The NSA Scandal: And THIS Is Why We Can’t Trust The Government

Businessman Crossing Fingers

From Tuesday’s House Intelligence Committee hearings on the NSA domestic spying issues:

Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Mich., Chairman: “Does the NSA have the ability to listen to Americans’ phone calls or read their emails under these two programs?”

NSA Director General Keith Alexander: “No, we do not have that authority.”

That’s right. Alexander not only didn’t answer the question that was asked: he answered a different one, with a “no,” that would make the casual listener believe that the answer to the question that was asked was also “no.”

Meanwhile, neither Rogers nor anyone else on the committee stopped him, corrected him or  asked again whether he had the ability, not the authority, to “listen to Americans’ phone calls or read their emails under these two programs.”

I have the ability to throttle my neighbor to death with a bat, but not the authority. I have the ability to have wild tempestuous adulterous affairs, but not the authority.

The fact that the head of the NSA would pull a verbal sleight of hand like this before Congress is proof, in my mind, that transparency in this administration is neither its intent or manner. Its intent and manner is deception and obfuscation.

The fact that Congress, even when such a ploy is pulled before its eyes on national television, is either so complicit or so dim-witted that it doesn’t insist on candor on behalf of the American public it purports to represent is, one way or the other, disheartening and disgraceful.


Pointer: Shep Smith

Facts: International Business Times

15 thoughts on “The NSA Scandal: And THIS Is Why We Can’t Trust The Government

  1. What a painfully coincidental time for the “History” channel to unpleasantly surprise me with Alex Jones ranting about the “illuminati” founding our nation to usher in a new world order and how shadowy cabals control the world.

    • Sometimes such “coincidence” is the only way that one’s paradigm, one’s world view, can actually be corrected to conform to actuality. Welcome to the world of the awakened.

      • I don’t want to have to make assumptions.

        Please clarify yourself. What is ‘actuality’, according to you? What are the beliefs of the ‘world of the awakened’, according to you? What do you mean by ‘corrected’?

        • Once you make yourself willing to enter the “nether world” of the alternative media, and confirm the events and historical data that are omitted in the mainstream press, and once you make yourself willing to be responsive to an alternative explanation of how our world operates, you will find that it is as if you have awakened from a dream world that was for decades, a “managed” construct of the world around us.

              • I think even the most believable conspiracy theorists (and that is being generous) lose the 1-2% of credibility that they have when they come at me with a line of attack generally along the lines of:

                “The sinister cartel of elite bankers and politicians are planning on ruining our currency in the near future so they can take over in the ensuing economic panic. I explain it all in this DVD and Book, just send me $40 and you can see how they plan on ruining our currency very shortly”

                Me: Uh, so you want money from me? You want the same money that you insist is about to be value-less? Why would you want that money if it is about to be value-less? You seem to think the money will be worthless very shortly, why do you want it?

                • Well, the sellers of DVDs and books merely want to enrich themselves while they can, while the money is still worth something – just like the sinister cartels of elite bankers and politicians.

                  Who needs to theorize conspiracies, when self-destructiveness occurs so naturally?

  2. Not only does the comment “We don’t have that authority” imply an avoidance of answering “Yes, we do have that capability”, but on a stretch it implies “We’ve also been assuming the authority and doing it anyway”

  3. “I have the ability to have wild tempestuous adulterous affairs…” Wow. What a great statement — I’m not sure I know many men (married or otherwise) who have the confidence to say that. 🙂

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