Actor Patrick Stewart (“Captain Picard”) Is A Father’s Day Ethics Hero

The video is self-explanatory.


Pointer: Alexander Cheezem





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4 responses to “Actor Patrick Stewart (“Captain Picard”) Is A Father’s Day Ethics Hero

  1. I will disagree with Sir Patrick on what are probably pedantic grounds (from comment made around 6:07)…

    Violence is indeed a choice a man should make under a number of conditions. First you have violence in defense of family…

    Even Ghandi said that a man should defend his wife…

    But more importantly, and ignored by almost everyone, is violence in defense of self. I don’t care who the hell you are – what your race, your religion, or your gender – if you come at me with violence, I will meet you with as much violence as possible. “A man should never hit a woman” has bred a culture where most unreported domestic violence is WOMEN on MAN, where the male is beaten and where he does not defend himself because if he does then HE is the monster and HE is criminally charged and HE is shunned by society.

    Should a man hit a woman FIRST? Probably not, but I won’t even give that an absolute answer, because you shouldn’t have to wait to get struck to defend yourself.

  2. Other Bill

    Super interesting story here. Undiagnosed and untreated mental illness is, in my opinion, the elephant in the room in modern American society. He’s correct about PTSD. I’d also throw in paranoid schizophrenia as a major source of violent behavior in the 18-26 male demographic when the disease blooms. How much underlying mental illness leads to sexual abuse? How much alcoholism is self-medicating underlying manic/depressive or ADHD? How much gun violence is mental illness manifesting itself? To all of which questions, I’d answer: A lot.

    • Beth

      Well said. And kudos to Mr. Stewart as well — although to be fair, he is such a great orator that I would be moved if he was just reading the ingredient list on a box of crackers.

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