From The “The Ends Justifies The Means” Files, Election 2016 Tab: Why Does Hillary Clinton Think That It Is Responsible, Respectful And Fair To Intentionally Deceive Voters With Schemes Like This?

And why does the mainstream news media think it is ethical to let her get away with it?

A YouTuber named Spanglevision decided to do the job that the mainstream news media has resolved to forgo, checking up on a suspicious Hillary Clinton campaign moment that seemed to good to be true. 

At a Hillary Clinton town hall yesterday in Haverford, Pennsylvania, a 15 year old girl was supposedly chosen at random to ask a question of her own devising. She delivered a carefully worded query that she read from a script:

“Hi Madam Secretary.  I’m Brennan and I’m 15 years old.  At my school, body image is a really big issue for girls my age.  I see with my own eyes the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.  As the first female president how would you undo some of that damage and help girls understand that they’re so much more than just what they look like?”

Clinton responded,

“I’m so proud of you for asking that question. You are right — my opponent has just taken this concern to a new level of difficulty and meanness.  And, it’s shocking when women are called names and judged solely on the basis of physical attributes.* My opponent insulted Miss Universe. I mean, how do you get more acclaimed than that?  But, it wasn’t good enough. So we can’t take any of this seriously any more. We need to laugh at it. We need to refute it. We need to ignore it. And we need to stand up to it.”

Investigation yielded the fact that  that the “random” participant was child actress Brennan Leach Her father is Pennsylvania democratic State Senator Daylin Leach, a Hillary Clinton ally. Brennan has performed in her father’s campaign ads, and also in a commercial release: she has an entry in the Internet movie data base.  Thus it was a lie to present the girl as a randomly chosen questioner, and it was a lie to create the illusion that Clinton was answering a spontaneous question.

Then the news media took the falsely presented episode and spread the lie far and wide as truth.

As Tyler Durden of Zero Hedge illustrates, the fakery was presented as authentic by the New York Times….


CNN, which gave us the video at the top of this post, and many others, including  The Washington Post, New York Magazine, The Chicago Tribune, Cosmopolitan.

Did any of these news organizations do the investigation that Spanglevision instantly perceived was warranted?

Doesn’t the public have a right to know when it is being conned?

Isn’t it the news media’s duty, and not YouTube denizens, to protect that right?

Isn’t it worth finding out if the woman claiming to be honest and trustworthy engages in cynical stunts like staging questions and answering with, “I’m so proud of you for asking that question”?

If Hillary Clinton really is so qualified and the best candidate for the job, why does she not feel she can win the election on her merits?

Why does she have to resort to misrepresentations and lies?

Why does she always resort to misrepresentations and lies?

How do honest, ethical, informed voters justify supporting someone this cynical, dishonest and corrupt? (She’s also participating in the corruption of a minor by involving Brennan is this scam.)

Are there honest, ethical, informed voters who support Hillary, or have they all been corrupted too?

So far, none of the allegedly legitimate news organizations who helped Clinton execute this deception have reported that it was staged.

Let’s see if any do, or bother to investigate on their own. It’s unlikely, because, as the Clinton campaign has taught them, the ends justify the means.

*It is especially ridiculous that this episode involves a Miss Universe, who is by definition judged by her appearance alone.

24 thoughts on “From The “The Ends Justifies The Means” Files, Election 2016 Tab: Why Does Hillary Clinton Think That It Is Responsible, Respectful And Fair To Intentionally Deceive Voters With Schemes Like This?

  1. …but she avoided a Gaffe that might make her look “not presidential” by having prepared responses to prepared questions delivered by prepared performers. That makes her VERY PRESIDENTIAL! These other buffoons look like buffoons doing Q&A’s the “old way”.

  2. Because, after all, Donald Trump must be defeated by any means necessary. They feel they must ensure a progressive future by any means necessary.

    Those opposed to them are just a basket or deplorables – and they need to get what’s coming to them, whether it’s mob violence, abuse from the IRS, you name it.

    That is the mindset

    • Bingo, and at this point I’m ready to just shrug and brace for 8 years of Hillary and rule by whatever five liberals say the law is.

  3. It is especially ridiculous that this episode involves a Miss Universe, who is by definition judged by her appearance alone.

    Clearly, Jack, you haven’t been paying attention. It’s not just appearance. The finalists are also evaluated for intellect via a demanding interview question requiring real thought – something along the lines of “Which is more important? World peace or puppies?”

