5 thoughts on “Trump meme

  1. What if I’m neither, but a Libertarian who understands economics and foreign policy?

    Gary Johnson 2016

    • 1. Fake address. Don’t do it again. Who the hell do you think you are, refusing to abide by the requirements here and posting anyway? I need a name and a good address.

      2. That meme was posted to illustrate the simple-mindedness of memes. Why do you think rebutting it here is appropriate? Nobody here endorsed it. I don’t.

      3. There’s no such thing as a libertarian who understands foreign policy.

      4. Don’t campaign here.

    • Then you don’t understand economics because libertarianism is just an easy solution to a complex problem that doesn’t work. It’s like one of those self help books or objectivism, it sounds great until it’s applied to the real world. Then you realize it was just a lie sold to you by rich people.

  2. I dont fit any of those so what does that make me? Im a white female full time employee, pay for my own insurance and pay for my own groceries…

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