make peace with Israel.

    But those reasons are trumped with base hatred.

    In the end, how do you reason with people who fully believe arguments like “It’s not ‘spic’ or ‘nigger’ anymore. They say, ‘Let’s cut taxes.’? How do you reason with people who party and hand out candy every time one of their children blows up a bus or a restaurant in Israel? How do you reason with people who would threaten to kill someone over a cartoon?

  6. I thought I read something about an arrest in England … if memory serves correctly, the person arrested had “tweeted” something that resulted in a flash mob/riot. Anyone else remember anything about that?

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