  4. I keep seeing the phrase “chosen at random” in quotes. Did Clinton or her campaign, or any of the other sources who report on this, claim the girl was chosen at random?

    • Start watching at 3:00, they said they’d “pick people from the audience”, is that explicitly random? I think so…. You aren’t “picking” people from an audience if you already have people lined up.

      • Other Bill, I’ve already answered that stupid question. Asking it the first time made you look like an idiot, as only idiots ask such questions. Asking it again, after I’ve already answered it, makes you pathetic.

        (I mean, just think about it. Think for one second. If I were, wouldn’t I say no?)

    • Are you really quibbling at that point? Deflection. Did they say, “we’ll pick a professional actress with a pre-determined question written for her by a political hack in Secretary Clinton’s employ.” Anything less is deceit at least.

      I’ll eliminate the quotes for you. How’s that?

      • I admit it’s deceit, I just can’t get too worked up over it. I’ve always assumed all the questions at these things were scripted and picked in advance. Is that cynical? I’m not trying to go with an “everybody does it” rationalization, as there’s nothing to rationalize–this is wrong, but in my understanding, so common it would have never caught my attention.

        • Honest answer. Thanks.

          I think we have to fight complacency with this kind of casual deception. It’s another broken window situation. Routine staging of events like this is at heart totalitarian, and should be rejected hard.

  5. This is the ultimate con of ‘town hall meetings’, no? The audiences are stocked full of candidate supporters asking canned questions to elicit the canned response.

    Clinton’s feigned elation at the question is even harder to take. “Thank you… Thank you . . . Thank you… Wow.. . ” I was surprised Clinton didn’t launch into a screed about how Miss Universe is paid 77% less than Mr. Universe.

    I do have a question, though. The premise as stated in the script is that this fragile 15 year old has seen with her own eyes “the damage Donald Trump does when he talks about women and how they look.” What damage has she witnessed? I will grant that Trump is a loudmouth, a boor, a rake, with the discernment and impulse control of a four year old. I have listened to his speeches, which are hard enough. I don’t think I have ever heard him denigrate women as a class. His comments about O’Donnell and a former Miss Universe were awful and undignified but were/are not directed at all women.

    Have I missed something? Are women being dragged back into suffrage? Are they being chained to the ironing boards and the kitchens. Are they being kicked out, en masse, of accounting firms, engineering firms, law firms. businesses, governments (local, state, and federal), classrooms (both as professors and students), non-profit and for-profit corporate enterprises, voting booths, board rooms? If so, I haven’t witnessed it. For instance, my wife left the house this morning in her usual attire to address her patients’ dental needs (she loves reconstructive dentistry though she dreads performing certain root canals). The lawyer on the sixth floor gave me a few good ideas on how to handle a legal dispute. And the local restaurateur served some pretty spectacular pancakes to my son and me this morning, all the while flirting with him (rest assured, gentle readers, he is 12 and totally clueless about the ways of romance and couldn’t be less interested in the lovely bringer of pancakes).

    The greater damage, it seems, is the underlying belief that women will be subjected to unfettered abuse under a Trump presidency, while exalted under a Clinton presidency. This is pure identity politics and the Left is totally adept at playing the game. The deflection of Obama criticism was race: All criticism emanated from racial hatred. It worked as it shut down debate. Under a Clinton presidency, any and all disagreement or criticism will be spring forth from sexism and the patriarchy. It will work just as well, too.


  6. Responsible, respectful and fair are not words that have the slightest interest to Hillary. (Not to Trump either!) Probably duplicitous, deceptive and dishonest would be more appealing.

      • Two bad both leading options go that route. Clinton in the vanguard of the totalitarian Left’s revolution. Or Trump, who will be so chaotic that the void will beg for a totalitarian state to waltz in and fill the vacuum.

        We’re voting for Bane or the Joker.

  7. Lesson learned: To win, you’ve got to fix things. Shit! I am going to have to transgender myself, just to keep my damned job! Well, I knew, after all, that my employers would eventually figure out a way to pay me 77% or less of what I’m paid today, for as long as they could get away with it.

    But, I can look at it from a more positive side: gender reassignment will break up this archaic arrangement called a marriage that I am stuck in; it’ll show my life partner what a much wider, much more wonderful world she has been missing, all these years. And, since lesbianism is so cool now, I can’t stop thinking about all the hot chicks I’ll be able to kiss, to whom formerly I had no access, absolutely no chance whatsoever. The fix is coming, and soon it will be in!

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