Colorado’s Astounding Pro-Obamacare Ads: What Kind Of Values Are We Nourishing In This Country?


When I saw the ad above, my first assumptions were 1) This is a spoof, or 2) Some insane Republican group who didn’t pay attention to what happened in the Rush Limbaugh-Sandra Fluke tiff made it as an attack on Obamacare.

No such luck. It’s real. I would have made the website ( that features this and many other such ads the Unethical Website of the Month (it’s also the ungrammatical website of the month), but it has been down for the last 12 hours or so, and hopefully will never get up again, except in Hell. And there is a lot more alarming about these ads than the website they come from.

For example, the organizations who paid to have the ads developed—ProgressNow Colorado and Colorado Consumer Health—plus the Colorado progressives, Democrats and brain-injured who run them, and the millions of entitled, ethically clueless Americans who perceive nothing wrong with the messages they convey all perfectly illustrate the unethical reasoning and motives driving many of the architects and defenders of the Affordable Care Act. Here…let me show you some more, assuming you have head-explosion insurance:

Obamacare-ad-2~p1Like that? How about this…

shotskisOr, if drinking, skiing, and plowing face first into a tree so you are paralyzed isn’t your thing, how about letting your kid use a machete to carve a pumkin, secure that if he slices his arm off, no problem! Insurance will handle it!


Of course, there’s nothing like reminding millennials that they should keep being drunk, irresponsible and stupid, as long as they are drunk, irresponsible, insured and stupid…

keggerWhen you get right down to it, though, the best argument for Obamacare is that it pays for promiscuous sexual activity, don’t you think? Of course, when a conservative talk show host makes that connection, he is called a misogynist and it launches a successful, 2012 presidential campaign-long slur about the GOP’s fictional “war on women.” But when two progressive groups promote Obamacare using the same innuendo, it’s cute…and persuasive! Like this…


I’ve been writing the phrase  res ipsa loquitur a lot lately, and since I don’t think my excellent high school Latin teacher’s futile efforts are finally kicking in (Sorry, Miss Rounds—it wasn’t you, it was me), it must be because some pretty stunning unethical conduct is occurring that barely needs explication—its “speaks for itself.” These pro Affordable Care Act ads certainly speak volumes.  Just for the edification of any readers who don’t see anything wrong with these deplorable ads, however, let me list the reasons they are unethical:

1. The ads portrays young adults as irresponsible, sex, alcohol and party obsessed  jerks.

2. The ads also argue that there is nothing wrong with being an irresponsible, sex, alcohol and party obsessed  jerk—in fact, it’s fun!

3. The ads also argue that young adults shouldn’t worry about the consequences of being irresponsible, sex, alcohol and party obsessed  jerks, because insurance will pay for it…

4. Which means that the rest of us who are not young, irresponsible, sex, alcohol and party obsessed  jerks will pay for the consequences of the stupid choices of those who are..

5….and that’s fair, just, and sensible.

6. The ads are the opposite of preventive health policy, which is supposed to be one of the goals of Obamacare. The ads persuade that one of the benefits of insurance is that it permits risky and unhealthy conduct without fear of expense. Go ahead, ski while bombed; let your child wield sharp objects unsupervised. No worries! We’ve got you covered!

7. The ads encourage behavior and attitudes that lead to the over-use of the health care system, and thus burgeoning costs.

8. They also encourage behavior that gets people killed, and no insurance can fix that.

What kind of nation, society and culture sells a new healthcare law by encouraging its young to engage in irresponsible and dangerous conduct, using the argument that the government will pay for it?


Pointer: Instapundit

Sources: Huffington Post, Denver Post

77 thoughts on “Colorado’s Astounding Pro-Obamacare Ads: What Kind Of Values Are We Nourishing In This Country?

  1. And now our President is behaving like a monarch, because the rubberstamp legislature (because the Senate doesn’t care) won’t stop him.

    He will “allow” us to keep our plans? Sorry bub, our country doesn’t work that way. You agitated for this law. CONGRESS passed the law (which is their authority), now it is your DUTY to uphold this travesty of megislation as your ROLE in our balanced government.

    You think it needs changes your Highness? Then ask Congress to pass exceptions. Otherwise own this liberty and market killing crap you so desperately wanted.

    “…He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his Assent to their Acts of pretended Legislation:…”

      • Truly worse than that is this is not even the first time that he has acted as a monarch just with the Obama-care bill. After all, he unlawfully delayed the employer mandate for a year.

        Don’t forget all of the executive orders to work around other legitimately passed laws. (ex: Dream Act etc).

      • Absolutely. Dontcha know, the (any?) law is “Settled” until his King Putt decides otherwise. Who would have it any other way? (/snark)

        Whats even funnier (in a bad way) is, the Obama defender robots have been spewing the “Its Settled Law” talking point right up until the last minute! Of course, having absolutely no principles at all, they did change the spin direction AFTER the website blow up and other fallout was presented. We need the King to save us…. from the King! Its like living inside a Monty Python skit.

        One hard, objective, lesson here is that you often find yourself in a situation that cannot be reset. This isn’t some computer game where you can just hit the do-over button. Once f*cked, some things cannot be un-f*cked (sorry… was channeling the meat-shield guy there for a second).

        And, it goes without saying that the King’s “Fix” is ridiculous: Instead of screwing us over now, he and his inner circle “promise” (fingers crossed) to DELAY the screwing until after the next mid-term election? Boy, what a relief… I am so TOTALLY voting a straight democrat ticket in ’14!!!!

          • Yup. And I expect we’ll hear about that a lot in the House campaigns.Good. I am proud of myself for not pointing this out to my Facebook friends who were crowing about GOP poll numbers right after the shutdown ended, and making “teabagger” jokes. They have been denying reality, and nastily too, for a long long time.

            Sadly, there will be much more bitterness and disappointment to come, before the denial gives way to sad wisdom, if it ever does. This is blind faith, not reason.

  2. Another point that bothers me, thoroughly unrelated to ethics. The asterisk highlight which is explained as “The pill does not protect you from STDs, condoms and commonsense do that” is clumsily worded or clumsily punctuated.

    It should be arranged this way:

    The pill does not protect you from STDs; condoms and commonsense do that.


    The pill does not protect you from STDs. Condoms and commonsense do that.

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