Wanetta Gibson Is Even Worse Than We Thought

How do you treat a monster like Wanetta?

How do you treat a monster like Wanetta?

Of Wanetta Gibson, the woman who sent innocent high school football star Brian Banks to prison for five years for a rape he didn’t commit, collected $750,000 by continuing her lie in a lawsuit against the high school where she and Banks were both students, and then sought forgiveness from him in prison while refusing to exonerate him to prosecutors because she didn’t want to give back the money, I wrote:

“There are not sufficient laws, nor words in the dictionary, nor public shaming, shunning and condemnation to do justice to the likes of Wanetta Gibson. She ruined a young man’s life and stole $1.5 million in the process. She can recant, apologize, say that she found God, weep, express regret and anything else, and it should not insulate her from societal rejection. No one should hire her. No bank should give her a loan or a credit card. No taxpayer should have to contribute to her health insurance or food stamps. No one should befriend her. Absolutely no one should forgive her, consort with her or trust her. The kind of organized hatred that was manufactured against George Zimmerman is appropriate in her case. The Golden Rule? If I behaved like Wanetta Gibson, I would deserve everything I have described, and more.”

And you know what? I think I was too easy on her.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Gibson has now recanted the admission that she lied when she accused Banks of raping her, presumably because she is afraid of being prosecuted. She is also, the article says, concerned that admitting what she did will adversely affect how her children regard her. These are the same children that she can’t support, and owes money to under a court order.  Yes, by all means, we mustn’t lower those kids’ opinion of their deadbeat mother. All that money she stole from the school by suing it for permitting a rape that never happened? Gone, spent on God knows what. Gibson’s current recant means that once again, she is accusing Brian Banks of rape, not that anyone believes her about that, or anything else. For various reasons, it appears as if she will not have to stand trial or suffer any real consequences from her despicable acts and her continuing refusal to accept responsibility for them.

Wanetta Gibson’s total deficit of character and refusal to accept minimal responsibility as a member of society raises a question that has troubled me for some time, and that I alluded to in the previous post about her. What does society and the government owe such an awful individual? If she cannot be imprisoned or forced to pay damages to the man she harmed and the community she robbed, why is there no means whereby society can to cut her off from all benefits due to law-abiding citizens? Why can’t there be a way to declare Gibson ineligible for public assistance, food stamps, Social Security, Medicare, and any other social program, since she has no respect for core values, responsibility, fairness and mutual obligation?Why should she be “entitled” to these things, and why should any good citizen be required by law to put any of his or her hard earned money into her filthy hands? Are there really advocates who would call public support for Wanetta Gibson “social justice”?

She has her inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, and at Wanetta Gibson’s epic level of contempt for decency and the rest of the community, that should be all she has. Allowing her anything more cannot be justified by kindness, logic or fairness.

Oh, I know that no such remedy is possible; that our “entitlements” are just that, and not, as privileges would be, susceptible to removal from those who refuse to meet their obligations under the social contract.

That is part of what is wrong with them.

Post script: There is no good place for this, and the statement it references is too offensive to justify a full post, but this afternoon I heard a criminal defense attorney discussing Wanetta Gibson’s case on Fox News say that she shouldn’t be prosecuted because to do so might discourage actual rape victims from reporting the real sexual assaults on them. I just thought I should share that stunning theory, so I do not go quietly insane alone.


Source: LA Times

Graphic: Black Media Scoop


73 thoughts on “Wanetta Gibson Is Even Worse Than We Thought

  1. I wish she could be made an example of, because she makes it that much HARDER for others to be believed. She should not be a parent, as she obviously cannot teach them how to become good folk. They should get all the support any abused or orphans can ever get, but she should be in jail for abusing her fellow man and perjury.

    • She should not be a parent, as she obviously cannot teach them how to become good folk.

      Setting aside the fact that libertarian, free to blah blah blah…

      I’d settle for her being able to teach them to be NEUTRAL folk.

      I will not speak as to what I would prefer to see done to her, because I don’t want to creep any of you people out…

    • When will this country hold a person like this responsible for their actions
      The failure in this country’s justice system now becomes more damaging to our society than the crimes that people can commit

  2. Two things–the argument presented by the attorney in the postscript is not truly applicable here. What prosecuting her and others who make false accusations and then recant might discourage is those who have made the false accusations from coming forward with the truth at all.

