Ethics Alarms Presents …The Kaboom! The First Recipient: Fun Mom Judy Viger


With this post, I am introducing the Kaboom!, a special category reserved for cases that should require no ethics commentary from me, since the ethical breach is beyond obvious, but where the individual’s ethics alarms have proven so spectacularly useless that attention must be paid.

The name of the award derives from the sound my head made as I read the story, because I don’t know how to spell the sound my brains made when they hit hit the ceiling and then slowly fell to the floor.

The first Kaboom! goes to the most deserving Judy Viger, 33, of Gansevoort, New York. Viger is taking a plea deal after being charged with five counts of endangering the welfare of a child. Just for fun, let me tell this story in stages, and let me know when you hear the Kaboom!

1.Police arrested Viger for after she arranged to have two strippers perform at her son’s 16th birthday party in November.

2. Some of the party-goers were 14.

3. The two women performed lap dances for the male teenaged guests, and the birthday boy, of course.

4. Viger did nothing to stop it.

5. One teenaged boy sustained a bitten nipple.

6. Viger then posted pictures of the proceedings on Facebook.

How did you do?

My head went off at #1.


Pointer: ABA Journal

Facts: Post Star

33 thoughts on “Ethics Alarms Presents …The Kaboom! The First Recipient: Fun Mom Judy Viger

  1. I had 2 head explosions, then 3 and 4 were head-shakers but didn’t really surprise me given the information in 1 and 2, followed by a rapid-blinking “Wait, bitten NIPPLE?” and then an “of COURSE she did.”

    This actually got slightly less creepy when I looked at number 2 again and saw that some of the guests were 14, not 41 as I originally read it. showing 14 year olds strippers is weird but not nearly as bad as inviting a 40 year old to your son’s birthday party. With strippers.

  2. Thankfully, I just got a quote to have my ceiling repainted today. Coincidentally, the same thing happened at my high school years ago. Our football team (we took football VERY seriously) was having an awesome season, better than they had ever played. Turns out that the coach was hiring strippers to perform after every winning game. But if you didn’t win – no strippers. The coach and assistant coach was fired once this was discovered. Of course, the coaches had found the right motivation ….

    • Beth, you’re from Michigan, I’ve gathered, as am I… how did I not end up playing football at that school? Our motivation was that if we fell below a certain blocking percentage the coach would usually sneak up and push us down at practice on Monday.

        • If we had team stripper parties I’d probably have ended up doing the same thing I did when the rest of the team had poker parties or pool (the bar game) parties after games on Friday nights- go play video games with 2 or 3 friends and reflect on the fact that Hollywood promised me I got to date a cheerleader, dammit.

    • Sharon,
      My head exploded when I saw one of the pics from the ever-so-tasteful affair.
      Nothing like trying to teach your 14 yr old son to respect women after his face has been straddled by a lingerie-wearing tattoo-covered skank.

      This “mother” is trash.

      • She’s worse than “trash.” She should have her children taken away from her by Social Services. What loving, thinking, caring mother would do such a thing? None. She loses the kid, period.

        • Easy there, it should take a heck of a lot more than this to get a child taken away. Dont’ get me wrong, this is stupid and irresponsible and all the rest, but nowhere NEAR the point where I say “go ahead, government, take the kid” in absence of evidence of much more harm.

    • Same here Sharon.

      I heard some hissing at #2, but it was like a fuse for a dud. After that, it was all an easy ride downhill with rationalizations (for example, #4 – “Well, DUH, she ARRANGED it!”).

      I guess the one with the bitten nipple was not one of the 14-year-olds…

      I caught myself disappointed that there wasn’t a #7, like, “Accepted invites to late night TV talk shows.” Another cadet at the Jimmy Kimmel how-to-behave-toward-your-children academy.

  3. Got Insurance?

    My son had his nipple bitten off by an exotic dancer. The last thing I want to do is come off as an “uncool” mom so I got insurance. He was able to have his nipple reattached and with the money we saved I am already planning his next big bash!!

    Thanks Obamacare!!!!

  4. If you hadn’t shared the location of this incident, I’d have just assumed that this happened in Amsterdam and shrugged. Maybe shed a single, non-literal tear.

    But hey, Richard Cohen, in case you’re reading this and need pointers, THIS is what conservative, middle-America doesn’t consider to be “the country they know.” Not interracial marriage, which those Bible-belters probably recall reading about Moses enjoying, with Jehovah’s endorsement, in the flipping Torah. This.

  5. It’s a slippery slope from educators (at the high school level) putting condoms on bananas for “sex education classes” to this mom. Maybe this mom should be buying drinks for 20ish guys at cougar bars rather than messing up her kid and his friends.

  6. A 33 Year old mother of a 16 Year old made a bad parenting decision? What a shock! Makes you wonder what kind of parental influence she had at her son’s age. Hopefully with her arrest the cycle won’t continue.

  7. She isn’t a mother, she merely gave birth to a child. There are a lot of people that make my life harder than it has to be and this woman is a prime example of one class of them. She is the ‘cool’ mom. She is more worried about her son liking her every instant than being a parent. It is a terrible feeling to be the only person in the room that feels that ‘Hooter’s’ is not an appropriate place to take a 10 year old for his birthday party. It doesn’t matter if all the other kids are or not. It wouldn’t shock me to find out that she is divorced and constantly trying to make her son like her more than his father so the father can’t have a larger share of the custody agreement.

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