How Listening To Democrats Spin Shamefully To Excuse Hillary Clinton Makes Me Think Of Sir Thomas More…

Today’s Sunday Morning spectacle of Democrat spin-meisters using deceitful rationalizations to make the untenable case that Hillary Clinton’s  violating her own agency’s policies to allow her the power to redact and hide her communications as needed prompts in me, in addition to disgust, a reflection on my favorite ethics drama and film. To paraphrase but slightly one of the more memorable lines from Robert Bolt’s play and screen play, “A Man For All Seasons,” delivered by the doomed martyr Sir Thomas Moore:

“It profits a man nothing to give his soul for the whole world… but for Hillary Clinton?”


9 thoughts on “How Listening To Democrats Spin Shamefully To Excuse Hillary Clinton Makes Me Think Of Sir Thomas More…

  1. Some obviously think that Hillary Clinton is their key to what they seek from life. Power, influence, wealth and prestige… the usual things for which people have historically sold their souls. Not being godly and expecting no afterlife, they care little beyond what they can wrest from this world.

    • The worst part about that is that even if that were true, and they were only after ‘earthly’ things, the Clintons have a very poor record in relation to their help. Their inherently predatory nature leaves the people closest to them in (generally) poor places…. Very few people, if anyone finds success riding Clinton coattails… I really can’t think of a single name.

  2. This comment isn’t directly on point to the post, but why is it that this Administration doesn’t seem to know stuff unless it gets it from the nightly news: Case in point: Obama wasn’t aware of the details of Clinton’s private, off-campus server. See:–obama-emailed-hillary-clinton-on-her-private-email-address-185033740.html

    “The point that the president was making is not that he didn’t know Secretary Clinton’s email address — he did,” Earnest said. “But he was not aware of the details of how that email address and that server had been set up, or how Secretary Clinton and her team were planning to comply with the Federal Records Act.”

    Is that even remotely believable? It indicates that the Administration:

    (1) has no idea what is going on within its own ranks;
    (2) has no control over its cabinet members;
    (3) doesn’t concern itself with Administration details or security, or
    (4) simply doesn’t care and can’t be bothered by this kind of problem.

    Either one of them is unethical and is a dereliction of leadership.


    • This is why the Obama Administration is an official ethics train wreck with its own tag. Politics, not government or management, is the prime task, so there is no oversight, nothing is coordinated, there is no accountability, problems fester, incompetence is unreported or allowed to fester, and those who are corrupt, like Hillary, have a clear, risk-free field. Holder didn’t know about Fast and Furious. Rice didn’t know that Bergdahl was a deserter, or that the Libyan attack was terrorism. The IRS didn’t know that they were re-hiring the fools who botched the ACA website. Sibelius didn’t know the website was a mess. Obama didn’t know what was in his own healthcare plan. Nobody, even the IRS, knew that the IRS was targeting the tea party. The Secret Service was rotting and nobody knew; the VA was letting vets die, and it was surprise; sexual harassment was epidemic in the military, and nobody cared; the President spouts false stats about guns, women’s pay and more. The CIA spies on foreign leaders, and Obama doesn’t know. The CIA’s head gives secrets to his girl friend. The NSA lets a committed revolutionary have access to tons of secrets. Now we know that nobody bothered to make sure the Sec. of State even had a .gov email account. A competent board seeing a corporation operating like this would clean house. This confederacy of dunces was reelected, and people say in print and out loud without dropping dead of shame that this is a “great President.”

  3. This should be the final nail in the coffin of Hillary’s Presidential run. But it won’t be. The Clinton PR mob (cartel?) will call in every marker to make this go away. And they count on (1) the short memories of voters, as well as their ignorance; (2) the power of a name; (3) the power of ideology, even if they themselves don’t believe it; (4) an unending and thus far successful campaign to portray all criticism as coming from crazy Republicans; (5) and a convincing “story” that Hillary did not, in fact, ride Bill’s coattails to fame, fortune and – ugh – some measure of respect.

    From the earliest days when she got insider information to make a small fortune on (pork belly?) futures in the market in Arkansas, to taking $250K speaking fees from colleges (for God’s sake), to accepting Clinton Foundation gifts from foreign nations, she has only proved herself to be a greedy, self-aggrandizing, power hungry person, with no moral or ethical underpinnings whatsoever. Indira Ghandi was no saint (looking at just one female national leader), and Margaret Thatcher was a real hard-ass, but they were actual leaders — not in it just for themselves, but for the nation they represented. There is no way to put Hillary Clinton anywhere near their class of leadership. On the contrary, if there is a hell, Hillary will find herself there eventually.

    Finally, re Obama: “I learned about this along with everyone else — from the news.” Help! What kind of Administration leaves its chief in the lurch like this? My only thought is that he wants it that way — and staffers follow the lead. Transparency, my ass (pardon me). This is just a way for Obama to stay off the hook, and take responsibility for nothing. Coward. Liar, Not a leader.

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