    The other point is that your description of what should happen to her–“…social rejection…no one should hire her….No one should befriend her. Absolutely no one should forgive her, consort with her or trust her,”–sounded good, and then I realized that, had she not recanted, had Brian Banks remained a registered sex offender the rest of his days, that would have been his life. You have described what many Americans feel justified in feeling and in having happen to every man, woman, and child on a sex offender registry, no matter how much they have repented, how sorry they are, how rehabilitated they are, or no matter how many times studies and experts say that successful societal reintegration is essential to effect full rehabilitation, which creates a safer society.

    • No, because she’s NOT sorry. She did not even voluntarily recant to authorities, is now back to calling Banks a rapist, and she is still obviously the same despicable, dangerous, sociopathic human being she was when she sent Banks to jail. The fact that this may be the way some people feel about sex offenders who have undergone treatment, paid for their crimes and set out to be good citizens is completely irrelevant. Gibson deserves to be treated this way. They don’t.

      Not everybody deserves forgiveness and redemption, and I can’t imagine better proof than this awful, awful woman.

    • You might have missed the part that “…she recanted and accused him of rape AGAIN.” The difference in what you described above and her is that she has made no effort to change her way of thinking, repent, or anything else that shows moral development. She’s a classic example of a child that isn’t punished for an act so they continue to do it over and over and over whole never having to face any consequences. She has no integrity.

    • Her refusal to admit publicly that she lies was purely motivated by greed – being that she had profited by her lies and did not want to pay back the money.

      The arguments about preventing real rape victims from coming forward must also be balanced by the fact that there are dishonest people out there, spiteful people, who would see an easy way to ruin another person with minimal proof.
      An excellent analogy was brought up re the Salem Witch Trials where people could be convicted on mere hearsay and NO evidence, or evidence that is inconclusive re a consential or non-consential activity.

  3. I would not support withdrawing any government supplied privileges from someone like Wanetta Gibson unless she has been found guilty of a crime or otherwise deemed to be ineligible for benefits in a court of law. I think that individuals should generally be able to not associate with people they believe to be despicable, but I think that society (including society’s government) should generally strive to not discriminate against people without due process. After all, if we withdraw privileges from Wanetta Gibson, what is to prevent us from withdrawing privileges from other people a group and a government finds unpopular (e.g. a city and its government might decide to deny a restaurant they consider to be anti-gay the “privilege” of building permits because they think the restaurant is morally despicable).

    • I agree that there is probably no no safe way procedurally to take away privileges from horrid people like Gibson without opening the door to abuse. Nevertheless, society should not underwrite, assist or support people like her in any way. She is a burden and a blight, and contributes less than nothing to the community, while being an active threat to everyone, since she is without shame or conscience. We have no way to handle such people when we can’t put them in jail.

      • I see your point. Nonetheless, I’d take this outcome over a lack of due process, without question. Even then, don’t think she should starve (even people who do much worse and do end up in prison are fed).

        • I don’t think she SHOULD starve, but I also don’t see why I or any other responsible person should care if she does or not, or be required to use our resources to prevent it….again, I realize that the legal and administrative hurdles to getting someone designated as being so rotten and anti-social that they have forfeited the privilege of safety nets are impossibly daunting.

          We feed and care for prisoners because we have accepted the responsibility of keeping them alive. I’d be perfectly happy for a system that allowed someone who has lost the right to receive entitlements due to admitted but nonpunishable fickiness to voluntarily submit to incarceration in exchange for food and lodging.

          • I don’t think she SHOULD starve, but I also don’t see why I or any other responsible person should care if she does or not, or be required to use our resources to prevent it

            A classic variation on an old Twain quote, “I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.”

            I would never take active step to harm this woman, but neither I would do little to nothing to stop something bad from happening…

    • Well, it is so nice for you to give the wanettas of the world hope. I mean in this day and age where women can scream rape because a man shook their hand and get away with it plus get 1.5 million for a job well done. now she is on the hook for 2.6 million which will never be collected, but by all means lets give her welfare and food stamps, after all she broke no laws just ruined a man’s life so she doesn’t have to earn a living.

  4. Some of the problems with society today is that we don’t have tolerance and forgiveness. In order for any of us to be forgiven, we must forgive ourselves. In respect, I am greatful that she did ask Brian for forgiveness, if she hadn’t, he would still be suffering the effects of being on the registry. His life would have been ruined. At least now, he has a chance to live without fear and reprecussions of being on the registry. At least now, Brian can hold a job and be able to live his life as a tax paying, law abiding citizen.

    • She asked Brian for forgiveness, but she had to be secretly recorded because she refused to come clean to prosecutors. That’s not contrition; that’s not even regret. “I’m sorry I ruined your life, but I don’t want to give back the money it made me to do so, so I’m going to leave you in prison”? That’s someone who wants to be exonerated while not talking responsibility or trying to undo her own wrong.

