Just One Simple Question, Really: How Many Dishonest, Deluded, Shameless or Incompetent State Department Employees Had To Pass On This To Allow It To be Published?

Syrian War

A just-issued report on State Department’s 2015 accomplishments, written by spokesman George Orw…I mean, John Kirby, includes a section headlined with this:

“Bringing Peace, Security to Syria”

It really does. No, really.

It also includes a section titled, “Iran Peaceful Nuclear Program Ensured,” which is untrue and ridiculous ( nothing of the sort is “ensured”), but to be fair, the State Department apparently believes this. Even John Kerry can’t believe that the State Department has brought peace and security to Syria.

Could he?????


Pointer: Politico

10 thoughts on “Just One Simple Question, Really: How Many Dishonest, Deluded, Shameless or Incompetent State Department Employees Had To Pass On This To Allow It To be Published?

  1. I note it says “Bringing.” They’re in the process of it. These things can’t be rushed.

    Step one just happens to be “Get everyone to either leave Syria or kill each other.” It’s proceeding as planned!

    • Great, except that it’s meant to be a list of accomplishments. Starting that thing you want to do isnt the same as accomplishing it. And more importantly how they’ve started it has been so lackluster and tepid that no one seriously expects the US State Department to bring peace and security to Syria.

      So a dishonest representation, based on an already intellectually dishonest forecast, written into an official public report.

    • Emily,

      That last line was a good one. I needed a good chuckle today. Thanks. Now, I feel better so I won’t have to go home and kick the cat.


      PS: We don’t have a cat, so don’t be worried that I would mistreat our furry friends. I happen to adore cats. We have a rabbit. I have grown quite fond of the little lop-eared fellow, truth be told, so I won’t kick him, either.


  2. John Kerry is capable of any number of self-delusions, but I don’t think he believes this one. He, like Hillary is deeply invested in making people believe he believes. The advantage with Kerry is that most people don’t believe his lies, or are not at such pains to make people think they believe them. Kerry is expendable, and the more self-deluded he appears the more conveniently expendable he is.

  3. Anyone that would write such propaganda bull shit is a left wing propagandist, a political hack, a seriously deluded Liberal wing-nut, a sheeple. Seriously people, WTF was this guy thinking? Oh wait, that implies he was actually thinking, my bad.

    There, I think that enough derogatory adjectives and implications directed towards John Kirby for one day; well it’s enough from me, the rest of you can have at it. 😉

  4. Kirby was the type of officer despised in the military, a boot licking political animal. While spokesman when he was still in uniform he carried carried water for this administration by tailoring information released to make it murky enough to claim administration success. His loyalty was rewarded with the state department spot.

    His lack of ethics is what makes him successful.

  5. Kerry is so far removed from reality that he’s not to be taken seriously in any pronouncement. This is the same guy who, to cover his incredible boner of not marching with dozens of world leaders in Paris- while physically IN Paris- sent a ancient hippie singer to serenade French folks with a silly love song! That’s among the least of his foreign blunders, but revealing of his distorted mentality. Style over substance… and bad style at that. After he leaves office, Foggy Bottom will have to be purged of his stench. In fact, it may have to be replaced entirely.

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