I’ve Always Said, If You Want To Know The Values of America, You Have To Watch “Family Feud”

Somehow I missed this significant moment, from 2011.

The clip doesn’t show it, I but I’m guessing “STDs” scored higher in the survey than either answer given.



Pointer: Jo Ursini (Thanks, Jo!)

3 thoughts on “I’ve Always Said, If You Want To Know The Values of America, You Have To Watch “Family Feud”

  1. I remember seeing this clip about six months ago; I thought it was quite funny. I thought it captured a moment when something popped into the contestant’s head and he went with it. I thought Steve Harvey’s reaction was perfect. The fact that the answer was on the board just made it all the more humorous.
    Judging from the reaction of the contestant, he said what came to him because he was on a time constraint. A ridiculous answer is better than none at all.
    Marijuana is illegal in most states (not to mention federal laws on the subject), but I think an argument could be made that marijuana use has been a comedy vehicle in many movies for decades and the lingo (“joint”) is quite well-known.
    Sometimes, inappropriate things pop into our minds. Luckily, most of us aren’t on a game show at the time.

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