      Many of the problems today come from policies advocated by mush-headed sentimentalists who want to bestow sympathy, and forgiveness that hasn’t been earned….like you, frankly. Tolerate? Tolerate Wanetta Gibson? You are seriously advocating that we tolerate a woman who lies and accuses an innocent student of rape, sue for damages, spend the money without providing for her children, and still won’t accept responsibility for her actions? No sane society tolerates such conduct! Forgiveness? For what?? She hasn’t given back the money she took from her community—money that was supposed to enrich the education of children—and she hasn’t even admitted that she lied about the rape! Advocating forgiveness for someone like this shows that you either don’t know the facts or don’t comprehend forgiveness.


      • Sir, until you have been in the
        shoes of a mother whose 17 year old son sits in prison and has to be listed
        on a public shaming list for the rest of his life because of lying
        people……you have no idea what you would do. If it takes me forgiving the
        young lady who lied about my son, then so be it! I know the facts and I do
        know how to forgive!

          • It makes a lot of sense, I understand where she is coming from. I read this article in Australia and pity both the people involved. This women was young and influenced and made a hideous judgement in error accusing this young man he raped her. What she has done is absolutely disgusting and she should be punished or submitted to jail for the time he went to jail. At the same token, I also forgive her and I understand where the female reader is saying, ‘we need to learn in society of how to forgive although how hard it can be’. What we don’t know , is the possibility of what any human can do under stress or circumstance.

            • People need to learn that there are some things that are unforgivable. She deserves no forgiveness until she takes responsibility, shows contrition and is willing to make amends—none of which describes Gibson. You are advocating a woman who was (and still is) unwilling to admit her lie and allow an innocent man to go free because she refuses to pay the price of her crime and fraud. What are you forgiving her for? We forgive mistakes; we forgive bad deeds that someone regrets and has atoned for. Forgiving someone who shows no contrition, shame or regret is just encouraging more bad conduct. That’s not good—it’s foolish and damaging.

              • 100% agree. If she asked for forgivenss, and worked very hard to prove she is sorry, we should forgive. I cannot forgive someone who shows no remorse for their vile actions… over money??? 1.5 million and its gone? She couldve gone to college, saved up for a home.. but no… probably went to drugs and drinking, celebrating ruining a mans life. Her name is def not in the Good Book im sure..

            • Forgiveness is a copout. We are always talking about those that deserve forgiveness but the truth is simple, if the person did harm to another intentionally they do not deserve forgiveness. You can pity them for a poor decision, but nevertheless they should be made to pay the price. Wanetta should be locked up for at least double time and made to pay restitution on all possible monies she cost him on future earnings, and if she cannot pay, add more time to here sentence

              • Forgiving someone is one thing. Extending them your trust afterward is quite another… until they’ve proven through their subsequent actions that they’ve repented.

      • umm . . . I’m kinda good with her starving but I must say the voluntary jail idea intrigues me. Can we choose which jail; are Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s Maricopa County jails in the mix?
        Rwsmom At InVoices wrote “Some of the problems with society today is that we don’t have tolerance and forgiveness.” Church is a good place to find ‘tolerance and forgiveness’ if one feels it lacking in their life and/or society, Westboro notwithstanding of course. I am of the opinion this country is far too tolerant and forgiving now, with no end in sight. However, I am tolerant enough to agree everybody is entitled to their own opinion and I thank you for reading mine.

  5. After I saw this on 60 Minutes I couldn’t help but think of the incompetent attorney he had who told him to plead no contest. I couldn’t believe it. His mother sold everything she owned so he could secure proper legal representation. I’m am so sick of hearing stories of incompetent criminal defense attorneys.

    • The criticism of the attorney is unfair. We don’t know the circumstances: if the attorney reasonably believed that Banks would lose and be sent off for 20 years, rather than 5, he was right to advise Banks to take the deal.

      • The 60 Minutes piece said DNA samples were conclusive that Banks did not rape or have sexual intercourse with the girl. There wasn’t any physical evidence. Yet, his attorney still advised him to to plead no contest? Five years of his life were wasted for a crime, or non crime he didn’t commit. This whole thing was an obvious set-up from the get go. Yet the legal system seems be unable to distinguish bogus cases from legitimate ones. I’m tired of innocent being sent to prison for crimes they didn’t commit. You have to admit there is a problem with the legal system today.

