Unethical Website Of The Month: The Daily Beast

Broken Glass

On the Daily Beast’s “Cheat Sheet,” a list of short summaries of breaking news stories with links to other sources, the feature’s editor appends, above the headline, a brief comment, reaction or description. “Arson Suspected in CA. Mosque Fire” is under the Daily Beast’s “HORRIBLE.” “BUSTED” is the lead-in to “Ex-NY Senate Leader Guilty of Corruption.”

And the heading over “Anonymous: We Hacked a Trump Website”?



Hold opinions that the almighty Daily Beast, in its infinite, Hillary Clinton-worshiping, Barack Obama-excusing wisdom thinks is unacceptable, and you deserve to be the victim of a crime, and The Daily Beast will salute the criminal. That’ll teach you, and others like you….anyone whose opinion doesn’t sufficiently conform to progressive cant, apparently…to toe the line.


What utter, low, despicable hypocrisy by the Daily Beast, which has joined the rest of the liberal echo chamber in comparing Trump to various Nazis, as they endorse the political tactics of Kristallnacht, destroying property to reflect official contempt and disapproval. Anonymous is a criminal group, and hacking a business website is a criminal act, the cyber-equivilent of breakiung windows and vandalizing store fronts.


Check this blog under “Donald Trump.” Nobody has expressed more contempt for the man than I, beginning years ago. He has not broken laws, however, and his offensive positions are well within constitutional limits.  Donald Trump, moreover, doesn’t hide behind fake names and masks, while Anonymous, in contrast, is a bunch of cowardly, lawless, arrogant thugs. It isn’t Donald Trump but The Daily Beast who is applauding a criminal response to mere political speech, and in doing so adopting the ethics of the Brown Shirts.


Now we know.

7 thoughts on “Unethical Website Of The Month: The Daily Beast

          • Everything is ominous and disappointing. I have a child and a grandchild living on their own in dangerous parts of the world dominated by stupid and careless leaders one of them inside the United States. My outrage meter has been stuck on explosive for years.

            The best choices I have for people I might feel like I can vote for for president are constantly making stupid comments that make me wonder if there are any decent leaders anywhere to be had. If we don’t get a good leader who understands the stakes and can make significant progress toward undoing the cultural and political rot while at the same time defending a country that has at least half of it’s population opening the doors and windows to it’s enemies behind his/her back we might as well just roll over and show our belly to the people who want to gut us.

            The young people who might have the energy and will to make something better out of this mess are attending universities that promote totalitarianism on campus as a training ground for the next step. Those who might be able to make it out with their minds still engaged in trying to make their world work will be dragging a load of deadbeats to support.

            For today I want to joke about the chaos. I know it doesn’t help, but I’m tired of it. Snark may be unethical, but for now it’s all I’ve got. Along with a bad attitude and some trite old person get off my lawn fist shaking. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get over it. Sorry to use your space for my shit.

  1. I didn’t see Wyogranny’s reply as a shrug; it was (as I think it was meant) a proper wrap of the “Well Done”s..

    The parenthetical reply was off-post, to let her know I agreed. I often tag-on like that when there is nothing left for me to say to the point, but want to let the replier know that I appreciate their opinion as well as the way it was worded. Last, since I am unable to match your tone without dribbling curses all over this space, I choose to sit, cowardly, at the computer and spit at the contents from afar. It doesn’t mean I don’t care; it means that I need to disperse my anger when there is nothing I can do about the cause of it. It is, quite literally, and as Wyogranny hit it, simply tough and leathery, in other words: painful to swallow and INDIGESTIBLE.

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