And I Tip Mine To You

October 2013, as of today, has brought the most traffic and the most visitors to Ethics Alarms of any month since the blog debuted four years ago.

Thank you to all those who have stopped by, read, considered, commented, argued and helped make this—apparently–an interesting, thought-provoking and occasionally enlightening place to land and delve into the dynamic, elusive, essential and infuriating field of ethics. Thanks also for tolerating my quirks, typos, obsessions, errors, temper, excesses, failures, and typos. Also my biases. I’m working on them.

Thanks, everyone.

Now back to work.

5 thoughts on “And I Tip Mine To You

  1. Jack, you are completely wrong. Everyone knows it’s because the Republicans are intransigent cynic hard asses and the Democrats are bleary-eyed utopian nitwits. We’ll never get past this…

    Oh. Uh. Oops…

    Thanks for all your hard work and thought provoking topics.

  2. I’m only sorry I can’t give your blogs more attention! We don’t always agree, but your columns are always well thought out and well presented. Consumate professionalism. If only the “professional” media could exhibit more of this!

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