        • 1) DNA was not conclusive, it was “negative” meaning that it did not show that Banks was the rapist. It did not show that someone else identifiable was.
          2) If the prosecutor was going forward, it means he found Wanetta credible, and Banks not credible.
          3) Plea bargains are entered into when there is an unacceptable risk that the defendant will get a harsher sentence, guilty or not. The fact that Banks was innocent has nothing to do with it.
          4) When a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, it isn’t the justice system that’s the problem.

          • If the prosecutor was going forward, it means he found Wanetta credible, and Banks not credible.

            I would find this even slightly comforting if there had not been the recent story of a death row conviction based solely on the word of a cop known to be a perjurer…

          • 1) Innocent until proven guilty.
            2) DNA was inconclusive, still innocent.
            3) No witnesses to collaborate the story, still innocent.
            A competent lawyer would recognize this and go to court, innocent until proven guilty, a good lawyer would have made sure the jury was left with inconclusive evidence to convict Mr. Banks.

            • A good lawyer knows that ever going before a jury is a crap shoot. A good lawyer knows that no matter how many times his criminal client says he’s innocent, the odds are that he did it. A good lawyer is still not a psychic.

              You have no idea what the decision to plead was based on. Maybe the client was an unconvincing witness. Obviously Evil Wanetta was a convincing witness. Condemning an attorney as incompetent or negligent when you have no idea what the factors were that determined his advice is pure hind-sight bias.

      • I believe criticism of the attorney is just. Most times, they are just trying to make a name or themselves at any cost. My son went through the same bullsh*t and was told the same crap by his defense attorney. He wouldn’t even allow him to see me and gave him 24hours to plead guilty to a lesser charge. I put up my house to hire a good lawyer which pretty much offended his former defense attorney who was now working with the prosecutor to add additional charges. To make a long story short, the lawyer I hired, not only walked my son out of jail after serving six weeks, he produced a video of the alleged crime which proved my son’s innocence.

  6. I have only one thing to add. Regardless of what one thinks should happen to the sociopathic Wanetta, she has clearly lost her “right” to raise her own children. Social Services needs to step in and take them away from her. People have lost their rights — by government edict — to raise their children because of far less insidious and anti-social and criminal acts. Let Wanetta do what she will do — what other bogus activity will she engage in? — but get those kids away from her! Give THEM a chance in life, even if Wanetta doesn’t deserve another one.

  7. SIGH! What can be said? Her behavior is unconscionable, EVIL! Take the kids away! Convict her of perjury, fraud and sentence her to the maximum for such crimes. It’s moments like this that make me wish for the pillory. Put her in the pillory with a sign above that says, “I lied about being raped, defrauded a school, and neglected my children”; good old fashioned, medieval humiliation!

    • Why would this change my mind? Why would you even think it would? How does this story make Gibson any less despicable? You do know I read this story before I wrote the post, right?

      • Thank you ….Thank You…..THANK YOU!!!! I am so upset by this low life piece of s$&t I cannot contain myself! Being a REAL survivor of kidnapp and rape at 12 (no I did not sue anyone, I got therapy and sought an inner spiritual connection to become a strong Hispanic woman and mother that I am today) I am f$&ken beyond pissed this…. I can’t even call her lady, this snake would ruin someone’s life and be so calous about it! She’s now on FREAKEN welfare OMG I must pray for my own sanity because right now I am beyond ….BEYOND disgusted with this thing! And the sad part is she has no absolutely NO charachter to even care what anyone says about her… My only thought is her parents must be the same pieces of sH$t she is and that’s why is is a heartless piece of trash! Thank you for letting me vent …. Please excuse the profanity!

  8. Thank you ….Thank You…..THANK YOU!!!! I am so upset by this low life piece of s$&t I cannot contain myself! Being a REAL survivor of kidnapp and rape at 12 (no I did not sue anyone, I got therapy and sought an inner spiritual connection to become a strong Hispanic woman and mother that I am today) I am f$&ken beyond pissed this…. I can’t even call her lady, this snake would ruin someone’s life and be so calous about it! She’s now on FREAKEN welfare OMG I must pray for my own sanity because right now I am beyond ….BEYOND disgusted with this thing! And the sad part is she has no absolutely NO charachter to even care what anyone says about her… My only thought is her parents must be the same pieces of sH$t she is and that’s why is is a heartless piece of trash! Thank you for letting me vent …. Please excuse the profanity!

  9. It is so hypocritical for some to speak out on this tragedy…..while they live off the same means she got her money from…..lie, steal, and cheat. Its easier when youre not face to face with a victim to claim a moral high ground. Then turn around and want her children to suffer for her mistakes. If anyone needs to be chastised, its the leaders of this country who continually allow the rich to live off of the pain of poor people….those are you bigger monsters.

