Ethics Dunce: DNC Executive Director Patrick Gaspard

And here, as our champion High Placed Political Official Doing His Part To Promote Cooperation and Civility in Public Discourse and Government, is Democratic National Committee executive director, Patrick Gaspard, sending the following tweet to the world following the Supreme Court decision upholding Obamacare:

Stay classy, DNC!


Pointer: Twitchy

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4 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce: DNC Executive Director Patrick Gaspard

  1. With everyone watching and waiting for responses within the Democratic Party following the Supreme Court decision, the leadership within the DNC feels that this is the appropriate time to gloat “gangsta style”?

    That is just a sad testament to the leadership within that party.

    However, Im sure the Republican leadership will be coming out with some whoppers of their own if they have not done so already.

  2. This seems to represent the attitude of our government and political representatives towards the citizens they govern. What a pathetic commentary on America: the disrespect and disdain held against American citizens by its “leaders” prove none of us are any prize.

    • I have to repeat what I wrote earlier today about another issue:
      Some people are low class, and some people are no class.

  3. Should we be surprised at all by his comments? It most certain shows a pattern of contempt for the American electorate by those in power (ie: GSA, DOJ, POTUS, and NLRB). I hope and pray we come to senses and vote the bums out.

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