Ethics Dunce, I Hope For The Last Time: Hillary Clinton


The Hillary Clinton Presidential Candidacy Ethics Train Wreck rolls to an appropriate end.

CNN ( and every other news network) has now been stalling for almost a full hour, as Hillary Clinton, who announced that she would give her concession speech at 10:30 am, after ducking the duty last night, and postponing the 9:30 am scheduled speech she had initially announced. Spinning to the end for Clinton, CNN keeps saying she is “a few minutes late.” And still we wait.

Inexcusable. This is rock star-level rudeness and arrogance. Make everyone wait, hell, what choice to they have? She’s a star!

These are her supporters, and she’s treating them like this. Clinton had about 12 hours to get ready. Now she wastes everyone’s time to milk the drama out of her last moment in the spotlight…at least her last unpaid moment.

Just like a woman…always late.

Yes, she deserves that.

37 thoughts on “Ethics Dunce, I Hope For The Last Time: Hillary Clinton

    • Nope. Hillary is the uber-feminist, and should avoid intentionally walking into feminist stereotypes. She was an hour and 15 minutes late! The comment was obviously satirical, and its context was clear. Don’t play political correctness with me. Revenge has nothing to do with it. being a role model for women, as Clinton keeps telling is she is (she’s not), means not indulging oneself like that. Punctuality is a core workplace skill, and lack of it has been used as bias against women for centuries. And she does this in such a high profile moment? She deserves to be called on it, and if a woman had written what I just did, nobody would misread it, or the rebuke it represents.

    • And this: Hillary closes by telling little girls that they can achieve anything—after modelling rude, arrogant, and inexcusable behavior used to ridicule women for generations. And she shouldn’t be called on it?

  1. Yes, now she is going to preempt local noon news, a vehicle that many Americans use to be informed of things going on nearby. But hey, it’s all about her and always has been.

    • From the article you cited:

      Clinton and her centrist brand, already tainted even before the email scandal broke in March 2015, the month before she launched her bid, was an imperfect fit for a party that had become dramatically more liberal and less white than it was when her husband was president.

      “Centrist brand?” Okay, her husband’s brand was certainly center-left, but did I miss that part of Hillary’s campaign? I can’t recall where there was any daylight at all between at least her and Elizabeth Warren. Bernie Sanders, well, yes, she was at least not positioning herself as an unrepentant, avowed socialist, but if what Clinton represented to us is now “centrist,” all I can say is, wow.

      • No kidding, Glenn. I think in her heart of Goldman Sach hearts, she is a centrist but she pandered to the far left “progressives” (Bernie and Liz Warren) during her campaign so as to placate them and get their votes. If the progressives want to push the Dems further to the left, they’re welcome to but all they bring to my mind is the end of “Thelma and Louise.”

  2. Honestly, I’ll be patient will Hillary on this. Who’s to say after running such an emotionally involved campaign which would prove to have been the culmination of a life of expectations and assurances of the inevitable and losing to such a flippant and unserious competitor that Clinton isn’t actually having physiological reactions to the news?

    She could very well have a heart attack during her concession speech.

    But yes, she is rude and arrogant and treats her supporters like sheep.

    • I don’t know. I think even if she is physiologically overwrought, at least a brief statement even if made from some backroom for the benefit of cameras only would be the least she could do. Also, it’s outrageously unethical to keep your people waiting like that after a wrenching election.

      In my view, this only highlights her narcissism. She cares only about herself.

    • The heart attack was my first thought too. But the delays, I’m guessing, were due to speechwriter’s block — you know they didn’t have a concession statement ready!

      • It had been reported yesterday that she had both her victory and concession speeches written; I think they lied again.

        My first thought was that the Clinton political machine cogs were working with Obama desperately trying to find some way to spin this and then, surprise, surprise, she appeared shortly after it was confirmed that she got the majority of the popular vote.

        Coincidence? Not likely.

        • Nothing, nothing in Hillary’s actions is coincidence. For all of her 30 years in ‘public life’ (and likely well before that) every statement, every action has been carefully plotted and evaluated with regard to her personal strategy and tactics for her own (or Bill’s) personal aggrandizement. There is nothing spontaneous in her public life. Not now. Not ever, in my opinion.

  3. At least rockstar know that they will start losing their audience if they are chronically late in starting their concerts. Maybe this is Hillary’s sore loser moment as in “you won’t have Hillary to kick around anymore”.

  4. Bill Clinton looked genuinely relieved, almost ecstatic, as HRC conceded. He can still run the Foundation scam, chase skirts and smoke cigars with impunity now. He won’t be put on a leash for eight years after all. I’m sure he was dreading it.

  5. Hillary cannot be anything other than what she is.
    I have noticed (through reading history) that deposed national leaders (dictators) frequently die of some devastating health issue soon after they are deposed. Once they are so completely defeated that there is no recovery they seem to lose the will to go on living. I certainly don’t wish her to die or even be sick, but she seems like the type to refuse to go on living if she can’t have it under her own terms.

    To this extent Alizia is right. This is not over. After the speeches and lip service each side will become more hardened in their positions.

    I’m convinced there will not be success for any nation under any scenario that does not include improving the ethics of its citizens.

    • I have to feel sorry for Hillary, hard as that is. She’s been certain that she was going to be the first woman President for at least 8 years, and still assumed that right up through early Tuesday evening. Now she’s just another loser, like Alf Landon, Al Smith, and Mike Dukakis, and a footnote, like Geraldine Ferraro. Gotta be hard.

      • I do feel sorry for her. Finding out you are not what you always thought you were is devastating. Most people have had that epiphany by the time they’re 30.

        • I don’t think Hillary labored under any self delusion at all. She is depressed because she was caught out, that’s all, and all of her machinations came to naught. She’s like the thief who is not at all sorry he stole, but is very, very sorry he got caught.

  6. Hillary Clinton and President Obama need to come out in a unified joint press conference to curb the hyper partisan hysterics, childish tantrums, hateful resentment towards the election outcome, and put a stop to the idiots saying that the election is illegitimate. This is what an ethical President and an ethical loosing candidate would do if they truly cared about the future of the United States of America. Here is their chance to publicly push partisanship aside in favor of peaceful transition and help inspire acceptance of the election outcome in a genuine effort to show that making our next president successful is good for us all.

    Yes fattymoon, this one is a pipe dream.

    • It is a pipe dream, though only insofar as it relates to the Obama/Clinton machine. Any other President would have stepped out last night and urged the ‘demonstrators’ to go home and reevaluate their view of the democratic process. This one, however, was amused and pleased, I am sure.

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