  10. Wanetta Gibson and other ghetto hood rats are prime examples of evil, money hungry bi**hes. For years, the majority of blacks have been accusing the white race of being evel devils towards the black race. In reality, blacks are each others worse enemies. They prove it by their actions and behavior. So many young black females are taught to “cry rape” by older black females. Even if it never happened or was consenual, black females will accuse innocent black males of rape for two primary reasons:

    1.) If she can obtain money and lots of it.

    2.) To cover up the fact that she wanted to have sex.

    Older black females ALWAYS accused black males of rape while I was growing up. Usually, the black male was another woman’s man or husband. Hell, lots of these females willingly slept with relative’s men. Then claimed they were raped. But they didn’t go to the hospital for treatment nor did they report it to the police. And continued to sleep with the dudes. That’s the type of s**t many young black girls witness among adult black females.

    • I am an African-American woman. I have never been taught to scream rape by any older relatives. I know nothing of other relatives sleeping with other relatives husbands. I don’t know where you grew up maybe a very rural area, but that’s not going down with majority of black folks I know. So speak for yourself and the black people you know. It’s not most black people. I don’t agree with what this young woman did. It was horrible but remember she was fiftteen. The mother had a whole lot to do with this. I also don’t like the feel of this thread it’s very racist. I hate when one black person does something and now it’s the whole race. References to food stamps and welfare very unnecessary. All types of women cry rape let’s not pretend this is all the sudden a black thing because white women are notorious for this if we are going by norms in society. White people think all black people are the same. They get all their information from the media. They rarely pull information from any personal relationships they’ve had with blacks because they don’t usually have any. When you speak to whites concerning black matters their information is usually incorrect but you can’t explain this to them. They truly believe their news reports and tv shows are accurate portrayals of our lives. Most blacks realize that all whites are not alike but you would be surprised how many whites believe blacks are all the same. I live in a very diverse area and the things that come out of white people’s mouths are very ignorant and you can tell these opinions are coming straight from t.v. not any real personal experiences. You can always tell when a person has had real experiences with African-American by their conversation because real things come out not tv stuff. Please sir don’t perpetuate these stereotypes about our community. I’m sorry if this happened to you but this is not the norm. People from all walks of life experience rape and incest.

  11. Cases like this are an inevitable outgrowth of a society which has chosen to believe any and every lie a woman tells if a man is seen as the culprit. The aspersions cast against the defense attorney neglect the reality that Banks would likely be convicted–even in the absence of evidence–simply because a woman said so. Sound extreme? Our prisons coast-to-coast are filled with victims like Banks, who didn’t have the good fortune to be famous enough.

  12. I’d hate to bring this thread back to life a year after its original post, but this case specifically has been absolutely appalling from my original perception of American Justice. I agree with Jack on every level and applaud the logical approach to the situation.
    As previously stated by Jack, the suing by the school district might as well been for a trillion dollars. This money will never be recouped, ever. It was almost a nonsense case to sue in the first place as they are living on government assistance after literally throwing away the 1.5M award they had received.
    That being said, I would happily give up my tax dollars to see this woman incarcerated. I understand the thoughts of women not stepping forward in the future for fear of this kind of repercussion. But seriously, a scenario this blatant should hold the accuser responsible and be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
    If no precedent is set in the world of justice system, when does something like this stop? No one hesitates to make an example of a high-profile athlete in a scenario where this is a valid rape case. But on the flip-side when this woman lies and ruins a young man’s life in the process, absolutely no action or example is made.
    Where is the justice?!

    • I 100% agree, but from what I can tell about our justice system, if it is man against woman, woman mostly wins because a woman would never tell a lie.

  13. On another note, what about the prosecutors who handled this case? According to other reports I saw about this man’s case, it was CLEAR that there was no DNA linking the man to this… woman. The prosecutor(s) who handled this case COMPLETELY deserve to answer questions as to why they did not do their job to prevent an innocent man serve time in jail for something he did not commit. The system is broken beyond belief. I don’t really want to bring up the race card, that the law sided against a man who was big, black, and young. But still… This is just disgusting. This — I really hesitate to call her a “woman”, she seems a sociopath, not a human — sociopath manipulated a broken system. As they say, she “played” the system and won. Shame on ALL of us for allowing this to happen.

      • A comment was added to this post a few days ago so I skimmed through all the replies again and wow! It’s like you looked one year into the future to discuss Hillary’s new residence, the one between a rock and a hard place!

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